How to choose your cruise – a simple guide to round trips in Alaska

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The coldest state of the USA, Alaska is one of the most underrated places for traveling we have ever seen. Of course, it is not the place for a nice summer trip with your kids, but it is truly a nice spot for family visiting. If you are an experienced adventurer, but you do value your comfort, we offer you a great option on how to see Alaska and not to get frozen to death. Our answer — round trip cruises!

What are round trips? We glad you asked! This is the cruise all around the place, with the stops in particular locations. These trips present you the best parts of the given place, without the discomfort of unnecessary travelling from A to B.

Alaska is beautiful

Roundtrip from Seattle

There is a lot of companies that offer cruises from Seattle to Alaska. We offer you to choose the one you find more suitable for your preferences because they will show you different things. Usually, these tours take about seven days. The standard route for these particular cruises is following the way of first gold diggers who came to Yukon during the Gold Rush.

During this trip, you will be sailing from Seattle port to enter the beautiful Salish Sea near Victoria, British Colombia. Breathtaking views of a whole day in the sea will make you a true lover of its vastness. While cruising, you will have a chance to see the most amazing tidewater glaciers that demonstrate a true power of nature and can be a very thrilling thing to see. The cruise usually has one last stop in Victoria, for you to explore this marvelous city before you come back to Seattle.

Alaska, Anchorage, USA

Round trip from Seward to Vancouver

This trip will start from the small dock in Seward and during the seven-day or ten-day trip you will enjoy stunning views of Alaska to the fullest. If you pick a seven-day route you will find that only two days you will spend in the sea, and the rest of the time — exploring the shore. Glaciers, old cities, breathtaking landscapes, and excellent food awaits you on the Alaskan Shore. You will visit a port of Juneau, Ketchikan, Alaskan Glacier Bay National Park, Icy Strait, and many more places, depending on your chosen route.

If you choose a ten-day trip, it will highly expand your experience in Alaska, because you will get the chance to visit little port cities. The true Alaskan culture and lives of ordinary people will be opened for you to see and discover.

The final destination of this trip is the city of Vancouver, another amazing tourist location, but this time in Canada.

Alaska, Portage

Roundtrip from San Francisco

A bit unusual route for a trip, but it is surely a lifetime experience. Starting in sunny and so careless California, your travel will take you to the big and harsh North. It is like you left your whole life behind and go to a completely unknown place.

These cruises usually take place only in hot summer months, when the ocean is more calm and safe. That also makes this trip a big adventure — from hot summer to polar day in ten days. The trip is surely worth mentioning in “What I did last summer” school essay.

During the cruise, you will see stunning sunsets, will try every piece of fresh seafood imaginable and, if you are lucky, you will even see whales! Humpback whales usually visiting the cruise route area during summer months, so you can be a witness of the gracious dances of these marine giants.

When you will get to Alaska, to the Juneau port, you will have a lot of time to visit local souvenir shops, visit some sites and, of course, take a trip to glaciers. The trip to Alaska without visiting a glacier is a bad trip. So we encourage you — do not miss out!

Chugach National Forest, Seward, Alaska


Roundtrips to Alaska were created for people who are brave enough to look into the eyes of the ocean and say “Yes, I am here, I want to see your wonders”. These trips combine great services, amazing food, and plenty of lasting impressions. We encourage you to choose Alaska for your next family vacation because it is an incredible place to spend your time that cannot be disappointing in any way.

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