Survive in the Island of Caramoan, Philippines

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The Philippines is known for more than 7100 beautiful islands and well-known beaches like Boracay, Coron, El Nido, Siargao, incredible and captivating scenery of the mountains, historical sites, and mouthwatering dishes.

Behind these places, Caramoan Island is a hidden, silent gem of the Philippines, situated in Camarines Sur, 12-13 hrs (via road) away from Manila. Once held on this island, the American reality TV show SURVIVOR CARAMOAN, and SURVIVOR PHILIPPINES, promoted and made the island well known worldwide.

Caramoan Chill

Perfect but not Pricey!

Everyone wants to travel without ruining their own pockets. Knowing its budget-friendly hospitality towards globetrotters, perhaps Caramoan Island is an escapade not to be missed! Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cheapest group package to avail is not more than $100 now it increases half the previous price, for 3 days includes your transportation, lodging, breakfast, boat on your island getaway and most of all with a side trip before returning to Manila!

So, let’s begin our Island Adventure!

Compare to other getaways, Caramoan Island is not your typical travel escapades. With its daredevil roads yet solemn atmosphere which will make you feel the virgin presence of the Pacific.

Caramoan Islands, Camarines Sur, Philippines

It has a different unique islet that each has its own picturesque to capture anyone’s heart. The breathtaking view at the Guinahoan Lighthouse is unforgettable. You wanted to stay and relax while walking at the vast grassland, rolling hills, and unique beaches on each side with the Pacific Ocean’s view. The pristine water is seen above. The color itself expresses how deep it is. The waves invite you to dive to explore the beauties beyond imaginable, the long stretch of white sand that might leave your footprints, either just walking or running thru that powdery sand.

A Lagoon with a Coral Reef and a White Sandy Beach, Aerial Drone. Caramoan Islands, Philippines

Caramoan Island has another island worth visiting, the Matukad Island and its hidden lagoon. It is a small island with fine sands, crystal clear water, but the best part is challenging rock climbing. The long queue (during summer) just to climb this rock formation is worth the risk. At the top of it show the beauties of raw nature, trees, mangroves, and a small Enchanting Lagoon with two mythical Fish (if you’re lucky to see). I see one of them, but I didn’t see them together, which Locals of Caramoan believed these two big “milkfish” are sacred that protect the lagoon but cannot be caught due to its curse, seize it and you’ll die. But despite that myth, you can make a wish into the beautiful lagoon to make your dream come true.

Lahos Island

Lahos Island

Lahos Island meaning “Vanish” island; when it’s high tide, it disappears. You will see powdery sand between two giant rock clusters; you can swim wherever side you prefer. Remember that most of the island is inhabitant, so you must bring your own snack and drink if you’re hungry and thirsty. It feels good swimming on each side or just sits and relax.

Manlawi Sandbar

Manlawi Sandbar

Manlawi Sandbar and its floating cottages are one of the best islands in Caramoan Island. The sandbar’s long stretch, more expansive during low tide, can be seen even how far you were from the island. You can walk, run on the fine sand without bumping into another tourist, you can take photos on every side. It is picturesque of mountain and sea while floating cottages make a stunning appearance to the view.

This place also where tourist spent their lunchtime on the floating cottages, rental fees for a group is much lesser than paid for a solo cottage. Usually, tourist brings their own lunch offered by their boatmen, it is actually included in the package.

Minalahos, Gota, Cagbalinad and Cotivas Island, and others have many mesmerizing rock formations, limestone, white sands, caves, and snorkeling. Imagining how reality show Survivor explores the beautiful islands of Caramoan.

Camarines Sur


After having a good day in different islands, it’s time to make it to the land of Camarines Sur and the nearby province.

The city proper of Caramoan offered a lot of souvenirs, sweets, a local food hub, and many more. You can also drop at the century church of St. Michael The Archangel, which marked its 400 years last 2019. The historical Catholic Church’s standout structure symbolizes the strong Faith, Love of Caramoan people to their land, a Blessing indeed.

Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines

Another place best for a side trip from Caramoan Island before returning to Manila is the Majestic Mayon Volcano in Albay, known for its perfect cone even after the volcanic eruption. Cagsawa Church is the most visited place to capture the volcano which the tower of the church remains.

Survivor Caramoan

So, after the pandemic put on your bucket list, Survivor Caramoan, breathtaking place worth seeing.

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