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Medellin in Colombia was once one of the most unwelcome and very dangerous cities in Latin America. But today, Medellin is an amazing place for every traveler. There is a lot of cute spots and amazing restaurants there, so choosing Medellin for your vacation cannot be a mistake.

Medellin Slum

How to get to Medellin

Medellin has two airports — José María Córdova International Airport is used for international and local transportation, and Olaya Herrera Airport that serves local needs.

Airports are located in Rionegro, near the Medellin — it is about 18 miles away from the city. You can easily go to Medellin from there due to a good transportation system.

Medellin City

Where to stay there

A nice hotel, hostel, or even an apartment can make a lot for your trip. That is why you should put a lot of effort into finding a perfect place to stay. In La Candelaria or the downtown neighborhood, you will achieve the best experience with locals. This neighborhood has bad and good qualities, but it is undoubtedly the most picturesque one in Medellin.

Quiet and safe El Dorado is an amazing neighborhood with a very great feel of Colombia culture. El Dorado especially suits for families or long vacations, because of an abundance of grocery stores and relatively low rent prices.

Central Poblado is the most popular tourist neighborhood. Yes, it is quite pricey, but there you will find the best cafes, restaraunts, and other dining places in Medellin. Central Poblado also has a splendid nightlife, so if you love to party — this area is the most desirable place for you to stay.

Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

How to stay safe in Medellin

Although Medellin has a very criminal past, nowadays this city became a very safe place to stay. We recommend you to stick to regular safety percussions for tourists:

  • Stay away from the outskirts, especially in the nighttime
  • Have all your important documents on hand all the time
  • Find out all the contact information of your country`s embassy in case of troubles
  • Do not get in fights or conflicts with locals — police can be not on your side on that matter
  • Use only authoritative banks or financial organizations

Interesting places to visit

Colombia has amazing landscaping and a lot of beautiful landmarks that you can visit. Here is the list of sites that is must be included in your tour.

  • Wander Parque Arvi. Huge ecological park with a great number of exotic trees to observe. Hiking in Parque Arvi can be one of the most memorable things for you to do in Colombia. Also, there is a cute market in this park, where you can taste local foods and find adorable souvenirs for your friends and family.
  • Visit Museo de Antioquia. This art museum is an awesome place to explore Colombian culture. Unusual and very moving paintings and sculptures represent a hard but powerful history of this country.
  • Explore San Pedro Cemetery Museum. The beautiful and touching landmark, that is full of amazing statues and historical monuments. We assure you that an unusual tour to San Pedro will be very interesting and memorable for you.

Medellin Colombia

Activities in Medellin

  • Hiking. As we mentioned earlier, Colombia is a very picturesque country, so you will have a lot of opportunities to spend quality time there while hiking. Grab a bottle of water and put on your most comfortable shoes — Medellin is there for you.
  • Coffee Plantation Tour. Colombian coffee is worldwide famous, so taking a tour to plantation should be on your list of things to do. Fresh coffee and snack tasting are usually included.
  • Food tours. A lot of travel agencies arrange delicious food tours for you to explore local cuisine. You can choose wherever option you want and find an amazing tour just for you.
  • Local foods and beverages

    Colombian food is very tasty and definitely worth trying. Traditional dishes are full of flavor and seasoning — for example, Lechona, stuffed, and roasted pig. It is a more party dish, but you can always get in local restaraunts. Lechona usually served with various vegetables to compliment the taste of pork.

    Colombia also has a huge seafood culture in its cuisine. You can try amazing fried, pouched, and boiled seafood meals in restaurants there. And, oh boy, is it worth it!

    Natilla is a sweet custard-like dessert with a decadent and delicate taste. Natilla makes every dish a special meal, so Colombians often make it on Christmas.

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