The beautiful island of Zakynthos in Greece

Story by: Katrina     Date: 4 June 2020   

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Experienced travelers and aspiring tourists are always passionate about visiting all the amazing places you can find in the travel booklets. Warm сlear water, white-sand beaches, and an abundance of fresh fruit — what else you can wish for on your vacation? If you are fond of all these things we proudly invite you to the beautiful island of Zakynthos in Greece.

Breathtaking landscaping
As a popular tourist location, all economics of Zakynthos is centered in the travel industry. It is a very green island and its marvelous sandy beaches are perfect for lazy summer rest. There is practically no industry on the island — it is represented only by a small winery and an olive oil factory. Because of that, you will find Zakynthos as a beautiful escape from big cities with clean salty air and breathtaking nature.

Historical sites on Zakynthos

  • Zakynthos Sarakina Italian Mansion. The great mansion is located in the village of Pantokratoras. It is a great villa made of red bricks, was a big multi-functional farm of the famous Lountzi family. After the 1953 earthquake, the mansion is in ruins but filled with beautiful olive trees. Those trees creating an amazing spot for taking unforgettable pictures on Instagram or having romantic dates with your loved ones.
  • Venetian Castle. This castle was built in 1646 on the place of the ancient acropolis and was a residence for Venetian officials who ruled the island back then. The castle is partly damaged due to the natural and war causes, but you will find that it keeps its great beauty to the present day.
  • Vrysakia Aqueduct. This ancient aqueduct is a truly interesting spot for adventurous tourists to visit. You can find the path to Vrysakia Aqueduct only with the help of locals, but once you are there the landscape is extraordinary.

Astonishing natural sites to visit on Zakynthos

  • Blue caves. Of course, when you are visiting such paradise countries like Greece, the first place you want to go to is the beach and the sea. There you can find special Blue Caves that are perfect for long boat trips. Take a dip into this marvelous geological place to get some unique memories.
  • National Marine Park of Zakynthos. Located in the historical village Laganas this marine park is one of the most interesting places to visit in Greece overall. In the summer months beach in the Bay of Laganas became a home and birthplace of adorable Caretta Caretta turtles.
  • Navagio Beach. Turquoise clear water and great sandy beach of Navagio Beach are one of the biggest tourist attractions on Zakynthos. This picturesque cove is a resting place of the 1980s ship and gives the impression of a desert island.

Extreme watersports on Zakynthos
There are many fun watersport activities you can take part in on this island. You can find amazing diving places, jet ski bikes, and other offers. Water ski, fly fish, and canoes will provide you with excellent memories of your trip to Zakynthos. All the water activities are created to meet the needs of all ages.

In the Tsilivi, you can find an amazing waterpark to bring your kids and enjoy various family adventures. You also can find great restaurants for parents and plenty of amusements for children

Festivities and nightlife
The Island of Zakynthos is famous for its beach night parties and it is attractive for 18-30 aged from all around the world for this reason. There are plenty of night clubs for a sparkling nightlife. If you like huge parties choose Zakynthos over Ibiza or Figi and you will not be disappointed.

If you are more interested in family-oriented festivities we recommend you visit Zakynthos during its traditional carnivals in August and December.

Interesting local foods you should try
Greek cuisine is famous for its unique flavor palette. One of the most fantastic pieces of Mediterranean food is gyros. It is a typical Greek sandwich with pork and vegetables wrapped in pita bread. Seasoned with a tasty tzatziki sauce, gyros will be your new favorite sandwich from the first bite.

As a sea island, Zakynthos can offer you a huge variety of fish and seafood meals from the freshest food you can imagine. To complement your tasty meals Zakynthos offers a plethora of vegetables and fruits to taste. Speaking about meat dishes, you can find very good souvlaki, the youvetsi, papoutsakia in local restaurants fresh from the oven.

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