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Hawaii is the 50th state in the United States, having 137 islands and this makes it the only island state in the US. This Aloha state has become most tourists’ dream place particularly because of its beautiful islands. Of all these islands, Maui is ranked the second-largest with 729 square miles. Maui, also referred to as the Valley Isle has won the heart of many tourists as there are several exciting places to visit during your stay.

Maui Beautiful Sunset

So, are you planning to visit Maui or are already there looking for where to visit? Then the list below which includes attractive places from parks to roads, national reserves and beaches will help you make a great choice.

10 Attractive Places in Maui

Lahaina Town, Maui Hawaii

1. Lahaina Town

This town is located in West Maui and it is one of the historic places in Hawaii. Lahaina has earned its place as the second most visited town in Maui. Being a small old town, its combination of history, culture, art galleries and restaurants have made Lahaina every tourist’s go-to place. You can never run out of things to do in this town, from strolling the streets (the Front Street is a hotspot), touring the Courthouse Museum, making stops at famous restaurants to watching surfers take on the waves.

The Road to Hana

2. The Road to Hana

A road? Yes. The road to Hana, otherwise known as the “highway to hell” is a winding road with over 50 one-lane bridges and over 600 hairpin turns. Indeed, the journey to Hana is not for the weak. The exhilarating drive offers beautiful views including dozens of waterfalls, dense jungle views, beautiful coast views and a captivating black sand beach. However, unskilled drivers are advised not to take on this challenge.

3. Haleakala National Park

Just watching the sunrise and sunset on Haleakala is enough to make your trip. Haleakala national park is referred to as the “house of the sun”, where several visitors go to watch the most beautiful sunrise in the world at the top of the Haleakala’s volcanic summit (10,000 ft high). Apart from the sunrise, the park also offers hiking and horseback rides. It is important to note that the park services require a reservation for vehicles, both personal and rental.

Molokini Island

4. Molokini Island

Molokini is a small crescent-shaped volcanic crater located in the Alalakeiki Channel between South Maui and Kaho’olawe. It is the home of wildlife and marine life. Also, the Molokini crater is the best snorkeling spot in Maui, where lots of snorkelers and divers are seen exploring the underwater marine life. To get here, you have to get on a boat and the boat ride is really exciting since you can see some of the marine life on your way. The very clear water which allows an excellent sunlight penetration makes the view a really beautiful one, a must-see for tourists.

Wailua Falls, Hawaii, USA

5. Wailua Falls

The Wailua Falls is a beautiful sight to behold, actually one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Hawaii and is located after mile marker 45 on the Hana highway. The roadside waterfall is approximately 95ft tall with tropical vegetation surrounding it. The Wailua Falls is just near the road, so you don’t have to worry about missing it.

Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary

6. Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary

Whale watching has always been on the to-do list of many tourists, and one of the best places to do this is on the Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. The Humpback whales are the most interesting species to watch as they are known for their curiosity, singing and their amazing acrobatic moves. You just have to watch them slap their fins, show affection to their babies, jump out of water or you can even get familiar with the whale song. The sanctuary also encourages other activities like snorkeling, kayaking and boating.

Iao Valley, Maui, Hawaii

7. Iao Valley

The Iao Valley is located in West Maui and it has become a tourist attraction mainly because of its history and natural environment. The Iao Needle is the most popular fascinations of this valley. It is 1,200 ft tall and history has it that the Iao needle was once used as an altar. This natural rock formation is surrounded by a walkway and a garden of rich tropical plants. Close to this valley, along highway 320 is the Iao state valley park, another beautiful hotspot you should check out.

Big Beach, Maui,Hawaii

8. Big Beach

Maui is also known as the beach town. So, what’s a vacation in Maui without a trip to the beach? Big beach is one of the biggest and prettiest beaches in Maui, accommodating lots of people but never really crowded. Although the beach has a lot of risks and warnings, it is still a beautiful place, worth walking on. However, inexperienced swimmers and kids are advised to stay off.

Pipiwai Trail

9. Pipiwai Trail

Pipiwai Trail is located on the South-East side of Haleakala National Park. It is a beautiful, well-maintained path leading to Waimoku Falls and Makahiku Falls. The Pipiwai Trail is a 4-mile hike and on this trail, there are so many interesting things to see, the first being the big banyan tree, leading to the Makahiku Falls. The bamboo forest is another interesting spot and of course, the Waimoku Falls, an amazing work of nature is worth seeing too.

10. Paia Town

Paia is a little town located on Maui’s north shore, having about 3000 residents. The town has gone through series of changes, resulting in its current position on the must-visit list. Paia is known for having unique shops, art galleries, restaurants and beautiful beach parks. As a tourist, you might want to stop at this little town to get some souvenirs before heading home.

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