Na Pali Coast, beautiful sea cliffs, streams, and cascading waterfalls

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Na Pali coast lies in the north of Kauai Island, It’s a state wilderness. Na Pali Coast is known for various things like; the sea cliffs which are punctuated by narrow valleys, streams, and cascading waterfalls. There are several ways to visit the Na Pali Coast; by land, by sea, or by air. When you visit Na Pali Coast by Land the most popular way to hike the Na Pali Coast is on the Kalalau Trail which begins at Kee Beach. You can also visit the place by Sea. This method was used by traditionalists, back then the Na Pali Coast was accessed by sea via the gateway at Polihale.

And finally, you can visit the place by Air. There is a footpath running through the park nearly between Kee beach and sandy beach called Kalalau. The footpath cuts through the other five valleys. Na Pali coast has picturesque views and great information given of the history of the area, geology of the formation and breakdown of the coast, and wildlife. The place is also inhabited by many whales, turtles, and spinner dolphins. Kauai is also characterized by sheer magnificent contours of the land which are amazing. The waterfalls are an added feature to already wonderful scenery. Various other things make Na Pali your next place of interest. I will take you through some of the adventures and experiences you will come across when you choose Na Pali coast as your next destination.

Na Pali Coast State Park

Snorkel and sail

Let’s start by talking about the Na Pali coast Kauai snorkel and sail. There is a way that will help you have a natural experience at Na Pali coast during your tour. Experience this by sailing along the base of towering cliffs and snorkel with a diverse array of marine life. The best way to see the Na Pali coast and have an unforgettable experience is through the waters. To be able to see that join the catamaran cruise for unbeatable views of lush green valleys, towering spires, jagged sea cliffs, and wildlife such as dolphins and sea turtles, as well as time for snorkeling and swimming. This includes a continental breakfast, buffet lunch, and drinks. The best way to see all this is by using a cruise because it is not accessible by road. When using the snorkeling equipment you get the chance to see the beauty below the surface. The waves are a bit rough at times but the place has expert crews.

Sunset Buffet Dinner Cruise

Another great experience is the Na Pali Sunset Buffet Dinner Cruise. Na Pali sunset buffet dinner cruise explores an area of Kauai that’s impossible to reach by car. Travel in a comfortable catamaran with indoor and outdoor seating as you see emerald valleys, waterfalls, and sea caves from the ocean. The scenery is breathtaking. As the evening approaches you can enjoy the setting sun with drinks and a buffet dinner served on the deck.

Leila Na Pali Sunset Dinner Sail

One of the greatest and fantastic experiences you can have at Na Pali coast is Leila Na Pali Sunset Dinner Sail. In this experience, you can enjoy dinner without the restaurant’s reservation but instead by sailing along the towering emerald cliffs and sea caves of the Na Pali Coast. Sip cocktails, wine, or beer while listening to the captain’s legends of old Hawaii and looking for marine life splashing offshore. If you are not able to view the coastline from the waters you can have an experience of it via various hikes and a drive to the end of the road past Princeville. You will get incredible views which are highly recommended. Make sure to take a water tour of the coastline also.

 Nā Pali coast on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Forbidden Isle of Hawaii

If you want to experience some wonders during your tour visit Ni’ihau and Na Pali Coast Super Snorkel Cruise. In this place, you can have a view of the Forbidden Isle of Hawaii. The snorkeling cruise will take you to the shores of Niihau a private island set off the coast of Kauai. When in this place you can snorkel along a remote reef, spot dolphins, and keep an eye out for whales. To top up your fun, enjoy a cruise along the majestic Na Pali Coast. When in this place you also get a chance to learn about the surrounding history and culture from the crew. In this place, the best way to capture the photos of the island’s scenery and marine life is by using a cruise.

Deluxe Na Pali Dinner Cruise

Deluxe Na Pali Dinner Cruise with Snorkeling is another thing that creates fun in the Na Pali coast. You can have a cruising experience along the majestic Na Pali Coast while viewing the adventure of this place which includes a sunset dinner or breakfast and lunch, depending on the season and your selection. This also creates an awesome adventure for nature lovers; you can relax onboard while enjoying drinks, taking photos, and scanning the ocean for marine life dolphins, sea turtles, and whales can be spotted depending on the season. In addition to all the fun, you can also swim and snorkel to see the world below the surface. You can also see humpback whales, sea turtles, even a monk seal.

Na Pali Coast with chopper

Adventure Helicopter Tour

Among other adventures, you wouldn’t want to miss on Kauai ECO Adventure Helicopter Tour. Get a bird’s-eye view of Kauai on an Eco-Star helicopter tour that takes you over the entire island in just under an hour. This is the best way to be able to see the Waimea Canyon, Na Pali Coast, Poipu Beaches, and more. Finish with an unforgettable descent into the crater of Mt. Waialeale, which is the wettest spot on Earth.

Don’t miss Sea Cliff in Na Pali Coast

Breathtaking Sea Cliff is another view you should not miss when in Na Pali Coast. The rugged terrain appears much as it did centuries ago when Hawaiian settlements flourished in these deep, narrow valleys, existing only on the food they could grow and the fish they could catch. During summer months, guided kayaking trips bring you up close to the soaring cathedral cliff. When conditions are right, raft tours are available to guide you to hidden sea caves and remote beaches.

Na Pali cost Hawaii is full of all modern experiences and will make your vacation worth a while. Make the place your next destination and you will be sure not to regret it.

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