Barbados, the most fun island in the Caribbean

Story by: Maha Arshad     Date: 17 February 2021    Image by: Canva | zstockphotos

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Barbados is one of the most fun islands in the Caribbean to visit! It’s safe for tourists and offers visitors tropical beaches, music and dancing, snorkeling, and diving. The people are really warm and loving too – their hospitality will make your trip even better and memorable. The food is so unique in Barbados that you’ll be surprised at every turn when you go in search of food. There’s so much you can do in Barbados and take my sound advice and plan your trip before going to this iconic island or you’ll get confused on what to do and not to do.

Barbados Beaches

Visit the Beaches – the True Essence of Any Island

Are you looking for a beach with soft sand, palm trees swaying in the tropical breeze, and crystal-clear azure waters all in one place? Then, head over to any of the tropical beaches dotted around the island.

Carlisle Bay is famous for its scuba diving experience. The sea has many enchanting marine creatures, and the shipwrecks tell a narrative about the sunken ships. Similarly, Rockley Beach is a super kid-friendly beach. Your kids can play besides the calm sea, and the casuarina trees are there for shade.

The beaches in Barbados are worth visiting, and it’ll be a bonus for you if you can find a private or secret beach there – you can have a moment to yourself and make memories with your loved ones. All beaches are public, and it can get crowded, and your private beach can even be a small cove beach that people don’t usually drop by.

Barbados Flying Fish

Flying fish – Magic is Real?

Have you ever heard of flying fish? You might have seen them in movies like “Wonder Park” or “Life of Pi”. Flying Fish also exist in reality. Seeing them with your own eyes is another experience altogether, and you’ll be fascinated by the sight of the little creatures.

The flying fish is native to warm locations like Barbados. They are also a local delicacy and much enjoyed. Did you know that the flying fish doesn’t fly but rather the fish glides through the air by spreading its big pectoral wings? It should be called the gliding fish, then. Well, flying fish is classier so the flying fish it is.

Barbados Heritage

The Island’s Heritage

The Chattel Houses date back to the plantation era when houses that could be moved were made. Sound’s strange, doesn’t it? It did to me too. The houses were built with blocks, and so they could be easily moved. Even today, chattel houses are present with new and more special designs.

The island is famous for its rum for a long time, and St. Nicholas Abby is one of the rum distilleries in Barbados, and their rum punch is really delicious. This place isn’t just a distillery, it’s also a plantation house and a museum. The Great House there is an architectural masterpiece, and the rooms have retained most of their original materials, and they are quite beautiful and worth a visit.

BEWARE: Don’t let rum punch’s taste bewitch you or you’ll get drunk and you don’t want that, trust me.

Barbados Cuisine

Barbados’s Cuisine

Barbados’s cuisine is a mixture of different cultures like Indian, African and Portugal, and a few others. The food there is varied with fish cakes, chicken curry, salt bread, and burrito-style roti.

Fish are commonly eaten in Barbados and the best fish on the island is found at the Oistins Fish Fry, a seafood market where you can immerse in the tastiest seafood and mingle with the locals. From lobsters to tuna, mahi-mahi, flying fish, marlin, and even chicken, the market has it all but it’s open at night, and the food’s ready at around 7:00 pm. (Tip: Go early at around 5:45 pm and try to catch a sunset. It’s a pretty good sight to see.)

Try some of Barbados coconut bread. It’s heavenly, especially with a hot mug of tea. Tamarind balls are another delicious commodity in Barbados that’s also really healthy. Another sweat to look out for is cassava pone that is made with coconut and cassava (frozen and shredded). It’s sweet but won’t overpower your sweet tooth.

Barbados Sunset

Begin Your Island Adventure

Barbados is a great holiday destination and you’ll have so much fun there. You can visit the beaches, admire nature, drink rum – discover new rum combos -, visit impressive sights like Chattel Houses and dive into the food.

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