Zakynthos – A breathtaking place in Greece, you can’t afford to miss!

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Greece is among one of the most perfect and dreamy places. When we think of exquisite sunsets, Greece is the first country that pops up in our mind. The aura of Greece screams holidays and vacations. Now that we have made your mood of packing already and witnessing amazing views and sunsets, let us introduce you to Zakynthos – A heaven on Earth, for real!

Where is it?

Towards the Eastern part of Ionian islands lies the beautiful island of Zakynthos. It is a majestic island which treats you with ethereal views, calming waves, and a lot more you wish in a vacation. There is a bunch of exotic beaches that you can find at the island of Zakynthos, each being beautiful in its own way. Not just beautiful views, there are several other things that will add to your stay in Zakynthos like luxury villas to stay in, striking pubs to enjoy in and fancy restaurants to try their local food.

Zakynthos, Wedding beach

How to make your way to Zakynthos

Ferries can be your first choice to travel to Zakynthos if you are near Peloponnese. From port Killini, it is an hour-long trip. You can reach to Zakynthos island through Kefalonia as well within one and a half hour. Other than that, you can also book your flight to Kefalonia from Athens as they book domestic flights throughout the year. The approximate time for you to reach Zakynthos from Athens is 45 minutes. From the airport, it is about 5 kms to Zakynthos.

Zakynthos beach

Staying options

The options of accommodations are relatively more. It is never a problem in terms of getting a hotel or a room there. Since Zakynthos is a tourist attraction, there are many extravagant villas which provide scenic views, lavish food, comfortable rooms etc. One villa that tops all others is the Artina villa; a perfect place for you to enjoy the amazing facilities after your full day of sight-seeing.

Sites to see in Zakynthos

Zakynthos in itself is an amazing site that provides the visitor with amazing views, breathtaking sunsets and a lot more. But there are numerous other places near Zakynthos that deserve a mention and a visit as well.

Zakynthos, Blue Caves

  1. Navagio Beach: Also known as the Shipwreck beach, Navagio beach is undoubtedly the most popular sight of Zakynthos. It is also mentioned in the list of most stunning beaches of Greece. The name was changed to Shipwreck in 1983 after a boat shipwrecked there which transported illegal cigarettes.
  2. Blue Caves: A sight worth watching is the Blue caves of Zakynthos island. They are extremely picturesque and one of the main tourist spots in Zakynthos.
  3. Marathonisi: Marathonisi is the home to Caretta Caretta sea turtles who come there and lay eggs. So, your trip to this islet should be very careful. It also serves as a place for Monachus Monachus sea seal to rest and reproduce. Both these species are almost extinct. Visitors must remain in a certain parameter to avoid any harm to the species.
  4. Venetian Castle: Located on hill of Bohali, is the Venetian Castle. At the ancient acropolis site this magnificent castle is present. It represents the Venetian empire.

Food to try out

Going to a vacation and missing out on the local, authentic food would be the greatest loss of your whole trip. Greece is full of culture, taste and beauty. While you are in Zakynthos, make sure to try out the amazing food the place has to offer. They provide true authentic Greek taste and delicious wine.

  1. Ladotyri: A different yet unique thing to try is Ladotyri. It is basically a hard table cheese incorporated in olive oil, which makes its taste salty.
  2. Olive Oil: Olive oil is a specialty there. They have a season “Liotrivi” in which they make olive oil.
  3. Sofigadoura: It is a very tasty beef stew with tomato sauce with a Zakynthos twist.
  4. Verdea: Zakynthos’ local wine which is the most famous there. Make sure you try it to have full dining experience.
  5. Fytoura: It is a traditional fried semolina cake which satisfies your sweet tooth. It is a special dessert that you cannot miss.

Zakynthos, Blue Cave

Things you can’t miss at Zakynthos

While being on a vacation, one simply does not want to miss anything about the place. Every visitor wants to make the most of their experience with as many memories as possible. Zakynthos is a dream vacation place, so try incorporating everything while you are there.

Zakynthos, Nightlife

  1. The night life: Famous for its night life, Zakynthos provides the best atmosphere for you to make the most of your nights. From dancing in pubs to enjoying booze to enjoying the view of light, Zakynthos has it all. This island is full of places which stay open for quite long so you can enjoy till whatever time you want.
  2. Snorkeling and diving: There are several beaches from which you can choose to snorkel and dive. You will get to see amazing marine life as these beaches are home to a number of turtles and seals. Some are getting extinct, find them while you snorkel and dive.
  3. Sunset dinners: As Greece is known for its picturesque sunsets, do not miss the chance to have dinner with your loved one with amazing view. Most restaurants are located in places from whete you can take full experience of gazing at the surreal colors of the majestic sunsets.
  4. Gerakas Beach: Beaches are a specialty of Zakynthos, and among one of the most relaxing is Gerakas Beach. The sand is fine with reddish color which is unique, and the water is crystal-clear. It is one of the places where you can go about and have a super chilled day without any worries as the water has healing powers and this beach proves that for sure.

Zakynthos, Blue Water

We bet you are ready to pack your bags and take your next vacation at the beautiful Zakynthos! We promise it won’t disappoint! Happy vacays!

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