Why the Bahamas should be on your travel bucket list

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You probably have wanderlust which is why you landed on this page. Are you jotting down destinations not only to explore but also to make undying memories filled with moments of joy, adventure, and triumph? But you are indecisive about the next journey? Well, you are in the right place because we are going to give you several reasons why the Bahamas should be on your travel bucket list. Keep reading!

The Bahamas, located south-east of the coast of Florida (US) and north of Cuba, is a chain of approximately 700 mesmerizing islands. It is known for its gorgeous beaches, cordial natives, water parks, exotic resorts, and the list goes on and on.

Let’s explore our top picks of the splendid things to do in the Bahamas:

Morning in a Bahamas Beach

Relax at any one of the pleasant beaches

The Bahamas is filled with tons of Instagram-worthy beaches, most with pure white sand and a few with alluring pink sand. Some of them are great for beach sports or water sports while others are best suited for unwinding with an iced lemonade under the shade. Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island, Gold Rock Beach in Lucayan National Park, Stocking Island on The Great Exuma Island, and the beaches in Nassau are traveler’s most favorite ones. So, leave all your worries behind, add a splash of adrenaline and soak up the Caribbean sun on one of the briny beaches.

Explore Atlantis Paradise Island

The all-in-one top-notch sprawling resort, located in Paradise island which is less than 2 miles northeast of downtown Nassau, features a golf course, splendid accommodations, a casino, and multiple eateries. The ocean-themed resort also offers 11 swimming pools, 5 miles of gorgeous beaches, and a 141-acre water park known as AquaVenture which includes eight waterslides, pools, and water playgrounds. Not to forget the mega resort’s best-loved, marine habitat, is an open-air habitat that includes piranhas, lobsters, rays, eels, sharks, and more. It is surely an exhilarating experience not only for kids for also for adults.

Swiming Pig in the Bahamas

Swim with the pigs

The Exuma islands are a sublime destination offering pristine white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise water. Although you can do many other fun things at the picturesque Exumas, one of the most popular excursions at the Exumas’ island Big Major Cay (about 82 miles southeast of Nassau) is the Pig beach. YES! They are real pigs that can swim!! Once you step your toes on the sandy beach, a jolly bunch of pigs will paddle out to greet you. You can swim with happy pigs and feed them fruits or vegetables. Ultimately, nothing can tear you away from cuddling up to the adorable wee piglets.

Bahamas Snorkeling

Go snorkeling (or scuba diving)

Andros is the largest island of the Bahamas while Andros Barrier Great Reef is the third-largest barrier reef in the world. The cerulean-colored ocean is one of the best and breathtaking spots for exploring the underwater world. The reef’s submerged forest is home to a wide variety of vibrant fish such as trumpet fish and parrotfish, turtles, coral, eels, and stingrays which will be a feast to your eyes while you’re snorkeling or scuba diving on a quest to probe the marine life.

Bahamas Swim with dolphins

Play with the dolphins

Dolphins are known to be the most frisky and intelligent mammals. So, while we are on it, why miss the great opportunity to be interactive with the dolphins in their natural habitat on Blue Lagoon Island (located just three miles from Nassau). The blue Lagoon island (officially known as Salt Cay) offers one of the top-rated experiences in the Bahamas. A short ride on a boat will escort you to the tropical island where you can kiss, dance and, play with the dolphins. You can also purchase your photographs from the local photographer snapping your lovely memories or just take your own waterproof camera. Also, the trainers who will accompany you are very friendly and will make your day count!

Bahamas Conch Salads

Munch on the scrumptious Conch

Conch, pronounced “conk” by the natives, is one of the authentic Bahamian dishes. The local Bahamian conch is quite similar to calamari. If you’re a calamari lover, you must add it to your bucket list! The conch fritters are fried to perfection at Frankie Gone Bananas or Da Conch Shack in the capital, a must-try. If you’re in a mood for conch salad mixed with citrus sauces and peppers, consider visiting Goldie’s Conch House and Dino’s Gourmet Conch Salad in Nassau. If not, you can also dig in the deep-fried, golden, and crispy cracked conch at Curly’s Restaurant and Bar located in the capital!

Visit the flamingos

The Ardastra Gardens, Zoo & Conservation Centre, located in Nassau, is a haven for a variety of animals with the most popular being the national bird, Flamingo. The world-famous flamingo marching show is held thrice a day which allows you to be up-close with them and snap pictures! If you can’t make it there, visit the Inagua National Park, home to more than 60,000 graceful long-necked flamingos. It will be worth it.

Climb the Queen’s staircase

The Queen’s staircase, located in Nassau, was carved between 1973 and 1974 by 600 slaves from limestone rock which served as a direct pathway to Nassau in case of enemies attacked and a cover was needed. The massive historical 65-step staircase is great for knowing the history and taking a stroll in the lush tropical grotto with waterfalls and swaying palm trees. Also, it is free of cost to visit! Whether you visit in the daytime or nighttime, it’s always luxuriant and serene.

Beautiful Bahamas

Discover Lucayan National Park

Lucayan National Park, situated in Grand Bahamas, contains an underwater cave system which is one of the largest underwater caves (40 acres) in the world. Ben’s Cave and Burial Mound Cave is open to the visitors. Unfortunately, swimming in the caves is prohibited while you will need a special permit for diving, but you can definitely explore or educate yourself with the ecosystem of the park or while on your way out you can enjoy a picnic at the impressive Gold Rock Beach (which appears in two of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies).

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