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Story by: Mycca Janella Bustillo     Date: 17 May 2021    Image by: Unsplash | Florian Schneider

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Wandering, Discovering, Working, and Travelling in the cities of USA is fantastic and thrilling, and a memorable experience!

Working in an amusement park located in North Carolina is really a great experience because seeing kids, tourist, people, enjoying the park is really satisfying to glance at, looking at the families having their family bonding, friends and colleagues reunited, eating their favorite snacks and drinks, these are so wonderful to witness.

Greensboro, NC, USA

Providing warm hospitality and great customer service is really a must when you are planning to work in an amusement park or any industry. As a Former Food and Beverage Associate, it is quite challenging yet priceless. Working in the hospitality industry like customer service requires a lot of patience. You need to be flexible since every day has a different task, but hearing a ”job well done” appreciation words is worth it. Good days make you happy, overwhelmed, and fulfilled while some days will teach you a lesson. Of course, you can’t predict what will happen on a day but what is important is your courage, perseverance, determination, lessons, and appreciation that you gain at the end of the day. It’s really a one roller coaster ride but it is amazing and I’m telling you everything is worth it!

This experience, International Internship in the USA is one of the books. I can share with you a glimpse of how it changed me as a person. Flying to different countries really molds you, you became more independent, resilient, and learn different cultures since you are meeting a lot of different nationalities. It’s a work-life balance wherein you can enjoy your youth while saving and buying your needs and wants as well since when I’m on a day off, we go shopping and sometimes playing in a park and enjoying the rides because it is free for the associates.

Life isn’t meant to stay in one place, you also need to travel, fly and explore to discover more of yourself and it’s a gratification for your soul.

After working and finishing the contract, I got the chance to travel to the USA, since it’s part of the program, together with my colleagues of our own choice of cities and expenses. Booking an airplane ticket, accommodation, making itineraries, planning meals, and budgeting money, these activities are a must for a traveler.

New York City by night

The first one is New York City, it really feels surreal turning your dreams into reality, and knowing when you really work hard it really pays off. On the first day, I got the chance to visit the iconic place which is the Statue of Liberty – one of the most famous attractions in New York City.

Grand Central Station, New York

Second place is The Grand Central Station / Terminal located in Manhattan New York City. Everything in this place is so majestic and picturesque and this spot is also a well-known landmark and hub for transportation.

Times Square, New York, United States

The last place of the day, is Times Square NYC, the city that never sleeps. It’s really true to its claims because of the colorful, bright, and astonishing lights at night. It is also full of entertainment and a really exciting place!

Flatiron, New York, USA

On the second day, The Flatiron building, given the firm structure and its unique shape, this place is a must-visit! Get a glimpse and take a snap or picture of this Instagram-worthy spot. Amazing, right?

Washington Square Park

Next, Let’s go to Washington Square Park, if you want to unwind in a park then add this spot to your bucket list when you go to NYC! You can sit and relax here and grab your favorite snack, with its stunning structure, this place is definitely one of the books!

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

Let’s go to Brooklyn Bridge, most of the countries/cities have it’s own well-known bridges. For NYC, It is the Brooklyn Bridge. Upon entering the Brooklyn Bridge you will have an experience of overlooking views and everything is breathtaking. It is such a thrilling moment to walk around, have fun, discover, and feel the fresh air while taking a picture for memories. Yay really captivating, right?

Let’s Fly, Discover, and Travel to California! The Cities of Los Angeles! California Dreamin!

Hollywood Sign

First, The Hollywood Sign, this spot in LA is one the famous and most iconic ones too. As a traveler, it’s so dreamy to have an overlooking experience with this sign. A California Vibes indeed. Another tourist attraction that you will add to your bucket list! The best view is when you are at Griffith Park. Find a perfect spot so you can see an overview of it! Tranquillity and serenity, indeed. Exciting, right?

Griffith Observatory

Speaking of Griffith Observatory, let me tell you some experience about Griffith Observatory. The Griffith Observatory is a really nice place to visit since it is free and full of creativity, arts, facts, exhibits, trivia, and more inside. You’ll discover a lot in this place. It’s so interesting since you will learn so much inside of it. The view is so priceless also at the top! Best place to observe and appreciate the beauty of LA. So impressive, right?


Lastly, The LACMA stands for Los Angeles County Museum of Arts. LACMA is an art museum full of creativity. The shimmering and lustrous lights will give you magical feels. Let your light shine vibes. Since I’m a tourist, when I was there a man proposed to his partner and it is so fantastic to witness that moment of her with lights on, shining and sparkling. So memorable, wonderful, and exceptional!

Traveling is really good for our soul. Discover & appreciate the beauty of the world. Wanderlust is a must! Fly to experience fulfillment for yourself!

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