Unique Airbnb experience: Sleeping on a boat – Algarve, Portugal

Story by: Seyamaila Pancharatnam     Date: 29 April 2022    Image by: Unsplash | Diego Gennaro

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Hello dear readers! I am Seyamaila from aborntraveller.com and I feel honored to take you with me on my fun Airbnb story of sleeping on a boat called the ‘Booby Blue’ that is located in the Algarve (Portugal).

Discovering the Algarve

The boat is located in the Algarve (Portugal) next to the island of Culatra, which is one hour away from a well-known place called Faro.
If you have never been to or heard of the Algarve, you must try and go there on your next trip to Europe!

Next to that Portugal is an amazing country, with charming Porto in the north, buzzing Lisbon in the middle, and the amazing Algarve in the south. The Algarve is a whole region of sandy islands, gorgeous beaches, cute towns and it’s a perfect spot for surfers.

Did you know that one of the biggest surfing waves is located in Portugal, in a place called Nazaré? In 2012 Guinness recorded a wave of 23.7 meters or 78 feet! At that time the largest wave in the world had surfed. Nazaré is located 1.5 hours from Lisbon.

Short introduction

As I already said my name is Seyamaila (but Seya might be easier). I am a twenty-something-year-old, a Dutch pedagogue, but most of all passionate about traveling. I have owned a travel blog for some years because I can’t stop talking about traveling. If you’d like you can also check out my Instagram

I used to live in Barcelona and Sevilla (Spain) and as the Algarve is very close to Sevilla, I had to visit it! So I road tripped with my boyfriend through the Algarve for a couple of days and enjoyed it all. Faro is only a 2 hours drive from Sevilla (one of my favorite cities in Europe).
In 1 hour you can drive from Faro to Lagos, so it is very easy to visit all the small towns in between.

I got to visit Lagos, Albufeira, Faro, and a couple of smaller towns. One of the nights we slept on a boat in Culatra, which I will tell you more about in this article. 

Another boat tour in Lagos!

We did another boat tour in Lagos, near the rocks, which was again unbelievably cool. If you can, try this out as well. You can spot all the small and hidden beaches in Lagos and enjoy the surroundings and rocks. As you can see in the photo, you can even do a kayak tour if you are more adventurous! We did a normal boat tour with another 4 people and had a great time. Your trip to Portugal will be filled with boats, so I hope you won’t be too seasick 🙂

Unique Airbnb experience

As we were planning our trip through the Algarve, we came across this boat on Airbnb and immediately I knew we had to do this. It only cost 60 dollars for two people and one night, which felt very cheap for such an experience.

And we were not wrong, it turned out even better than expected. Our host’s names are Will & Isabelle and they are very friendly and welcoming. Next, to perfect English, they also spoke French, together with their two friendly sons. I believe one of them came from Switzerland.

You do have to take a ferry from Olhão, which takes an hour before you reach Culatra Island. The views on your way to Culatra are really pretty, so you don’t want to miss this!

Booby Blue! What a name for a boat

It was a unique experience for us, as we had never sailed, or even been on a boat, to get to understand how everything works on a boat. Next to that, what is it like to live in Portugal?

Will & Isabelle shared a lot of fascinating stories, like how they come up with the name of the boat ‘Booby Blue’. Whether it was about their lives in their home country or how they are trying to sail the world and how difficult this can be, we were absorbing all we heard all night long.

Their sons were going to school on the island for some time, and for a pedagogue like me, it was interesting to know how they were dealing with this.

Next to their stories, we also loved the food they prepared for us. Chicken, potatoes, salad… It all tasted delicious.
They did ask us beforehand what we would have liked to eat and you can also choose to not have dinner on the boat. It cost us 15 dollars per person.

Seasick in Portugal?

The small cabin we slept in was just big enough for the both of us. You can see it in the photos. Yet it was cozy and amazing to see the water rising every hour in the night and then see the sunrise early in the morning. That was a perfect way to start our morning!

I also was scared about getting seasick, as I have never slept on a boat before. The water only rose in the night, but luckily I didn’t feel this. Maybe, because traveling to Portugal made me tired.

Be aware that it can be chilly on a boat, we did not think of this, but Isabelle was so kind to give us jackets.

Recommendation for sure!

This was truly a unique experience, with the most lovely hosts. I will never forget the Airbnb experience and hope to meet Will, Isabelle, their kids, and Booby Blue again in the future.

I can recommend it to everyone, as the communication and service from them are really good. They were waiting for us at the port when we made the trip on the ferry, they made delicious food, and offered us clothes because we felt chilly. If you want to do something romantic with your partner, this is your chance!

You can explore a bit of Culatra, the island where they are located, but it is very small though. In the photo, you can see the ´boulevard´, which you will cross when you get off the ferry. We did not go there in the evening, but who knows, there might be a fun nightlife on Culatra island!

I keep following them on Instagram and I have seen that they are trying to fulfill their dream (go guys!) by traveling the world. By the time you might be reading this, it might be possible that they are not located on the Algarve coast anymore, so I recommend you to contact them on their Instagram and ask if they are available. I am sure they would appreciate it. Living on a boat is not the cheapest thing, so if you could help them out with having an amazing experience, why not right?

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked the article about my unique Airbnb experience. If you want to read more articles about Portugal, don’t wait and take a look at my blog.

Next to that, if you have lived abroad and want to share your story, please send me a message, I love to collect those kinds of stories!

I hope to Seya around 😉

Image Credits: Seyamaila Pancharatnam
Blog: https://aborntraveller.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/a_born_traveller/

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