Top 5 safest countries to travel in 2020

Story by: Oana     Date: 3 September 2020    Image by: Unsplash | Jp Valery

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The pandemic has changed the world and especially the way we travel the world. Although this virus has no antivirus or a deadline for the entire medical situation, we shouldn’t be afraid to live life as we wish. Travel shouldn’t be something we are so scared to do. Some countries are safer than others, and it has always been like this—the top shifts from one year to the next. Here are the top five countries where it’s safe to travel during these difficult times. Stay safe, travel safe!

Panoramic view Reykjavi

1. Iceland

Iceland is on top of the safest countries in the world right now. It has been so for the 12th time in a row, which is pretty impressive. You can travel there with no reason to worry. This country has a relatively small population of only 340,000 inhabitants. As you might know, here the level of crime is shallow due to a high standard of living, a reduced number of population, a high level of trust in their police forces, lack of tension between both social and economic classes. People know each other, and they get along so good they don’t even lock their car or home when they leave. Imagine the level of trust they have with each other.

Iceland is famous for its spring waters in which you can bathe and have a great time even during cold winter. Imagine soaking into hot water while the world is freezing to death during winter. How cool can that be? Pretty cool, I imagine.

Milford Sound, New Zealand

2. New Zealand

New Zealand ranks as the second safest country in the world. Here the crime rate is as low as in Iceland, especially when it comes to violent crime. However, theft is a common practice mostly for tourists. This country has no deadly animals you might be afraid to encounter in your trips. The inhabitants are generally open-minded, and they have laws that protect anyone’s freedom of speech. Similar to Iceland, police don’t carry personal firearms.

New Zealand is famous for its underground houses and hills that appeared in the series Lord Of The Rings. The hobbit houses were filmed in New Zealand, how cool is that? Have you ever imagine how incredible it would be to visit one of those houses? Now you can.

Porto, Portugal

3. Portugal

Portugal is truly one of the gems of Europe. People don’t know that much about this country, but they soon start to gain some knowledge. Even though it owns a narrow surface of the land, Portugal has one of Europe’s loveliest landscapes. More than that, it is the third-ranked country among the most peaceful countries globally, and that should mean something.

Back in 2018, Portugal was ranked 18th globally, and since then, it has made considerable efforts to get on the third rank. Unlike the first two countries we discussed, Portugal has armed police to keep everyone safe. The increased police presence has determined a decreased crime rate in the whole region, which’s a benefit, especially for tourists who seek safe places to visit or even stay. One other important thing to mention is that this country has been through an economic resurgence in the past six years, which decreased the unemployment rate from more than 17% to less than 7%. According to AGRI, this country has been ranked as the best country for retirement in 2020.

Piburger See, Austria

4. Austria

Austria is the fourth-safest country globally, and one you should visit during winter due to its magnificent winter fair. People gather here from all over the world to find the lost magic of Christmas and fairytales. This country has been ranked so high due to an improvement that included increasing the UN Peacekeeping funding, reduced acts of terrorism, and weapons exports.

Here, serious crimes are uncommon, even if people are aware of pickpockets and purse-snatchers, but that’s a threat in any country. Also, Austria is one of those lucky countries that have been spared of any significant acts of terrorism so far. The landscapes are unique, and you will love the peace that Vienna brings to the table. People have loved Vienna for its waltz, music, love for culture and music, fashion, and high educational opportunities from ancient times. People from all over the continent were heading here to get a college or university degree, and Vienna was a renowned city.


5. Denmark

Besides the fact Denmark is one of the safest countries globally, it is also one of the happiest ones. Why is that? Well, people feel safe at any time of the day or night, even when it comes to children. Also, in Denmark, people have a high level of equality and even a strong sense of social welfare responsibility. These two things contribute to the national happiness of the citizens. Business and politics own a low level of corruption because people believe in trust and honesty as the essential facts.

One other thing to add is that this country is nothing less than a welfare state, which means that every person receives services and perks to help them build a comfortable life. Every person that lives in Denmark has access to healthcare with no additional fees; they can even access tuition-free education while the elders can get at-home care helpers. What can be more memorable than these living conditions? Everything sounds like peace in this country. Denmark has one of the most incredible landscapes in Northern Europe, and it would be a pity not to visit it. Although it is beautiful, prepare for cold winters and even freezing temperatures during the summer. The North Sea is offering a cold breeze and moderate temperatures during the entire year. Get your jacket on, don’t mess with the Denmark weather!

2020 is not as bad as it seems. People can still travel and have a good time, even if it’s not in their country. Many countries are welcoming tourists from all over the world, especially during this period.

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