Boulders Beach, popular for its African penguins

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Boulders Beach is a sheltered beach made up of inlets between granite boulders from which the name originated. The beach is located in the Cape Peninsula. It’s commonly known as boulders bay. The beach is popular for its African penguins. The boulders also form the table mountain national park. The beach is a very interesting place to go visit. Let’s go through what makes this place interesting.

Boulders beach has a lot of things going on in it. It is protected from the wind and the large waves by the granite. Due to this protection, the beach is safe for swimming and for kids to be around. The kids can also enjoy the stunning rock pools. The beach is always clean, this because it falls under the table mountain national park marine protected area. The beach is rarely crowded. They are also white soft sand and warmish water.

Boulders Beach, swimming with penguins

African penguin

Let’s talk about the African penguin in this place. They used to be known as jackass penguins because of their distinctive braying. They are the only penguins found on the continent. The penguins inhabited the area in the eighties. They came from Dyer Island which is near Gansbaai. The penguins were so many back then but they are now very few. To view the penguins you can set a camp at the boulders beach where it gives a very awesome view of them. The area is not the best on the beach to watch the penguins. For this, three wheelchair-friendly boardwalks make their way through the dunes and dense vegetation around the foxy beach. For you to get close and personal with the penguins, make a way to the foxy beach.

Go arround the summer

Summer is the best time to visit the boulders beach if you want to have a want to see the penguins. You will also see more penguins during this time. However, you can see the penguins throughout the year. Between September and October, the birds spend much time feeding out at the sea. So during this time, the penguins are less on the beach. For a real treat visit boulders beach when the juvenile birds are molting on the beach. If you want to do shots of the birds visit early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the birds are very active.

Table Mountain National Park, Cape Town, South Africa

Table Mountain National Park

Boulders beach also forms a large part of the table mountain national park (TMNP). When on the beach you can visit the park. It has a variety of wildlife. The place is also rich in cultural and natural heritage. When in this park visit the Buffelsfontein visitor center that showcases all the plants and animals to look out for during the different seasons and is full of informative signage. The visitors can have a view of everything from both the lighthouses that adorn the most south-western point in Africa. You can go to the lighthouse by foot or a flying Dutchman funicular on the top. When in the Table Mountain national park visit cape of good hope also. It’s one of the park’s pay points where a daily conservation fee is payable. It is a haven outdoor. It offers various activities like hiking, surfing, and angling, picnicking, beaching, and cycling.

Boulders Beach Penguins

Swimming with penguins

There are various things you can do on the boulders beach. Let’s start with swimming the penguins. Some very many visitors visit the beach to swim with the penguins. Visitors also take pictures with penguins. You can even take a dip in the water while you are in there. Visitors are not allowed to feed the penguins.

If you love sports there are also various water sports you can participate in the boulders beach. You can participate in surfing, kite surfing, and many other activities. You can also do sunbathing. The shore on this beach is also a very cool place for picnic adventures. There is a great view of the sunset reflecting off the rolling waves. The landscape is the epitome of serene during this time. If you visit the place during the day there is no rain and you can spend the evening hours here.

Foxy Beach

Foxy beach

There are also various other places you can visit when on the boulders beach. We shall start with Foxy beach. It is less than a ten-minute walk from the boulders beach. The beach has enticing fine white sand and clear blue surf; there is no swimming at the beach. The beach also has penguins. You can also see penguins on eggs, baby penguins, and penguins wading and swimming in the water. They are also daisies wandering around the boardwalk as well. You can also enjoy the rocks and the small boulders all around. The entrance fee in the foxy beach also covers the fee of the boulders beach.

South Africa naval museum

South Africa naval museum is located 1.4 miles from the boulders beach. This place is home to the South African naval base and it gives visitors a fantastic variety of navy related attractions to enjoy as a part of its cultural experiences. There several fascinating exhibitions at the museum. The exhibitions include; the historic clock tower and part of the sail loft, the mast house, the submarine divers and weapon branch, the general Botha display, the Mac Bisset hall display, and the Russian arctic convoy display. The museum is suitable for all family members and children. There are also a lot of learners who visit this place. The museum is open throughout the week and the entrance to the public is free.

Other places to visit when in the boulders beach include; Sea forth beach, Windmill beach, Just nuisance, Warrior toy museum, Simon’s town museum, Jubilee square & jetty Simon’s town, Hunter and collector, Cape visits, Scratch patch & mineral world, Tranquility health and beauty studio, Noorul Islam heritage museum, SAS assegai museum.

After a tiresome day, there are various restaurants and hotels on the beach. They provide clean and comfortable rooms and delicious food at reasonable rates. There are also encounters with the penguins in this place. Some of the hotels include; Aha Simons town quayside hotel, sea forth restaurants, boulders beach, and restaurants among many others.

Consider visiting boulders beach during your next vacation.

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