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For you to imagine what Angel Falls in Venezuela look like, just think of an Indiana Jones adventure deep in jungles. Located in the Southeastern jungles of Venezuela lies the ethereal natural occurrence of a waterfall which is beyond words to explain. Known commonly as the ‘Angel Falls’, is the highest waterfall in the world and one of the most visited tourist attractions as well.


Talking about Angel Falls, it is one of the most breathtaking sites in the world. These waterfalls can be found in the Canaima National Park in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The Angel Falls basically fall from the top of a mesa which is thousands of feet above the jungle. The gorgeous emerald colored waterfalls look stunning while falling down in the water below.


To get to Angel Falls, you have to get to the town of Canaima. Since there are no roads that lead to Canaima, you will have to fly there. You can get flights from Puerto Ordaz or Cuidad Bolivar. The prices have increased in the past few years and are quite expensive now. To reach Angel Falls you definitely have to travel in a boat upriver for more than three hours with a guide because only they know the way.

Isla Margarita, Venezuela


The situation of some places does not remain constant. The condition of Venezuela is getting worse every year. Although Angel Falls is quite a safe place to travel as it is one of the most visited tourist attractions, other places in Venezuela are not very safe. Even if you think it is safe, we would advise you still to be careful and take all precautions while you are there.

Angel Falls, Venezuela


The fact that it is the tallest waterfall of the world is enough to be fascinated about being there. They are sixteen times higher than Niagara Falls. This trip to Angel Falls will definitely be a lifetime experience, from moving through the jungles to no road access. The mesas are pink or rose colored making it even more beautiful in the first look. Merging with the blue clear skies and cool water falling down, it will be a calming experience to just witness and be in awe of the site itself.


To plan a visit to Angel Falls you most certainly want to focus on this factor. Some months are packed with tourists and in those months the prices tend to go up. These months include January, July, August, November and December. You would want to fly there during June to November as it is the rainy season and the water level is higher. The park is accessible year-round so other months can also work for your trip as well.


You can do quite many things while you are at Angel Falls like walking through the mo9ntains, swimming in the water, kayaking, observing the stunning flora and fauns. A popular thing to do is the ‘Base Jumping’. The water creates mist and your jump makes it adventurous.


There are quite many places in Venezuela where you can stay. One of the most popular places to stay near Canaima Park is Waku Lodge. The Lagoon and seven waterfall views are accessible from there as well. Every room has its own balcony as well, which is a plus.

Another option for accommodation around Angel Falls is Campamento Canaima. There is a total of 120 rooms by the lagoon in shape of stand-alone cottages. They come in different sizes according to what you need. The facilities of bar and lounges are also available.

Yet another option to stay is the Jungle Rudy’s Ucaima Camp. They provide various packages for touring sites. It has private bathrooms, balconies, hammocks and much more giving a full tourist feel to the visitors. The views are spectacular from this rest house. Fancy facilities like salon and dining room is also available.


There is more to Venezuela than just Angel Falls. You will find many sites which are in the surrounding area. The part of Venezuela where Angel Falls is located is home to many species like savannas, palm forests, cliffs, mesas and rivers as well. The Canaima Park itself is a huge place to explore. The park has beautiful features which are worth exploring. You will get to see surreal lagoons and palm trees all around. The famous caves also known as the sacred Kavak Caves are also a site that you can witness and live the experience.


Many people have this query of whether they should carry dollars, pesos, euros etc. We would suggest you bring cash with you be it in any currency and exchange it there. Just do not rely on ATM at all as the exchange rate will mess up your entire estimate of the trip. Another tip is that if you can get a travel insurance for visiting Venezuela it will be great as well. Trip to Angel Falls can be expensive considering your choices of staying and flying etc. so you will have to be prepared for this money matter.

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