Hunza Valley – Land of Peace and Longevity

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When someone talks about the world’s most beautiful and spectacular views, you will definitely hear about the Hunza valley of Pakistan. Although nature has bestowed Pakistan with stunning views and natural landscape, no one can deny how beautiful this part of the world is. This article will give you a complete insight about Hunza aka heaven on the earth.

Krakorum Highway Hunza Valley

Where is Hunza Valley in Pakistan?

Hunza – A hidden jewel in the world, is located in the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan. This beautiful valley is near the Hunza river, and you can view one of the top peaks such as Rakaposhi, Ladyfinger, Hunza Peak and Ultar Sar. Hunza is at the elevation of 7,999 ft, and the valley covers an area of about 7900 Geographically, there are three parts of Hunza, i.e., Upper Hunza, Central Hunza and Lower Hunza. To reach Hunza, you can either take a flight of 2-3 hours from Islamabad or take a 24-hours bus from Islamabad.

People of Hunza

People of Hunza spend simply life away from the modern world. They are the most educated people in Pakistan with the literacy rate of 95%. They speak fluent English language, and they are incredibly hospital. These honest people don’t rip you off, but instead, you will inspire enough to tip them. They remain strong and hardworking in the old age. People are Hunza speak three main language – language changes when you move from lower to central or central to upper Hunza. These people love their old traditions and transfer these norms and values to the next generations.

Places to Visit in Hunza

Nature has blessed Hunza with enormous beauty and wonderful nature. It has so many beautiful places to visit. Following are the places that should be in your list when you are in Hunza.

  1. Enjoy the Rakaposhi view whenever you are in Hunza. It is one of the highest mountains in the world.
  2. The 600 years old Baltit fort – built over Karimabad – attracts tourists from all over the world.
  3. How can you forget to visit greenish Attabad lake when you are in Hunza?
  4. The beautiful last village of Sost is simply worth-admiring.
  5. Don’t forget to visit Gulmit. It is in Gojal valley, and you can enjoy a spectacular view of Passu Cones.
  6. The greenish frozen Borith Lake is famous for its natural beauty and a perfect place for photography.
  7. Enjoy your time in Karimabad, which is the capital of Hunza. Don’t forget to have a walnut cake in Karimabad.
Rakaposhi mountain Hunza Valley

Rakaposhi mountain and Hunza Valley in the Karakoram range.

Baltit fort in Karimabad

Baltit fort in Karimabad

Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake, Hunza, Pakistan

Sost Village in Hunza, Pakistan.

Sost Village in Hunza, Pakistan.

Hunza River near Gulmit upper Hunza

Hunza River near Gulmit upper Hunza

Longevity and Hunza

Hunza people usually live for more than 100 years. The secret behind their longevity is their diet, and others is a healthy environment. They breathe in the fresh air, and there are not any air pollutants. They drink clean water from water springs. Hunza valley is surrounded by mountains and has very rough terrain. Hunza people have to climb the mountains and navigate through the rocky passages. They have to go too far areas to bring wood and for cultivation purposes. Indirectly they remain physically active the whole day. This is again a big reason for their longevity.

Popular Diet of Hunza People

Hunza people consume a mostly raw and plant-based diet. There are trees of apricots, cherries, grapes, plums, and peaches in Hunza valley. Hunza people love to consume these fruits. Hunza people also consume grains in limited amounts such as wheat, barley, and millet. They used to make chapatti (traditional bread) by mixing apricot flour and wheat flour.

Famous Dishes of Hunza

Eating raw fruits doesn’t mean Hunza people don’t cook food. Here are some famous dishes from their cosine.

  1. Diram fitti
    Diram fitti is a breakfast item, but people also take it with you as lunch while working in fields. It is made of sprouted wheat flour and served by adding butter, almond or apricot oil.
  2. Go- Lee
    Go- Lee is a breakfast dish. Its flatbread made with whole wheat flour and served with butter or apricot oil.
  3. Harissa
    Harissa is one of the delicious dishes of Hunza, and locals like to it very much. It is an excellent combination of meat, rice, wheat, and green lentil.
  4. Tumoro Tea
    Tumoro is a herb that is found in high mountains. Local people boil it in some water to make it tea. This herbal tea keeps them warm and also provides many health benefits. You can also enjoy many more dishes from Hunza cuisine on your visit to the beautiful valley.

Cancer-Free Zone

Hunza is a cancer-free region, and it is again an interesting fact. Some people consider it a myth, but there is omen logic behind it. One is, breathing in a fresh smoke-free environment, and dither is the use of raw fruits, especially apricot. Apricot seeds contain vitamin B12 and which has anti-cancer properties. Usually, the doctor advised consuming apricot and nut from its seeds too. There are many other products of apricot such as apricot oil, jam and even soap too.

Happiest People on The Earth

Hunza people are also known for their smiley faces, and some researches call them the happiest people in the universe. They are leading a simple life from thee glim and glitz of modern life, but they are happy and contented. I think this contentment also plays a vital role in their longevity.

Best Time to Visit Hunza

Hunza is also famous for its apricot and cherry blossom in the spring season. This is one of the ideal times to visit Hunza valley to sight mesmerizing views of the valley. In the spring season, fruit trees erupt with different blossoms, and the whole valley looks like a wonderland. Blooms start with almond trees and then followed by apricot and cherry blossom. Usually, blossom starts at the end of March and prevails till the end of April. The best time to the vast valley is the start of the blossom season, as you can sight spectacular views of blossom.

The Bottom Line

Hunza is heaven on earth and a place worth visit. You can’t consider yourself a passionate traveler until you don’t visit Hunza (Pakistan). There is also a need to learn some life lessons from form Hunza people such as consume raw fruit, live a simple life, and keep themselves physically active to live longer and safe from diseases.

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