Pakistan Destinations, Cuisines, Accommodation, and Transportation for Foreign Tourists

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Pakistan is a beautiful land of culture, nature, heritage, and scrumptious food. It has beautiful mesmerizing tourist Destinations which are waiting to be explored by tourists from all over the world. Pakistan has been declared a safe and country with the most attractive tourist destination by British bag packer society.

If you are a Foreigner and planning g to visit Pakistan, then you have landed on the right page. This article will help to find your dream destination from Pakistan.

Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan

Gilgit Baltistan

If you are coming to Pakistan first time, then you are advised to visit Gilgit Baltistan. Although there are numerous worth visiting places but the Hunza valley has an eminent place among all. Valley is beautiful with jaw-dropping mountainous peaks, bravura Forts, a vibrant miscellany of flora/ fauna, and splendid cuisines that have made Hunza popular among foreigner tourists.

Another worth visiting place in Gilgit Baltistan is the Skardu district. This valley can stun you with their breathtaking views of pure lakes, beautiful roads, and attractive villages. If you are an Avid mountaineer, then it will be pleasing to know that shard is a base camp for many for the highest mountains like k2 and k3.

Since the last few years, this area has been visited but thousands of foreign tourists who claimed that the area is safe even for solo travelers.


You can enjoy traditional cosine at many local cafes and restaurants. Capshoro. Dao Dao soup, gittey, harissa, and much more traditional dish you can enjoy there. You can also enjoy the organic and world’s best fruits and vegetables all over the Gilgit-Baltistan.

Accommodation and Transport

There are various hotels and resorts which are providing quality services to tourists. You can get there accommodation according to your budget and need. Some hotels are expensive with maximum facilitates while some are economical with required facilities so tourists can choose easily according to their budget. There are also various local jeep drivers who are providing transportation services at economical rates. You can easily get the jeep or porters to cry your luggage if you want to explore further in Gilgit batiste. Tourists also can get flights from Skardu airport to major cities in Pakistan.

Azad Kashmir, Pakistan

Azad Kashmir

If Gigilit Baltistan has breathtaking views, then Kashmir is referred to as paradise on earth. Azad Kashmir or free Kashmir is an autonomous political sate, but they act as part of Pakistan. Muzaffarabad is the capital city, and there are also various tourist destinations such as the Pir Chinasi peak from where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the city. There are also enchanting valleys such as Neelum, Jhelum, and Leepa Valley with lush green views of forests and lakes. Famous lakes are Shounter, Ratti Gali and Chitta Katha Lake, etc.


The Kashmir is not only eminent for its serenity but also offers traditional dishes too. Kashmiri dishes are enriched in flavor with a nice blend of aromatic spices like fennel, ginger, garlic cinnamon, and saffron. Kashmiri gastronomy is mainly non-vegetarian, with mutton, lamb meat chicken, and fish. Rogan-e – josh, Hmri muji gaad, Aab goast, Dum Olav are few famous dishes from Kashmiri cuisine.

Transportation and Accommodations

It is necessary to get the No-Objection Certificate from the MKA (Ministry of Kashmir Affairs) in Islamabad for foreigners. Usually, it takes a week to get NOC. There are no direct flights to Kashmir, so you can take a road trip to Islamabad to Kashmir. You can use local transport or hire a personalized vehicle according to budget and need. In Muzaffarabad and Rawal koat you can find restaurants, hotels, and motels to stay and further exploration you can continue to the jeep

Lahore, Pakistan


Lahore is a phenomenal blend of ethnic, artistic, and heritage-filled attractions such as enchanting gardens, parks, shahi forts, majestic mosques, and shrines. You can’t explore the true beauty of this city in a couple of days or on one visit. You can explore vast shopping malls to old markets like Anarkali and Ichra to buy souvenirs. There is much more to enjoy and explore in Lahore beyond your expectations.


Lahore is one of the largest cities in Pakistan, and you can find a large number of local and international restaurants and hotels. Lahore offers you cuisine from all over Pakistan. You can enjoy traditional form cuisine to contemporary food there. Food Street is a famous place to explore different dishes like mutton karahi, seekh kebab, and pulao. You can enjoy local treats from many roadside vendors too.

Transportation and Accommodation

Lahore has an international airport, and you can get domestic and international flights easily from Lahore. You can hire a taxi or uber to roam around the city and visit tourist destinations. You can choose local transport and metro bus to visit the city. There is a large assortment of hotels and rest houses; you can choose according to your budget and requirements. In a large city like Lahore, Transportation and accommodation is not a problem at all. Following are some of the top hotels to stay in the city.

  • The peal Continental Hotel
  • The Nishat Hotel Johar Town
  • Hotel One the Mall
  • The Residency Hotel
  • Hotel One Downtown
  • The Grand Inn
  • Fortville Hotel

And many more.

Islamabad, Pakistan


Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and surrounded by Margalla hills. This city is a blend of culture and contemporary lifestyle. There are various tourist destinations like Faisal mosque, Shaker Parian, Damn –e-Koh, Pakistan monument and Said Pur village, etc. you can find famous international chain hotels, many local cafes, and restaurants also.


You can enjoy every kind of dish from Local to international cuisine in Islamabad. You can find famous international chain hotels, many local cafes and restaurants to enjoy Pakistani and contemporary cuisine. There is also a famous food street in the melody market, and you can find almost every type of food there. You can explore roadside vendors selling many local fruits and food items to enjoy the local cuisine.

Transportation and Accommodation

To get accommodation in a city like Islamabad is not a problem at all. I have told earlier that you can find a large number of hotels and rest houses there. Islamabad has metro bus facility to travel within the city. You can choose anyone according to your duration and other requirements. Transportation is easily available all over Islamabad. There is an international airport from where you can get local and international flights according to schedule.

Beautiful Pakistan

Lower Kachura Lake, Pakistan

Final Words

Pakistan is one of the beautiful countries and has countless tourist destinations that are safe to visit in all aspects. Pakistani people are simple, caring hospitable, and have huge respect for foreign tourists. If you never visited Pakistan, then make a plan and explore the matchless beauty of Pakistan.

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