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The Philippines is a popular tourist destination that can offer a lot of amazing attractions, cool nightclubs, and of course a lot of delicious food. If you want to feel the true spirit of any country, not only the Philippines, you should try the most iconic foods. The best way to do it — look for authentic street meals.

Where you can eat

First of all, you should have a plan, which places you should visit to taste the best foods in the world. We present to you our shortlist of amazing street food locations in the most iconic tourist cities in the Philippines.

Manila, Philippines

Food spots in Manila

  • Quiapo Market. Full of food options, Quiapo Market is the one place where you should go despite everything. Yes, it is a bit crowded place, but there is a lot of meals so delicious there! An abundance of grilled meat, sweet desserts, and good smoothies are waiting for you.
  • Concepcion Public Market. This is the place where South-Asian desserts shine as brightly as they can. Kingdom of sugar and sweetness with all the exotic fruits you can imagine.
  • Boni MRT Station. This is the hot spot right in the center of the Metro Station that has a lot of cute places with carinderia-style food. You can grab a plate of delicious traditional food on the go or snacks and observe the life of the ordinary Philipinos while eating your dish.

Quezon, Philippines

Food spots in Quezon City

  • Dannylicious. Meat-lovers, this is the place, made for you! In Dannylicious barbeque was taken on another level. Sweet, sticky, meaty, and spicy — the best thing you can get in Quezon.
  • Mang Larry’s Isawan. This place was established in 1984, so cooks here know what`s up in meat. Here you can try one of the tastiest street foods in the Philippines, including some exotic options like isaw or grilled bangus.
  • Potato Corner. Excellent place for satisfying your french fries cravings. Huge variety of toppings and garnishes to add to your smoking hot and extra crispy fries. It is a true indulgence place for every potato lover.

Cebu, Philippines

Food spots in Cebu

  • Colon. Every night street vendors offer you the best stick foods and snacks in Colon. This night market is very popular, so you can be sure that you will get the freshest and tastiest meals in the Philippines.
  • Larsian. Fresh fried and grilled seafood along with a lot of meat options can be found in Larsian. Delicious meals a full experience of authentic Philipino cuisine.

Philippines Food

What you can eat

  • Bibingka. Tasty baked rice cake is typical breakfast food. You can add a lot of toppings to your cake and create an amazing treat for yourself.
  • Adobo. Spicy and juicy meat (poultry or pork) marinated in a lot of spices, soy sauce, and vinegar. It is a very tasty meal for a brave and true foodie.
  • Lumpiang Shanghai. This is just simple spring rolls with various toppings — vegetables, meat, and herbs. Of course, spring rolls are not a very exotic dish, but Lumpiang Shanghai has a cool twist of traditional spices.
  • Smoothies. Yes, it is a bit unorthodox — you can drink smoothie everywhere, yeah? But, here you can find the freshest exotic fruits that are practically asking for you.
  • Banana Q. It is a bit unusual dish but my oh my it is worth it — deep-fried bananas with a brown sugar caramel. Sometimes this dish is made with plantains instead of bananas. It is a wonderful and easy dessert that is very popular in the Philippines.
  • Kwek Kwek. Hard-boiled quail eggs with a crispy and spicy coating. Tempura-like batter creates a very crispy coating that makes kwek kwek an amazing appetizer.
  • Turon. One of the most iconic traditional food of Phillipino cuisine. Made of sweet plantains, this dish can be eaten as a main meal or a tasty dessert.
  • Ukoy. Shrimpy and delicious! Ukoy is deep-fried small shrimps that were cooked in a tasty batter.
  • Isaw. Hugely popular and unique, but still very tasty dish. Isaw is a barbecued intestine of pig or chicken on a skewer. We encourage you to taste Isaw – it is amazing.
  • Empanada. This is one of the most iconic foods that is made in Spanish-speaking countries. Deep-fried pies with various vegetables or meats are very popular among the Philipinos and tourists.

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