California Riviera & Red Canyons

Story by: Katrina     Date: 10 August 2020    Image by: Unsplash | Daniel Halseth

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California is one of the most amazing places on our Mother Earth. It has a beautiful climate and a huge amount of amazing places to visit. Our story today will show you two iconic places from this sunny state — California Riviera and Red Canyons.

Red Canyons

Red Canyons

Red Rock Canyon State Park is a part of a huge desert called Mojave. Huge red rocks were made by a patient (and sometimes rough) force of rains and winds. As a result, we got true unearthly landscapes that are absolutely breathtaking. It is great beauty and we can only be grateful that this amazing wonder of nature can be available for us to see.

You should be warned that there are other national parks with the same name in Utah and in the state of Nevada. Those are great too, but it is better for you to double-check your GPS before your trip.

So what you should expect in this State Park? There is a lot of interesting activities you can take part in, in the Red Canyons. Here you can take an amazing climbing trip to conquer beautiful cliffs and rocks. If you are an experienced climber you can, of course, do this on your own. If it is your first time, we encourage you to book a professional excursion with an experienced rock climber.

Hiking is a lot more relaxed way to experience Red Canyons landscapes. You can learn about the routes for the best adventure on your entrance to the Park. It is also an option to order a guided hiking trip in spring and autumn.

But the best thing you can find in Red Rock Park is breath-taking stars. Stargazing is great during summer nights when there is no full moon or other factors of light pollution. Take your telescope or even a simple blanket and look at the stars dancing across the universe. Camping in the park costs $25 per night.

When you will get to the Park, you can find that everything looks pretty familiar. It will happen because there is a lot of movies were shot in this place. Jurassic Park, Westworld, The Twilight Zone and Lost in Space was filmed there.

South Redondo, Redondo Beach, California, United States

California Riviera

Riviera is a beautiful and sunny coastline with a warm climate, that is very popular with tourists. In California, a wonderful state in general, the famous city of Santa Barbara is called California or American Riviera.

Santa Barbara was founded by a Portuguese explorer in favor of the Kingdom of Spain. That is why this city looks like it is some Mediterranean city with classic Spanish architecture and, of course, with a great influence of Spanish Culture.

This city is very glamourous and sparkling, so if you are on a hunt to find a luxurious place to stay — Santa Barbara`s coast will provide you with a plethora of options. Huge SPA complexes with various procedures and plenty of kid-friendly activities are also available there. Yeah, in Santa Barbara there is fun for everyone in your family.

Glamour is important, but Santa Barbara is also famous for its beautiful and very entertaining museums, like the Museum of Natural History or Maritime Museum. Those places pay respects for the city`s long and great history. They are very good places to spend your day there.

When you start planning your trip consider looking for festivals, that are very popular in Santa Barbara. They represent the traditions of an Old Spain with a new twist from the people of the city. It is a very fun adventure, so you should not miss it if you can!

If you are traveling with kids, we think you will be interested in visiting the amazing Santa Barbara Zoo. Its grand exhibition offers you to see a huge variety of animals from all around the world. This could be your chance to see African elephants, zebras, and different primates at arm`s length. Also, the Zoo offers Overnight Safari services.

And the last, but not least thing, we think you should experience in Santa Barbara is its almost irresistible food. Restaraunts, cafes, and diners serve the freshest and most delicious seafood meals to hungry tourists. There is a big variety of restaraunts of different cuisines in Santa Barbara where you can get amazing gazpacho, seafood risotto, fried fish, fresh oysters and many more.

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