What is Pakistan Like for a Solo Female Traveler?

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Pakistan is not just a country, but it is home of bustling heritage sites, host of all four seasons, pedigrees of many languages, houses of most beautiful mountain ranges. Even after all this, Pakistan is not commonly presented on traveler’s list, especially solo female travelers, because of political instability and terrorism activities from the last few decades. But now, the Pakistan government and law enforcement agenesis have eliminated all those elements that are affecting the country’s tourism industry and started promoting tourism in Pakistan.

US traveler magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, declares Pakistan as a topmost holiday destination for 2020. Pakistan has also established an online visa system for tourists and signing several agreements with different countries to enhance its tourism industry.

We will try our best to answer all your question in this article about what Pakistan is like for a solo female traveler.

Pakistan, Balakot

Why Pakistan?

Pakistan is rich in culture, heritage, mountain ranges, historical sites, landscapes, rivers, deserts, glaciers, and many more. Pakistan is one best tourist destinations because of such diversity. The government is also now serious about the countries tourism industry and creating ease in visa policies. The government is also owing to heritage sites now and promoting Pakistan as the best travel destination at the international level. Locals welcome foreigner travelers in their country and show hospitality and friendliness.

Many cities are gaining more attention of foreigner travelers with the passage of time such as;

  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Hunza
  • Gilgit
  • Chitral
  • Karachi
  • Swat

Foreigners usually travel in the form of groups or couples, but here one question is still poking in the minds of solo female travelers like is it safe to travel in Pakistan?

Is Pakistan Safe for women?

Is Pakistan Safe?

There are a number of solo female travel vloggers and bloggers such as Eva Zu Beck, Breanna Wilson and Rosie Gabrielle that have visited Pakistan recently and listed Pakistan as one safe country for female tourists. Although they reported some uncomfortable scenarios like people are obsessed with taking selfies with foreigners, and they stare at female travelers. But they stated all this as an uncomfortable feeling rather than unsafe. They further stated that women are not oppressed in Pakistan; people staring is not sexual and aggressive.

Pakistan Women Dresscode

What to Wear as Female?

Being an Islamic country, foreigner female travelers have to go with the local dress code and traditional dresses, especially when they are traveling in central Punjab. But there is no restriction on wearing loose pants, jeans or trousers as local females are used to wearing many modern clothes, especially in Islamabad and Lahore. Dress code for females which is mainly following in Pakistan is;

  • Dupatta
  • Shalwar
  • Qameez

Even there is no dress code restriction in northern areas. Even the local female travelers are wearing trousers and pants because these seem comfortable for hacking and traveling. But you must show respect and cover full body when paying your visit to religious, historical sites like Badshahi Mosque and Faisal Mosque.


People of Pakistan are known for their hospitality and kindness. There are many perks of being a female traveler in Pakistan. You just don’t have to stand in line for banking or shopping payments. People go extra miles to help you out. They will invite for dinners and feasts. You can have front and best seats in transports.

How Much is the Living Cost?

Living cost in Pakistan is not high during your stay in any city. Hotels are available at a very low cost. People are very much friendly, and they used to pay for your meal bills and gas bills. Foreigner female travels often received beautiful gifts like traditional dresses, jewelry, and many more. Even shopkeepers don’t charge a single penny for small things that you want to buy.

Pakistan Attabad Lake

Fewer Language Barriers

Pakistan is one of those countries where you find fewer communication issues. People from most of the parts can understand English, even if they can’t speak it. Most common language people speak in Pakistan with tourists are;

  • Urdu – Nation language of Pakistan
  • English – Educational and legal language of Pakistan

You can also find English spoken persons easily. This makes easy communication, especially for foreigners. People can speak and understand Urdu in almost every part of the country, as it is the national language of Pakistan. This helps local female solo travelers a lot.

E-Visa System

Pakistan has done a lot of work on its visa policies and recently introduces its tourist visa for 175 countries. Pakistan is also signing a lot of agreements with different countries like Pakistan offers on the arrival visa application to citizens of 50 countries. E-Visa system has created more ease in visa application submission. Pakistan has also extended the validity period of tourist visas to 6 months.

Local Tour Guide

There are many tour guides operating in Pakistan that will take care of all of your necessities for traveling across Pakistan. You can contact them online too. Being a female traveler, they take more care of your things so that you cannot find your stay uncomfortable. Register tour companies also offer letters of invitation services to create ease in visa applications.

Islamabad, Pakistan

Calling and Internet Dues

Due to the wide use of mobile phones, PCO shops are disappearing in Pakistan, and the same is the case with internet cafes. You need to buy your own cellphone and Sim cards. Data roaming services are also present in Pakistan. One best perk of being a female traveler in Pakistan is you can borrow a cellphone from anyone to call or use the internet because people of Pakistan portray as trustworthy.


Pakistan is completely safe for solo female travelers, and law enforcement agencies must have been appreciated for that. The tourism industry in Pakistan is really growing. The recent visit of several solo female vloggers and especially Kate and Williams, British royal couple, visit of Pakistan proves that. The government of Pakistan is also promoting tourism at the international level and inviting many tourists all across the world.

Hospitality and friendliness are in the blood of the people of Pakistan. Women are also not oppressed here that shows solo female travelers will not find any uncomfortable moments.

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