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One of those places you need to visit is a Caribbean island you will grow to love. This fancy island is Barbados. Well, Barbados is famous for many things, but the most exciting thing about it is Rihanna’s birthplace. She often mentions Barbados in her songs or interviews, and she’s so proud of her homeland. “Dancing was always part of my culture growing up in Barbados”- Rihanna. This is one of the reasons I would love to go there.

Here are the top five things to love about Barbados:

1. The Mighty Food

One of the things you will love about Barbados is the food. You can’t miss the “fish-fry Fridays,” especially at Oistins. Here you can expect fresh local marlin, swordfish, flying fish, or Mahi Mahi – things you will instantly love. You can serve them as a typical Barbadian chippy dinner or as a popular sandwich version. The freshly-baked salt roll will make your senses melt. The crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside will drive you crazy. You can always accompany them with macaroni pie, rice n” peas, or plantain, delicious.

Barbados Beaches

2. The Beaches

If you are the person of the beaches, then this is the place for you. Barbados is famous for its perfect beaches. You can see on Insta stories all over the place. This island’s beaches are split into character by geography. The ocean on the west coast is generally warm and pretty calm, with some turquoise waters that gently lap the shoreline. These waters are perfect for snorkeling, swimming, jet-skiing, and catamaran cruises.
By contrast with this beach, the south coast has flawless, lively beaches filled with tourists. A coral reef surrounds these beaches, and they offer water sports such as kite surfing or windsurfing. The east coast is dressed in rugged, unspoiled sands with rough waters, making it ideal for surfing. Last but not least, in the north, the sandstone cliffs that rise 100 feet out of the sea await for you to visit them. You can take dramatic, invigorating views and walks, away from the noise of the crowds. Also, if you love kayaking, Barbados is the place to enjoy this sport. Surfer’sSurfer’s Point is the perfect place to go kayaking due to calm waters, ideal even for more inexperienced kayakers.

Barbados Culture

3. The culture

Barbados offers tourists an incredible culture. They have a mix of African and British influences, reflecting in the colonial architecture in Georgian, Victorian, and Jacobean styles. You will love to visit such marvelous buildings. The first British soldiers that came here have introduced the islanders to cricket and dominoes. Is cricket still popular today – lovely, right?

Here you can check the annual “Crop Over Summer Festival” that dates from the 1700s when the island was… the world’s largest sugar producer – fantastic right? This festival runs from May to August, so you have plenty of time to enjoy it. During this festival, you can share the streets with Bajan pop star Rihanna and shine through like a diamond! Hopefully, you won’t need any umbrella for you and your partner. The main activity here is dancing, so feel free to get wild as much as you want. People here love to dance and have a good time. Why wouldn’t you blend in the crowd? It will be fun.

Tourists can visit Harrison’s Cave, one of the natural wonders on the island. In this cave, people can spot a mixture of stalactites, stalagmites, and waterfalls. There are also a lot of opportunities to get off and explore the beautiful natural wonder. Tourists can again go diving in the island’s waters to see the stunning sea life, coral reefs, or old shipwrecks.

Also, tourists can go into an island safari tour through the forests, to Bathsheba Beach, onto the northern parish of Barbados, Saint Lucy. This is a fantastic opportunity to spot the country’s wilder side, and once tired, you can always stop and take photos while drinking some delicious rum punch. For those who love plants, the island has another surprise: Andromeda Botanic Gardens. Here you can enjoy nature in a peaceful environment. You can see over 600 different species of exotic plant life, pretty cool, right?

Barbados, Luxury Hotels

4. The luxury hotels

Barbados is an island filled with luxurious hotels that mix traditional Caribbean and uber-modern. Most of the hotels are beachfront such as Colony Club on the West coast. This property is set in multiple acres of tropical gardens, and it is one of the many five-star properties available here to rent. In the commonplace, you can find the lagoon-style pools. You can go sailing, water-skiing, snorkeling, and try the decadent spas and tennis courts. The images taken here are water-dropping. The adventurous people can swim with the turtles or dolphins. Pretty incredible, right?

5. The Rum

Last but not least, the Rum is another reason to visit Barbados and to love it. Barbados is believed to be the birthplace of Rum. This is why the entire island serves it in over 200 island bars. Tourists can drink the local brew in a traditional roadside pub setting. You must know that when England colonized the island in 1627, it became the sugar cane cultivator of the Caribbean. Rum was produced here since 1642, and one exciting fact is that it was the gift of choice of British sailors while they set sail across the Atlantic for home. Until present, the island has continued to produce excellent Rum due to the traditional fermentation techniques. Weaved into the culture of the island, the Rum is celebrated by all-collar-workers in unison.

Barbados is one of those destinations which conjure the stereotypical tropical paradise that tourists expect to find in the Caribbean. This beautiful country has many things to offer, and tourists love it at first sight. One of the reasons people love it is the wildlife reserve, which includes otters, hares, or parrots. Children will love the mischievous green monkeys, and they are tame enough to make them eat out of one’s hand.

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