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With a spectacular location, stunning natural sites, and urban architecture that blends seamlessly with classical style, Budapest is often referred to as the Pearl of the Danube.

This little Paris is the capital city of Hungary, where Buda met Pest back in the day. Both cities faced each other on both sides of the lively Danube River before got the name Budapest in 1873. Many historical bridges were built between the two lands, and these bribes have become Budapest landmarks.

This photogenic city has something for everyone, from its dramatic history and gorgeous architecture to healing thermal waters and vibrant nightlife. Budapest combines the glimpse of old and new together, where visitors will find plenty of magical experience behind its traditional touch. Let these Top Visited Places blow you away with their timeless charm.

Szechenyi Chain Bridge

This famous structure was officially named the Szechenyi Chain Bridge in 1898. It was named to commemorate the greatest politician and reformer in the modern history of the nation, Estefan Szechenyi, who was the main supporter and donor of the bridge.

The Chain Bridge is not only the first bridge that spans the River Danube between Buda and Pest, but it is also considered a symbol of Budapest. This miracle of engineering construction was the largest suspension bridge in the world by the time of completion. Sadly, it was blown up by the Germans during World War II and was left with just two piers. The bridge was rebuilt and reopened in 1949.

Parliament Building Budapest

Parliament Building

Visiting Budapest without taking a photo with the Hungarian Parliament is like going to New York without seeing the Statue of Liberty. The Parliament Building is the top attraction of Budapest, with the second-largest congress building in Europe. This exquisite structure was built during the Austro-Hungarian Empire under the supervision of the well-known local architect Stendel Imre. The building has a mix of Hungarian style and Neo-Gothic architecture that comes with 691 rooms along with conference rooms, two main halls, and over 20 kilometers of its total length of stairs.

The body of this parliament comes in white and red domes surrounded by white gothic spires and colorful flowers with green lawns. Major conferences and celebrations also take place at the dome hall under the red vault of the Parliament Building.

Budapest Heroes Square

Heroes Square

The Heroes Square was established by Hungarian people to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Hungary, and the construction was completed in 1896. Once you arrive here, you will see a Gabriel angel at the top of the Millennium Monument. If you get closer into it, you will notice that the angel is holding the crown of King Esteban, and this symbolizes that Hungary has transformed itself into a Christian Country.

There are also seven nomadic tribe leaders riding on the horses at the bottom of the monument, while the other fourteen statues stand on the symmetrical colonnade. These are the kings, leaders, and historical celebrities who contributed to the greatness of the country in the 1848 revolution, including the founding fathers of Hungary.

Castle Hill, Budapest

Castle Hill

This beautiful hill is the highest place in the Buda area, with only over 100 meters above sea level. Its rich history goes back to the 13th century. The Castle Hill resembles a giant museum that displays the history of Budapest as well as the past of its nation.

Take an afternoon stroll to admire the medieval architecture through the walk on Castle Hill Road, which is full of streets, squares, and popular attractions such as the National Palace, National Gallery, History Museum, the Matthias Church, Fisherman’s Bastion, and more.

Here you can also enjoy the picturesque views of the Danube, the Houses of Parliament, Chain Bridge, and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, while standing on the top of the castle.

Budapest, Cycle

You might not be able to visit all places in one day, but you could easily cover all the sites within a few days. Its legendary architecture, as well as breathtaking scenics along the Danube and many more, will be your remarkable backdrops along the trip. Come and see Budapest with your own eyes!

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