Denali National Park, home to North America’s Highest Mountain – Alaska

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Fun Facts about Denali National Park

Formerly known as Mount McKinley National Park in the early nineteenth century, Denali National park is one of the most popular parks in Alaska. It is located halfway between Anchorage and Fairbanks. You can access the park via air and land at McKinley National Park Airport or you can use Denali train.

Entry into the park is charged $15 per person and it has over 600,000 annual visitors. Denali boosts of hosting North America’s Highest Mountain, which is about 20,310 foot and the whole park sits on 6,075,029 acres.

Welcome to Denali National Park

Why Choose Denali National Park

A tour trip to North America is not complete without visiting Denali National Park for a breathtaking and memorable bus tour across the park.
When choosing tour destinations in North America, Denali national park is absolutely on top of the list because of the magnificent view of the mountains, natural rivers and wildlife that its visitors enjoy.

There is only one road across the park that stretches for 92 miles and is accessible by private means up-to 14 miles. After crossing the Savage River Bridge, only tour shuttles and buses are allowed.

The park is mostly known for great adventures like mountaineering, hiking and camping plus its legendary wildlife. No human activity is allowed here apart from the few services that are offered around the park.

Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA

Denali’s Open Season

The best time to visit Denali National Park is during the summer. All the centers around the park are open around this time including visitor’s center which is only open on summer season.

That doesn’t mean you cannot visit the park during the other three seasons. Other centers like Murie Science and Learning Centre across the street acts as the park visitor’s center while Wilderness Access Center located around the park buildings acts as a center where visitors can reserve campsites, hop a shuttle bus, buy tickets for the park bus tour or get backcountry permits.

Major destinations in the park include the historic Kantishna town site, Polychrome Pass, Wonder Lake and the Stony Hill Overlook save for the wildlife view of the wolves, grizzly bears, caribou, moose and the famous Dall sheep.

During winter, other activities like snowshoeing, fat bikes, winter photography and cross country skiing are most popular. Tour companies who are around the park offer different activities to keep the visitors busy and entertained all year round.

Cranes over Denali, Alaska

Visitors Center & Gift Shop – A Must Visit

Denali National Park has four visitors center that you would want to stop at when you pay a visit to the park. They are Denali, Eielson, Murie and Walter Harper.

Denali Visitors Center

Denali visitors centre is the major center located near the park’s entrance but only opens in summer. Here you can interact with tour guides, view park films and the rangers will take you through the exhibits on the parks natural and cultural history.

Murie Science and Learning Centre

This facility is run and managed by the National Park and other organizations. The learning center is part of the parks initiative to promote and increase scientific literacy through research laboratories.

During winter the learning center acts as the parks visitors center though it has minimal opening hours during the summer.

Walter Harper Talkeetna Station

This station is ranger guided and is open all year round. It is located at Talkeetna town about 100 miles south of Denali National Park Entrance. It’s popular for mountaineering operations where climbers stop for permits and orientation.

Eielson Visitors Center

This is one of the centers located inside Denali Park and along the road that cuts through the same park, heading to Kantishna historical site. It is a stopover station which offers beautiful sceneries of the Alaska ranges and Denali Mountain on clear days save for a gallery which has a variety of Denali inspired art work.

Road of Denali National Park

Visiting Denali – Where to Stay

To get the most prolific experience in this national park, you need to plan for at least a 3 night trip. This will ensure that you have ample time to visit all the centers that we have mentioned above and have unforgettable tour experience.

When planning for a tour, where to stay during that time is the number one consideration before you settle for that place. When coming here in Denali, you need not to worry as there are many places to stay from hotels outside the park, near the park and inside the park.

In case you want to live far from the park, the Perch Resort located 34 kilometers from Denali National Park which provides restaurant services and free Wi-Fi can work for you or you can choose Carlo Creek Cabins located 21 kilometers from the park’s entrance.

Around the park, we have Denali Lakeview Inn, Alpine Creek Lodge and Grand Denali which was renovated recently to give a better experience to park visitors.

Inside the park we have private hotels around the famous Kantishna area .They include Kantishna road house, Denali Backcountry Lodge, Camp Denali and Skyline Lodge.

Denali National Park and Preserve, United States

The locals around here are very welcoming and they make you to feel at home. As much as there are many different accommodation options around Alaska, choosing one that fits your needs and budget is before your arrival here is key. Some hotels offer a public/private sitting area, TV, equipped kitchen and WI-FI while others offer only accommodation room and WI-FI.

Besides hotel accommodation, camping sites are also available along Denali Park Road which you can also enjoy. They include Savage River camping ground, Igloo Creek, Teklanika River camping ground and Wonder Lake.

As you can see, Denali National Park is surrounded by all classes of hotels and different activities that you can enjoy and are within your budget.

The next time you plan for a trip in North America, give Denali National Park a priority for you will get an experience that you and your family will never forget. As said earlier, Summer is the best time to visit!

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