Why visit Orlando, and where to stay?

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A promised land called Florida and, by many people, their favorite to-go option, regardless of what type of attractions or type of vacation they seek. Among all other cities, sights, and destinations, Orlando simply emerges as the top choice, and if we take a look at all that it has to offer, it’s pretty understandable why. Namely, the warm yet pleasant climate, one-of-a-kind theme parks, large and impressive shopping malls, world-class water parks, exciting and crazy nightlife, one of the best golf courses, etc., you name it, and Orlando has it, and no, I’m not exaggerating.

Knowing all this, it’s nothing unusual that this city is in the top five most visited places in the US, but due to so many accommodation options to choose from (more than 450 renowned hotels), picking the right one and yet not having to pay too much, can sometimes be troublesome. That is why we created a list of the top five resorts in Orlando where you will feel like a king and still not spend big.

Orlando by night

Where to stay?

No matter which city we decide to visit, in most cases we are doing it to meet new cultures, try different cuisines and learn more about the attractions in it and nearby. Because of that, the location of our accommodation is pretty important, and if it is located nearby various tourist attractions, we will be able to see all of them without losing time on transport. Another important thing is to find accommodation that suits all your needs because it is the only way to get the most out of a vacation.

Since Orlando is a big city with many great places to visit and various places to stay, it can be pretty challenging to find the best one. In order to help you choose the best option for you, we will present you with some of the best ones that this city has to offer, and no matter which of them you pick, one thing is certain – you will not be disappointed.

Top Villas Reunion


Speaking about the location, Reunion Resort has the perfect one as it is located near the International airport, and what is more important for people who want to have some fun, near Disney World. There are different options for everyone’s pocket, and people who want to pay less can stay in one of the perfectly equipped condos with various benefits. On the other side, people with deep pockets can choose the mansion with everything they can imagine, from private cinema to bowling alleys.

Regardless of where you decide to stay, a warm welcome awaits you, and you will be able to enjoy many amenities this resort has to offer, such as a waterpark, golf, tennis complexes, and much more. This place has a lot to offer, and the friendly staff is trained to help every guest with any possible problem, question, or request, so staying there is a great solution for everyone.

Top Villas Solterra Resort

Solterra Resort

Well, here, even the pickiest of people with various demands and high standards will not have anything to complain about, as this gated community located in Davenport, a hub from which everything is easy to get to, will more likely leave you speechless. Besides that luxurious feeling and some fantastic resort amenities, what makes Solterra Resort a tourist favorite is that, among all other things, once you are exhausted from wandering around, you will feel at home and sleep like a baby.

In order to get a glimpse of what it has to offer, let’s just say that regardless of what your interests are, you will find it here, as there are sparkling pools with water slides, fitness rooms, sports courts, playgrounds for children, cabanas, and much more, and it really has something for everyone, and we will not blame you if you decide to spend a whole day here. It is the best get-to option for your perfect family vacation to Orlando, Florida. As you can see, the only thing to worry about Solterra Resort is that it will surely leave you craving for more, so be warned, it’s highly likely you will come back.

Top Villas Encore


If you are searching for luxurious accommodation near everything someone should see in Orlando, then search no more as Encore Resort is your dream place. The options to choose from are houses with up to thirteen bedrooms that can be housed up to 26 people, while the smallest ones have four. None of them are too small, which makes them perfect for people who love to have enough space while on vacation and not stay in an overcrowded tiny house. 

Besides that, each of them is well-equipped, so you will find everything you need for a comfortable staying, from the kitchen to lounges. There are also a lot of things to do and visit outside the houses such as pools, fitness centers, a lot of places for trying world-famous dishes, etc. Renting accommodation for a short period of time can be pretty challenging, but for people who want to spend just a weekend in Orlando, Encore Resort offers this option, too, as the minimum stay is only two nights.

Top Villas Formosa

Formosa Gardens

Now, this is an idealistic place for those looking for peace and quiet yet still be as close as possible to Disney Park since it’s just 3 miles away. But that is just one of the perks of staying in Formosa Gardens vacation rental villas, as they are perfect for couples with kids, but besides that, this area is right in the middle of it all, as if you want prestigious shops or go to extraordinary malls, just go straight through the boulevard until you get to the Formosa Gardens Village.

Here, you will also find many must-see attractions in Orlando, and even if you wander around and stay a bit more than planned, there is no need to worry about dining, as there are refined and exceptional restaurants everywhere. There is something for everyone and everyone’s pocket, meaning that regardless of how much you plan to spend, the variety of options is vast, meaning that you will easily find the accommodation that suits your wallet the most. As for villas, well, let’s just say that you will get precisely what you can see in pictures, a mix of elegance and sophistication, and if you prefer spending time outdoors, you will be glad that you can prepare a feast in your private kitchen and dine outside, on the patio.

Top Villas Champions Gate

Champions Gate

There is no better place for golf lovers than Champion Gate Resort which has two 18-hole courses suitable for every enthusiast. Greg Norman signs their design which only adds to their value, and golfers from all over the world are more than happy to practice in this amazing environment. There is a great golf school for people who want to learn the basics and have some great memories when the vacation is over.

Champion Gate Resort has much more to offer besides golf, and guests can easily visit Disney World, shopping malls, or world-famous restaurants. The guests can choose from smaller houses to luxurious ones with cinemas, pools, and everything else that one mansion should have. Besides golf, the overall surroundings make it a perfect romantic getaway.

Image Credits: Top Villas

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