Kodaikanal – The Gift of the Forest

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I am sure you can feel the gentle touch of fresh air and visualize pleasant panoramic greenery as you spell the word, forest. Wondering why this particular place is called a forest’s gift? Kodaikanal is a hill town in Tamil Nadu, India, and its name in Tamil means exactly what we read in the title. This small hill station, elevated by about 2000 meters from sea level, promises breathtaking views and luscious green scenery that mesmerizes every watcher’s eye.

Plenty of admiration points to gaze at, a year-round evergreen atmosphere, awe-inspiring and convenient journey up and down the hill road, are very few descriptions of this place of lushness. Let me take you for a stroll through this hill town and unveil before you some must-visit locations in Kodaikanal. Watch out to explore all, as each is unique in a class of its own!

The Kodaikanal Lake

The Kodaikanal Lake

Kodaikanal lake, also called Kodai lake is a man-made, star-shaped, picturesque attraction situated at the center of the city. There are numerous entertaining and refreshing options available in and around the lake for the visitors.

The boat club offers a variety of boat rides that tour you through the lake such as rowboats, pedal boats, and luxury boats, and you are free to choose what suits you.

If you are a fitness freak, there is a cycling service arranged for tourists to take a trip around the lake. Just imagine cycling on a path laid along with the cold freshwater with the backdrop of the green hills! I am sure that will chill you out in seconds! A horse ride along the waters is also something you would not want to miss, on your next Kodaikanal visit.

Whether you plan for a picnic at the bank of this scenic beauty or for a boating expedition that is chilling and thrilling, reaching out to this place should top your list.

Guna Caves, India

The Guna Caves

Amidst all its beauty and admiration, Kodaikanal stands out as a spot for thrilling adventures as well. The Guna caves here are also called Devil’s Kitchen and are located a few miles off the main town on the pillar rocks road. Known for their mysterious and enthralling structure, they look a little creepy with all those bats settled in. It is now a highly protected site, and some deep narrow ravines there stay closed due to a series of unexpected deaths of some careless tourists.

With this being told, you will not be surprised to see warning signboards all over the place. But you can go close and see a few sections of the caves positioned between the gigantic pillar rocks.

Besides instilling a fit of danger, this place is also one of the must-see attractions, if you love to have a thrilling walk through the tall pine trees with their large roots sprouting outside the soil. The mystic appearance of these roots and the sunlight finding its way through the tall trees are backgrounds that any photo-lover would want to have in his lifetime. It is advisable to visit the place in summer, around April, May, and June, to experience nature at its best here, as the place might turn slippery during rains.

Though the caves are shut, the long trail along the forest assures a wonderful trekking time with the mist and the dense clouds following you throughout. Pay a visit in the afternoons to enjoy a much clearer view!

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India

More Timeworthy Places:

  • Coaker’s Walk – This narrow passage laid for pedestrians runs high through valleys, offering plenty of admirable moments to cherish. You just need a 1km drive to reach there from the city.
  • Dolphin Nose Viewpoint – As the name suggests, this is a piece of flat rock perched high, resembling the nose of a dolphin as it protrudes out from the hill. Excellent photo spot and a thrilling viewpoint! It lies to the South of Coaker’s Walk.
  • Green Valley Viewpoint – This place is also called Suicide point, and it is high and sharp, dropping down at around 5000 feet into the valley. It has got its surname because of the many fatal suicidal incidents that have happened. With caution and alert, you are sure to enjoy an excellent view of the valleys down there.
  • Pillar Rocks Viewpoint – These are three tall majestic vertical boulders clubbed close to each other. They guarantee you an unparalleled bird’s eye view of the whole hill station with its dense and foggy forests.

Kodaikanal has much more in store for you if you are a person who wishes to experience nature in an unsurpassable way.

Let us get our blankets and shrugs ready, and plan our next trip to this place which is in camouflage, a green paradise!

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