Winter Getaway in Sweden

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Escape your busy life and let your worries drift away in Sweden. When the winter wind blows between December and March, it not only brings snow and excitement to Sweden, but the whole country also turns into a huge winter festival, with tons of activities to enjoy. If you travel to the north, you will discover your own winter wonderland.

Ramsele, Sweden

The magic happens through crystal clear frozen lakes, adorable reindeer, and chilling snow covering the ground under the breathtaking northern lights. Experience the ancient traditions of Sami, go dog sledding, visit ski resorts, or enjoy the Christmas Market in this remarkable land.

Winter getaway in Sweden is all about exploring nature as well as immersing yourself in the rich traditions and cultures. Start your trip from its capital Stockholm, where you will get lost in the beauty of its medieval old town, Gamla stan, before continuing your joy to Kungstradgarden for ice skating. Then head north to Lapland, where fun activities await you.

Kiruna, Sweden


Hop to Kiruna, the central hub of Lapland, with its laid-back and authentic vibes. This northernmost city offers plenty of wonderful hotels, shops, attractions with convenient public transports. Make sure you put the famous Kiruna Church, built in the shape of a traditional Sami dwelling, on your list.

Let’s meet the fantastic Sami community in their camp or just admire the beauty of Abisko National Park. Hunting for the Northern Lights is a must-do here. Your heart could be melted by the bright dancing lights of aurora across the night sky.

Dog sled driving in Sweden

Dog sled driving

Driving a dog sled through the northern wilds and let the huskies take you to the unknown snowy and tranquil forest while observing the Arctic wildlife in their natural habitat. The chances are high that you will get to spot moose and wild reindeer roaming around as well as wolves from a far distance. Or thrill yourself with snowmobiling to discover remote and scenic landscapes after full training has been given.

Sami culture, Sweden

Sami culture

Experience the indigenous Sami culture through fishing, fur trapping, reindeer herding, and getting to know them more from over 6,000 years of history. Don’t skip visiting the traditional reindeer farms and appreciate the locally made arts and crafts, including grab some lovely souvenirs home.

More interesting gems are waiting for you at Esrange and Jukkasjarvi. You should visit an 18th-century church as well as Europe’s largest civilian space center at your leisure here. You can also have fun with a snowshoe or cross-country skiing tour in the magical wilderness.

Sweden Ice Hotel

Sweden Ice Hotel

For once in a lifetime experience, book your stay at the Ice Hotel with luxurious amenities and the art installation in the entire room constructed from ice. The place is kept at a temperature between -5 and -8 degrees Celsius, which is pretty unusual for the hotel stay. But no worry! You can rest your body comfortably in a thermal sleeping bag and reindeer skins to keep you warm throughout the enchanting night. The hotel is melted every spring, so it has to be rebuilt from scratch every single time for the winter. Sounds truly unique, doesn’t it?

Sweden Christmas

Christmas and New Year

You probably would not want to miss the Christmas and New Year celebrations through a snowy scenery decorated with pine trees along with many activities during the festival period. Explore the charming Christmas Market and go ice skating as well as enjoying a peaceful candlelit Santa Lucia church service. Fill your tummy with Swedish gingerbread, authentic mulled wine, salmon, meatballs, clove-studded ham, and more. Kids will definitely love to meet Santa, who they believe could make their wishes come true.

Get Lost in Sweden

Whether you are looking for a peaceful vacation or an adventurous trip in the wintertime, Sweden has you covered.

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