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Rome is one of the most visited destinations in Europe. And, why not? The city has exquisite charisma and elegance unlike any other place on the globe. From iconic landmarks to stunning vistas, Rome is well-known for its impressive ventures. However, not many people are aware of the amazing Rome private tours and excursions.

Wondering what are the most exotic places to explore in this wondrous city of Rome? Here are the three most popular Rome private tours to consider:

Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

1. Rome At the Dusk Private Tour

Experience the exotic Rome at the Dusk private tour for around 3.5 hours duration. The city looks amazing during twilight – the time when the daylight is just about to diminish. If you want to experience this magical hour, join in for this special private tour.

Activity details

  • You can visit the ‘Spanish steps’ that every traveler wants to witness at least once in their lifetime. They are considered the symbol of Roman fashion, especially when the daylight is about to go down.
  • Trevi Fountain that you may have seen in various movies is another iconic landmark in the city.
  • Navona Square is another stunning destination to witness the Baroque style and various fountains made by Bernini.
  • Camp De’ Fiori is known as the beating heart of authentic Rome. When the daylight diminishes, the wine bars come to life with popular Italian Aperitif.

Palatine Hill, Italy

2. Imperial Rome: From Colosseum To Palatine Hill

Rome is called the cradle of the Roman Empire. One of the best tours in Rome is to go for a day trip from the Colosseum to Palatine Hill (the official residence of Roman Emperors).

Activity details

  • A visit to the Colosseum would make your day come alive.
  • Next, you visit the Roman Forum, which is a significant place in ancient Rome. You can explore various temples, political buildings, and residential areas here.
  • Palatine Hill – It is one of the significant hills out of the 7 hills in Rome. It is a place where Romulus, Rome’s founder, used to live.

Rome Spanish Steps

3. Best of Rome Tour

On this tour, you visit all the major tourist attractions of Ancient Rome in 7 hours. Here are some places you’ll explore during this tour:

COLOSSEUM: Your driver-guide will take you to this ancient site in Roma and explain it from the outside and the inside.
CATACOMBS: Next, you will visit the Catacombs for 45 minutes and find out more about them in brief.
APPIAN WAY: It is the first road ever built by humans.
CIRCUS MAXIMUS: Stop here to admire the view of the gorgeous Palatine Hill.
PANTHEON: It is the most amazing building in Rome and is filled with the ancient history of this place.
TREVI FOUNTAIN: Toss a coin in this fountain and wish whatever you desire.
SPANISH STEPS: It is another popular place in Rome to admire and click a lot of pictures. This is also a popular shopping area in the city.

Colosseum in Rome

Appian Way in Rome

Want to book any of these popular Rome private tours? Contact Rome Private Excursions for custom Italy private tours.

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