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Hawaii is an American state located near the Pacific Ocean. It is an island state. It is an endorsement of culture and climate. Hawaii is believed to derive its name from its largest Island. Hawaii is known for several things which include activities like surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, hiking, and camping. This is most preferably for young adults who enjoy jumpy activities and events, not to exclude the old guys. Hawaii is also known for its delicious food which most of them are traditional delicacies.

Oahu Island, Hawaii

Oahu Island

The most beautiful and attractive island you would love to visit when you in Hawaii is Oahu. The island is surrounded by gorgeous mountains. The Ko’olau Mountains are on the eastern side of Oahu and are the only remaining shield of the volcano. The others were washed years ago by massive landslides. The views from these mountains are awe-inspiring. Oahu Island also boasts three of the best beaches. Let’s start with; Lanikai Beach one of the most famous beaches in Hawaii. The beach is safe for swimming due to its calm waters. Not far from the beach are two wildlife sanctuaries. This is for bird lovers since the sanctuaries are inhabited by birds.

Waikiki beach, Honolulu, Hawaii

Waikiki beach

Another beach surrounding Oahu is Waikiki beach which is the most famous beach in the world. It offers amazing views of diamond heads and it’s highly visited. No year passes without the beach experiencing flocking visitors from all over the world. Waikiki Beach offers a good site for learning how to ride waves.

Waimea beach, Hawaii

Waimea beach in Hawaii

Waimea beach is the last beach we are going to talk about on this island. It’s famous for its huge wave that is seen every year from October to April. To find the best environment for swimming and scuba diving visit the beach during summer.

Molokai’s Halawa Valley, Hawaii

Molokai’s Halawa Valley

Apart from the beaches and the Island let’s have a look at the of the water places that can make your tour in Hawaii unforgettable. Molokai’s Halawa Valley is one of the places. It is one of the oldest known settlements in Hawaii. The valley can only be visited on foot, with no vehicles or other means of transport. The valley is a home of various things like Mooula falls and two hundred and fifty water footfalls. To those who don’t like going into the waters but just to observe Molokai’s Papohaku beach is the place for you. The beach has great waves. It is the largest white sand beach. The sunshine and sunset at this place are stunning and fantastic. One thing you should keep in mind is that the water here is rough and it is not advisable to go in.

Maui’s Haleakala, Hawaii

Maui’s Haleakala

Maui’s Haleakala is another place to go and see. Haleakala means the home of the sun. It is considered the most spiritual place in the world for various reasons. On the southwest of Maui is a volcano crater that stands at more than ten thousand feet tall and offers very awesome natural scenery. Apart from its dry land Maui also hold the seven sacred pools. These pools are fed by a stream running through the rainforest. The pools are popular for swimming and cliff jumping.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Big island Hawaii volcanoes national park

Let’s have a grasp of the big island Hawaii volcanoes national park. It is a place of great amusement and I am sure you will love it. The place looks like the surface of the moon and it’s the coolest place on earth. The park has two active volcanoes and one of the volcanoes is the most active volcanoes in the universe. The park offers the best environment for hiking. The stars in the sky in this place are incredibly amazing.

Wailua Falls are one of the falls that makes you feel heavenly. The fall is easily accessible by vehicles and reachable by anyone waiting in the nearby island of Kauai. Kauai Island is also known as the garden isle. This is due to the rainforest covering most of its surface. It is the oldest and greenest island in Hawaii. The larger part of the island is covered by forests and mountains. The best time to visit the island is between September and November or from April to June when the weather is suitable. When you reach the end of Kauai you will reach the ever-popular Kee beach. The beach is unique on its own. You will find wild chickens on its shores. When you swim here you might have an encounter with Ulua fish. On this beach, you will also have a nice view of the untouched wilderness.

Molokai sea cliffs

Molokai sea cliffs

If you love heights or you want to overcome your fear of heights you should pay a visit to Molokai sea cliffs. They are the tallest and most huge cliffs in the world. Their beauty will leave you speechless. It’s not safe to swim in the beaches in this place. Most of the places are not reachable by vehicles.

Mauna Kea,Hawaii

Mauna Kea in Hawaii

Mauna Kea is another place you should not miss in your vacation in Hawaii. It’s a white mountain. If you love seeing snow in a colder climate this must be the ideal place for you. It’s a home of the world’s largest telescopes. In the mountain, you will see the skies closer and at a whole new level.

Mount Kilauea, Hawaii

Mount Kilauea

I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss visiting the hottest place in Hawaii. Mount Kilauea is the place where you get soaked in the sun. It is the youngest shield of volcanoes but among the most active ones. The mountain has been erupting continuously from the nineties. The mountain is among the most dangerous places but it still attracts the largest number of tourists. The mountain burns brightly and thus referred to as the goddess of fire by the locals.

Rainbow fall, Hawaii

Big Islands rainbow fall

As you summarize you tour in Hawaii. You should see the Big Islands rainbow fall also known as Waianuenue falls. It earned its rainbow name from the rainbows that appear at ten in the morning every day. There is also the Akaka falls in the big island’s waterfalls. It is the easiest waterfall to access.

Hawaii is the best place to tour during your next vacation.

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