Sri Lanka, A Land Like no Other

Story by: Lakshi Kiribathgala     Date: 9 November 2020    Image by: Lakshi Kiribathgala

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Ceylon, the most exquisite destination one can ever make memories in. This pearl of the Indian ocean presently known as Sri Lanka has its way of letting a traveler experience a once in a life time expedition. This tropical island is surrounded by golden sandy beaches leaving tranquility and serenity in traveler’s heart and soul.

Sri Lanka is on the holidaymakers list for more than one reason, its culture, cuisine and nature has kept them fascinated in many ways. Pay a visit to any of the seashores and indulge yourself with the crisp sun, blue ocean and golden sand. Experience a locally sourced seafood platter and all the spices this land can ever offer you. The land has rich soil that can grow many diverse plants. The land of curry, another way to remember when you return. All those spices you find will be minced together and added to a curry, leaving your taste buds in paradise. Take a special Ayurvadic treatment as Sri Lanka is one of the best countries that produce Ayurvadic medical treatments which will set one’s mind and body free from all predicaments. This land is magical, simply because of its richness in whatever that it has to offer, be it food, be it nature, be it a simple Ayurvadic treatment, all of this will leave you with nothing but a life time of an experience.

Upclose Elephants on safari in Sri Lanka

Not only that, the island has its very own tropical rain forests one famously known as the Sinharaja rain forest (A UNESCO heritage site) situated in the middle of the county which gains the highest rain fall of the country. Sri Lanka is home to few more wildlife sanctuaries such as Yala, Kumana which are homogeneous to different kind of animals where Yala is famous for leopards, bears and elephants and Kumana is famous of its variety of birds, one can witness rare species and able to get up close with wild life on a safari. Traveling to Sri Lanka has many perks as different parts of the country has its very own specialty.

As you discover more in this beautiful island it will unveil the historical aspect of the country’s different era’s which has been existing from 500 BC. The artifacts from the cultural heritage are exhibited in many parts of the country. One of the biggest attractions is in Kandy, the Sacred Temple of tooth relic, believed to hold a sacred tooth of Lord Buddha worshipped by many devotees. Another must see historical site is the Sigiriya rock, the height of the rock is 349 Meters which was ones a citadel to a fine King.

As the country uncovers further, the journey to the hill country allows you to take magnificent hikes, conquering a mountain will treat your eyes with the most scenic views. Travelers will feel more of a cooler climate ranging from around 10c to 18c and the surrounding is much greener bringing inner peace in every breath you take. It is said that one must taste a cup of Ceylon tea from where it is originated, this world famous tea will take you to nothing but to pure bliss. Quench your thrust and Climb the mountains and witness the unique panoramic views which will leave you mesmerized.

Life in Sri Lanka is so simple If you look at the total land size it is only 432KM in length and 224KM in width, leaving one of the smallest countries to travel. However, what you experience here is irreplaceable. This country is rich in humanity and hospitality. You feel warm and welcome around the country. The culture and the people leaves you cheerful and gratified. Take a small tuk tuk ride and feel the breeze as you travel short distance, eat from your hand and experience the taste of food in Sri Lankan style. Go surfing and enjoy the waves.

Travelers can make plans to visit Sri Lanka at any time during the year however they must keep in mind of the rainy seasons. If plans are to visit Central, west and south coasts then between December and April are more suitable. However, if you are visiting the east coast which has the most famous Arugam bey for surfing then defiantly between May to October.

Coming back to the capital city of Colombo the life is pretty much lit up at night as Colombo is known as the party central of the country. Many pubs and clubs are open till late. The city is safe for everyone but one must take precautions when traveling at night, take a uber or pickme as they are the most reliable taxi services in Colombo or check whether the tuk tuk you get in has a working meter.

Sri Lanka is a place for everyone, it can match to any budget from backpacking to a 5-star experience. Travelers can make their entire trip a very budget friendly yet a magical one.

While travelers are in Colombo they can also check out the precious Gems this island can offer, from rubies to sapphires the varieties are endless. Have a day of shopping for handloom and Batik clothing, Batik is a very famous decorative art performed on fabric, practiced with art exclusive to the country.

Even though the country has a lot to offer for a traveler, there are things forbidden to do in this blessed island, travelers must always respect the religion of the country and avoid any extremely undersized outfits in public and, especially no sleeveless or shorts in religious places. As the culture of the country is very much driven by the religion, the way of life is influenced by it.

Nothing makes any country more splendid than its beautiful people. Sri Lanka is a wonderful country to experience the warmth of people and be overwhelmed by their generosity. So be humble and take good care of it when you travel.

This teardrop like island is so unique that you will end up taking home the most precious memories. Don’t forget to click as many pictures as possible because once you go back you are defiantly going to miss this breath taking island making you ponder in the thought of “A land like no other”.

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