Top 5 reasons to visit Cuba this year

Story by: Oana     Date: 8 September 2020    Image by: Pixabay | Falkenpost

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Cuba is one of the fascinating countries in the world you can see this year. We all know how interesting it must be to live here due to Fidel Castro’s life story described in movies such as “Looking for Fidel” – 2004 or “Fidel: The Untold Story” – 2001. Also, Cuba has been tied up with the life story of Che Guevara, the famous revolutionary original from Argentina. Latin America is not easy to reach by Americans, but tourism is open and often cheaper for the rest of the world than you may think. The world is changing, and we slowly change with it. That’s a good thing for travel enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Cuba is a place where life goes slow since it was a communist country, and the remains of the system can still be seen on the streets. The tension, stress, and fury the commercial countries create cannot be spotted here. Time goes more slowly, and people are more relaxed, even happier if I may say so. The buildings are big massive square blocks of cement, exactly what communists leaders loved to build to build a robust system impression among the citizens. You can see the old perfectly blending with the new on every corner of this mysterious country.

2020 is a challenging year due to the pandemic, yet tourism and travel must not be left behind. People love discovering new countries and cultures. The people are still the most exciting thing to find. Here are the top 5 reasons to visit Cuba this year.

Cuban Cars, almost a museum

1. A living museum of ancient cars

Cuba is the perfect place to spot and admire old cars if you are a car lover. More than that, this is the leading country that has so many old American cars still in use. The streets look exactly like in 1959, and you will love it. You can take photos, ride all types of models, or even talk to drivers to hear all about the tricks they used over the years. The old car owners had to develop schemes since they didn’t have access to the original spare parts.

Old Havana, Cuba

2. A country is frozen in time

Cuba is a country that offers to its tourists an eclectic combination of goods that survived past decades, the period from the ’50s to the ’90s. People use smartphones or laptops, but the functional relics you may spot are way more exciting. Cuban people had to repair the products they repeatedly owned to make them last for as long as possible. You can see clothes, electronics, vehicles, or buildings, and the image of a non-consumer country will give you the impression of fresh air.

Cuban Beach

3. Superb weather

If you fear lousy weather will ruin your vacation, Cuba is the perfect place to visit with no worries. Except for a couple of days in the first three months of the year, Cuba has high temperatures, and the Sun is always in the sky. Sometimes, high levels of humidity can make the days feel hotter than they are. You can combat this with AC, swimming pools, and some long beach trips. You can go to the beaches everyone talks about. Cuba has one of the most magnificent beaches in the world, and you will surely fall in love with them.

Havana, Cuba - Socialism

4. See socialism at first hand

As I mentioned before, Cuba was one of the most interesting communist countries globally, and you can still see the remnants of socialism everywhere on the streets. Tourists can even see public rallies held on historic anniversaries, statues, institutions, or parks named after the socialist heroes such as Vladimir Lenin or Karl Marx. Also, some giant billboards still spread political messages worldwide, and consumer products are not to be seen. Quite a pause, right? You can enjoy long walks among these old buildings that inspire something else, a time that has passed, yet the present is a mirror of all things that have happened. Whether you love architecture or are interested in socialism, history, or politics, this country has plenty of things to offer, and you will love the lesson it provides.

Cuba, Cheep beer and drinks

5. Cheap beer and drinks are generally speaking

If you enjoy drinking beer, then you must know this is the perfect place for you. Cuba is one of the cheapest places you can visit and spend a vacation there. You can feel like a rich person with a couple of hundred dollars here. Except for 5-star hotels and some expensive bars, beer is super cheap in this country. You can buy local brands such as Bucanero or Cristal with less than $2 in most places. Some state-run stores sell beer for only $1. You can try cocktails too as they are equally cheap and you must try rum cocktails. This country is famous for its rum production, and the most popular is the Havana Club, the top national brand. Also, don’t forget to try the traditional Cuban cocktails. They are exquisite, delicious, and they can make you enjoy life more than usual if you wish so.

Cuba Music

This country is also famous for its music and dancers to try Cuban restaurants and clubs. You can see people dancing with passion, rumba, guaguanco, and congas. The emphasis is all over this country. Although you may think they are poor and sad, the reality is different. They are as happy as they can be, and you will admire and be jealous of them. Sometimes it’s best to see people’s happiness who don’t own much to fill your heart with gratitude.

Latin America is one of the least popular places for tourists, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have many gems to offer. Many countries and beautiful people are waiting for you to discover them, and they are worth creating friendships with them. Simple people can teach you a valuable lesson that you wouldn’t learn elsewhere.

Cuban Flag, Cuba

Cuba is one of the most exciting countries you can visit even if you are on a tight budget. You can experience pleasant things with less money than you would need in Europe by example. Give Cuba a chance today!

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