Top 10 best cities to take a trip to this summer

Story by: Katrina     Date: 25 June 2020    Image by: Unsplash | David Rodrigo

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Usually, when we are planning our trips we think about countries or particular places to attend to. But, sometimes a single city can make such a huge impression, that you will have a trip of your life there. Here is the list of some cities we consider mandatory to visit.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates — the city of future

The fashion-forward city that has all the marvelous sightseeings and landmarks you would want in the big, futuristic city. This city is so unique in its architecture, amazing restaurants, and sites that you can travel through it for a very long time with no hope of seeing everything. Being a technological miracle, Dubai is one of those cities you must visit before you die for sure.


Prague, Czech Republic — the city of charm

Incredible Gothic architecture of Prague and its atmosphere immerses you into the feel of the medieval city. We believe that Prague has a very magical character that is supported by countless theme places, Golem stories and skeleton guided trips. If you want to experience the taste of magic on your trip, we assure you that in Prague you will not be disappointed.


Edinburgh, Scotland — the city of history

Green Edinburgh has amazing cityscape of a classic medieval European city. The fascinating city center looks like a serpentine of elegant streets and shows you how the city looked like a long time ago. In Edinburgh, you can experience Scottish culture to the fullest and attend some traditional Gaelic festivals and explore their fabulous activities.


Salzburg, Austria — the city of music

The birthplace of one of the best composers in the world, Mozart, Salzburg keeps tradition to be a musical capital of the world. Famous music festivals originate in 1877 and attract musicians from all over the globe. There are many great operas and theatrical premiers that were presented for the first time in Salzburg. The city is astonishingly beautiful and very welcoming.


Bukhara, Uzbekistan — the city of museums

Located on the old Silk Road, Bukhara has an exotic feel of an ancient Asian city. It seems like you explore one huge landmark when you visit this city with more than 140 important sites. The historic center of Bukhara was listed by Unesco as a World Heritage Site and represents Islamic culture in all of its glory.


Xi’an, China — the city of terracotta warriors

That’s right! This is the place where the famous terracotta warriors “live”. But that is not the only attraction you can find in the Xi’an. As a former capital of China, this city offers a big variety of landmarks and historic places — some of them are more than 3000 years old!

Xi’an kept its authentic looks and can give you a full opportunity to feel the true spirit of China.

Kathmandu City

Kathmandu, Nepal — the city of temples

Amazing Kathmandu is a pearl of Nepal and makes a lasting impression. Its sacral status and a huge number of ancient temples create a beautiful atmosphere that is deeply moving. Kathmandu is an important cultural center of Nepal and often gives you a lot of opportunities to explore unique Nepal aesthetic. Don’t forget about the Himalaya landscape — it is a view to remember.

New Orleans

New Orleans, USA — the city of jazz

Unique character provided by French heritage, make New Orleans in Louisiana an amazing place to take a city trip. Sparkling nightlife and excellent bars will satisfy all the whims that you have. This city made jazz possible and only that fact must be good enough for you to make a decision to visit it.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu, Peru — the city in ruins

The ancient city of the Inca Empire this place is just a moment of architectural glory, frozen in time. Spectacular ruins of old buildings will take your breath away. Those constructions were built so perfectly, that modern scientists are still in shock by Incas architectural genius. This place is hidden in the mountains, so you will enjoy wondrous Peruvian landscapes on the way to Machu Picchu.


Ushuaia, Argentina – the city at the end of the world

Not a lot of people in history were lucky enough to visit Ushuaia in Argentina. The southeast city in the world, Ushuaia was a land of amazing people that lived naked in a very cold place, were very brave and bold. Here you can witness unique sunsets that look like flames and make a lasting impression. It is incomparable to any other place on our planet.

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