Siargao Island – A Tropical Paradise!

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Situated in the province of Surigao del Norte, lies the beautiful Siargao island in teardrop shape. Due to its shape it has gotten more famous over time. It is also the surfing capital of the country of Philippines. It is a popular tourist destination in the summer season as this island is cool, surrounded with water and beaches. The Siargao island includes white sand beaches, picturesque sunsets, top-notch surfing experience etc. There is no chance for anyone to not love this island as it provides things for every kind of tourist, be it a tourist who wants relaxation or someone who wants adventures in their vacation.

How to make your way there

The easiest way to get to Siargao island is through airplanes. Having its own airport called the Sayak Airport, it is easier to fly there than other options. The other options include riding a ferry from Surigao city to reach the island.

Siargao Beach

Things to check out

The world is a play land, and various spots its swings. So, when you get to one swing you enjoy to the fullest to get it registered in your memory. Just like that Siargao island is full of things that you can make the most of during your stay there.

  • CLOUD 9 SURFING: Undeniably the main tourist attraction is the Cloud 9 surfing area. Considering that Siargao is called the surfing capital, this had to be on the list. It is a world-class surfing experience as the reefs create waves and are known for thick and hollow tubes.
  • BEACHES AT SIARGAO: Siargao island has many beaches that do not disappoint you at all. These beaches are beautiful, calming, and perfect spot for you to relax and unwind. These include Doot Beach, Secret Beach, Pacifico Beach and Alegria Beach.
  • MAGPUPUNGKO ROCK POOLS: Another location that deserves a mention in the list is Magpunungko rock pools. It is an hour-long drive from General Luna, but the drive will be worth it. They are natural pools that are formed by the leftover water in a coastal rock formation. The water is crystal clear and beautiful bright blue. It also serves as a spot for snorkeling and swimming.
  • PALM TREE SWING AT MAASIN VILLAGE: The famous palm tree swing on Instagram is a main attraction point at the island. It passes over a river with a swing attached so that you can jump in the water. It is extremely picturesque for your Instagram and an experience to live for.
  • POPULAR TOURS ON THE ISLAND: Start your vacation with the best tours available. They take you to the most popular sites at the island that are not in the option of missing. These locations will not only add to your experience or stay but also a worth remembering tour. Some of the famous tours include Island Hopping – Naked Island, Guyam and Daku, Sugba Lagoon boat tour with Kawhagan, Private land tour, Sohoton cove tour and Jeepney Land tour with Tayangban Caves and Magpupungko Rock Pool.

Siargao Island

Staying options in Siargao Island

There are quite a lot of accommodation options in Siargao Island which will not cost you an arm and leg. Some hotels provide amazing views that make your hotel time enjoyable too.

  • On a budget, The White House is your go-to option. It is a dorm style accommodation which is not heavy on your pocket. If you are alone this will be the best budget friendly option.
  • A little expensive than that we would suggest Lampara Siagro Boutique which is a hotel with breathtaking views.
  • Nay Palad Hideaway is another great resort option to stay in. It is a luxury resort with all facilities available. Fancy conopy beds, glass walls, terraces with ocean or garden views prove that this luxury resort will be a perfect place for your stay.

Siargao Islands Foods

Your food spots in Siargao Island

Every place has some specialty food that a tourist cannot afford to miss. Food serves as a means to enhance any experience and what better than authentic local food of the place. Since Siargao is a tourist destination, the food here is to die for! Seafood is there most perfect serve which every tourist enjoys.

  • SAYONGSONG: It is best to try out the local cuisine while you are there. One amazing item is Sayongsong which is made of brown sugar, rice, roasted peanuts, coconut milk, calamansi juice and is wrapped in a banana leaf.
  • KINILAW: It is another authentic local dosh which is famous in Philippines. It is basically seafood with vinegar, ginger, onions etc. added for taste.
  • BULAN VILLAS: They serve the perfect Philippinean Pizza to satisfy your cravings.
  • KERMIT SIARGAO: Known for its authentic brick oven style Pizzas, it is one of the best things you can try at Siargao island.

Siargao Islands Palmtrees

Shopping Escapade

Shopping is one activity every tourist enjoys. They buy stuff for themselves and also buy souvenirs for their family and friends back home. Just like food, every place has some hidden gems in shopping section. Siargao island shopping includes beachy clothes, swimwear, and also skincare products. These products are of good quality and sturdy. In addition to that, this place is perfect for handcrafted and natural products. Some good shops include:

  • Fat Lips Surfshop
  • Dayo Siargao
  • Cocosurf
  • Gwapitos Apparel Store
  • Gasa Souvenir Shop etc.

Tips for Siargao Island

  • Keeping your cash with you will save you from a lot of trouble considering ATM’s are not common. You can find money exchange shops there to get your money in their currency. Credit cards are an option at a hotel but usually in shops and restaurants only cash is accepted./li>
  • Do not forget to live in the moment while you enjoy majestic sunsets at the beach. They are the most beautiful there, worth admiring for sure. /li>
  • Locals understand English quite well, so communication is not a problem there.

There is no drawback in travelling especially to such a perfect summer spot. So get packing!

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