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Cape Verde or Cabo Verde is an amazing escape from the smoggy and crowded cities. This island has astonishing landscapes and soft climate that makes it a great resort for vacations. Cape Verde is an archipelago of islands and every one of them has unique weather conditions and landscaping.

The archipelago is located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean near Africa that`s why it has a nice, stable climate with very little amount of rain.

Cape Verde

How to get to Cape Verde and where to live there

Actually, it is quite easy to get to the archipelago by plane and then you can travel between islands by boats or helicopters, depending on your budget.

There are plenty of luxurious resorts and budget places to live in Cape Verde, so you will easily find the best place to live. Of course, it is better for you to book the hotel prior to visiting or order the tour in an agency.

Salinas  in Sal Cape Verde

Santa Maria beach in Sal Island Cape Verde

Pedra Lume harbor in Sal - Cape Verde

Cape Verde Blue Eye

Sal Cape Verde

What to see on islands

Cape Verde was colonized by Portugal in the XIV century, but this archipelago was not inhabited by humans. That is why all the architecture on the islands has a unique colonial charm that is very consistent throughout the land. Those buildings are the perfect compliment to the volcanic landscaping of the archipelago.

We surely encourage you to observe local life by talking to natives and looking for every authentic place you can possibly find. Enjoy amazing music and fashion, try all the local foods — we cannot recommend you to go to some particular place because on Cape Verde it is better for you to find your own path of exploring the islands.

Water activities

  • Windsurfing. Cape Verde is one of the most popular windsurfing places in the whole world, because of its ideal conditions for this kind of sports. You can find plenty of agencies that will provide you with equipment and proper guidance. Even if you are not experienced windsurfer, you can enjoy this activity on Cape Verde.
  • Kayaking. More steady and calm adventure — you can swim around the sea in your personal kayak while watching and exploring the beauty of the archipelago nature.
  • Sailing. It is the best activity for families and people who enjoy calm travels in the sea. Book a boat and explore the delightful coast of Cape Verde.
  • Diving. Cape Verde has a rich marine life, so if you are in love with diving, we have great news for you. You can order diving tours and if you need, tuition to make the most of your adventure.

Exotic food and drinks to try on the island

Tropical dishes of Cabo Verde is a joy for every foodie in the world. Very fresh — from the ocean straight to your plate, cuisine on this island will blow your taste buds.

  • Carpaccio. This is definitely the most important dish you can try on Cape Verde. Of course, carpaccio is served all around the world, but when you can taste the fish so fresh and delicious, it takes the meal to another level.
  • Tuna Tartar. Another dish for fresh fish lovers, tuna tartar is basically chopped tuna, marinated in soy sauce and spices. Exquisite meaty flavors with gentle sea hints make this meal taste heavenly. Enjoy this tartar with a glass of white wine while watching extraordinary Cape Verde sunset.
  • Canjo. Although Cape Verde is clearly a great place for tasting the freshest fish, we encourage you to try this traditional chicken soup. Made with onions, carrots, and rice, the dish is very hearty and soul-filling.
  • Lagosta Suada. The steamed lobster — says it all. Well, we have never seen one person that does not like lobsters. But, we are sure that this dish will be one of the grand meals of your life also because of the huge experience of local restaurants in that matter.
  • Caipirinha. Traditional alcohol drink originated in Brazil but with a local twist. Caipirinha is made with local booze and sugar cane and tastes great with every dish or without it.
  • Grogue. It is a very strong beverage but it tastes nice and sweet because of a big amount of sugar cane in it. This drink can be served warm, so it gets an additional punch of goodness and heartiness with it.

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