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Route 66 is the historical driveway that was the first road built in America. The highway is covering a total of 2 448 miles of amazing views and landscapes. It is one of the most well-known highways in America and in the world in general. “The Mother of Roads,” being such a long highway, has many fascinating places for you to visit. But, we do must tell you, the real jewel of this route is national parks.

The American system of national parks helps preserve unique artifacts, historical sights, fauna, flora, and natural ecosystems of North America in the best condition possible. We prepared the list of most attractive parks and monuments located along Route 66 that will enrich your mind with lasting impressions.

Horseshoe Bend, Grand Canyon

1. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

This unique site is a must-visit place for every true tourist or just for a national park enthusiast. Grand Canyon itself is a fantastic creation of nature that shows how powerful and fierce it can be. Colorado river made this beautiful wonder of nature real by eroding the ground for centuries. You can book a full tour, including the food, lodging, and excursions there. This way, you will explore the Grand Canyon to the fullest.

Petrified Forest National Park, United States

2. Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

There is one of the most significant collections of petrified trees in this national park. That is the place for adventurers. It has an abundance of exhibits that carry you to the ancient times. You will find many unique and exotic plants there — ginkgo, cool desert cactuses, and beautiful wildflowers, like Colorado Four O’clock.

Petrified Forest offers a lot of exciting guided tours for tourists. Arrange a paleontologist or a junior ranger program for your kid or just book a cool hiking tour. Yes, this is the place that creates fantastic memories.

Mojave National Preserve, United States

3. Mojave National Preserve, California

This park located in the picturesque Mojave Desert that astounds you with its wilderness, plethora of odd and exciting places, and breathtaking views. There is a lot of awesome spots you can visit this park. For example, Cima Volcanic Field is full of cool unearthly landscapes, exotic desert flora, and archeological remains. In the city of Vanderbilt, you can observe the short-lived settlement of early gold miners. The last place we highly recommend you to visit is Kelso, the ghost town. There are beautiful mountains, dunes and a lot of fun spots you can find in Kelso and nearby. The real ghost town with all respective places gives you the feel of the old Wild West and Gold Miners period.

Lincoln Home National Historic Site

4. Lincoln Home National Historic Site, Illinois

Lincoln Home is one of the most significant historical attractions for every true American patriot. Here Abraham Lincoln, a notable political figure and the 16th President of the USA, lived from 1844 to 1861. The city of Lincoln’s home, Springfield, provides a huge variety of interesting amusements and fun activities dedicated to the life of this outstanding person. You should visit this place to have a taste of one of the most important periods of American history.

Petroglyph National Monument

5. Petroglyph National Monument, New Mexico

Ancient people wanted to leave something that would be undeniable proof of their existence. Through astonishing petroglyphs, they gave us the message about their vision of their life and the world around. In Petroglyph National Monument, you can observe these beautiful pictures created on volcanic cones about 3000 years ago. This place is a treasure of humanity, and you need to witness this evidence of human intelligence.

Oklahoma City National Memorial

6. Oklahoma City National Memorial, Oklahoma

This memorial is the touching place of the great American tragedy — Oklahoma City bombing. That happened on April 19, 1995, and took the lives of at least 168 adults and children. People of Oklahoma honored the memory of lost victims and survivors of this tragedy with a memorial complex that pays decent respects for all those people.

7. George Washington Carver National Monument, Missouri

Remarkable person and outstanding scientist George Washington Carver deserved this monument with his prominent achievements in botany, agriculture, and mycology. This place became the first national monument dedicated to a person of color in America.

Carver`s works helped a lot of people to avoid famine and ruination. He was an extraordinary man, and the dedicated park proves to us that every person can achieve everything, despite its origins. We encourage you to visit the homeplace of Goerge Carver and learn about his outstanding life.

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