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Islands always give this sense of peace, tranquility and a place to unwind. Just fitting the description, our list of ‘inspiration’ has Seychelles Islands for you. The Seychelles islands can be your best and next travel destination. They are not only picturesque islands, but the sun, sea and sandy beaches are the life of every tourist there. From hiking through jungles to sunbathing on the beaches, Seychelles provides it all.

Let’s go to Seychelles

Seychelles is situated towards the east coast of Kenya. It consists of 115 magnificent islands, some of which are under care of UNESCO for marine protection. These islands are home to many species such as Aldabra tortoises and Coco de Mer palm which are rare as well.

Seychelles, Mahe Island

Mahe Island

Considered as a dream destination, Mahe island is full of white-sand beaches with ever-so-green forests, and mountains which will take your breath away. It is a full tropical dream place to be at if that’s what you want in your vacation. It would not be wrong to say that this island is any beach lover’s heaven. The ethereal views are beyond amazing to even tell. You can get to this island through ferry ride or island hopper flights from Praslin and La Digue. There are various adventurous things to do on the island such as rock climbing, kayaking, scuba diving, or just swimming in the water with fish. While you are there, do not forget the special Tuna that they serve – it will blow your mind. Overall, this place is too much of an exotic island to just chill and relax at.

Praslin Island, Seychelles

Praslin Island

Another one of the most beautiful places to be at Seychelles is the Praslin island. This island is also one of those islands that are most travelled to due to their scenic beauty, sun-soaking beaches, lush turquoise water, jungles and much more. You can get to this island by ferries, cruises or flights as well. Once you get there, we suggest you rent a bike and explore this beautiful destination yourself and make some of the amazing memories on this worthy island. Do not miss to visit the most amazing Anse Lazio beach which is a worth watching site. The beach offers snorkeling, diving, deep sea fishing and a lot more. There is a variety of restaurants present so do not forget the local authentic dishes.

La Digue Island, Seychelles

La Digue Island

La Digue is a famous tourist attraction site in Seychelles. It is near to the other main tourist spots, hence there are many visitors on this island. It has dirt roads, but the natural beauty is surreal. You will get to see well built granite rocks, gorgeous and clean blue water and vibrant coral reefs. This island is about only ten square kilometers, so you can either rent a bike on explore it while walking. You can explore about Flora and Fauna; you can surf on the beaches and live through every experience. Accommodation options are quite many on La Digue island which are in the close proximity of majestic views.

Bird Island, Seychelles

Bird Island

Situated in the islands 100 kms away from Mahe, lies the Bird island. This is majorly known for its birdlife which includes a variety of birds such as sooty terns, fairy terns and common noodies etc. The island grows numerous coconut trees, and cash crops like papaya and cotton as well. Not to forget the stunning views that this island is packed with, this is a dream place for anyone.

Anse Lazio, Seychelles

Satisfy those food cravings

Apart from being the best place for beaches and relaxation, Seychelles is also known for its food. You get to try out freshly caught fish, their own local grown fruits, different kind of curries and sweet fried bananas to satisfy your sweet and savory food cravings.

  • FRESH GRILLED FISH: Since Seychelles is a home to a number of tropical fish, you should not miss out on the freshly grilled fish. It is made from a traditional method which adds Seychellian flavor.
  • COCNUT CURRY: Coconut curry is one of the best things you can try out in Seychelles. It is made from spices, curry leaves and coconut cream to add the rich flavor. The authentic flavor will not leave you disappointed at all.
  • LENTILS: Although it will sound boring, but we kid you not, the lentils of Seychelles are beyond any lentils you will ever taste. It is cooked with garlic, ginger and onions for a long period of time to enrich the dish with flavor.
  • SAUSAGE ROUGAY: This dish “sosis rougay” is a traditional sausage-based dish made with a ton of tomato and onion sauce and ginger and chilies.

Kempinski Seychelles Resort, Seychelles

A few headups

  1. The official languages in Seychelles are English and Seselwa. So, it is okay if you don’t understand and speak Seselwa because English to rescue.
  2. ATM’s are usually a risk anywhere so always keep cash with you. You can exchange your money into Seychelles rupees for local buying.
  3. Tap water is clean and drinkable, but it feels heavy on chlorine which is why many tourists just go for bottled water.
  4. To have the best experience of Seychelles, April through May and October through November is the perfect time. You can watch wildlife, do scuba diving and have the perfect weather for relaxing and sunbathing on the beaches.
  5. Book your accommodations way before as it is a tourist destination, the spots fill in quite easily and fast.

With amazing reviews of Seychelles being a heavenly place, you all need to visit it once in your lifetime. This place will give you all the #Goals for your Instagram and bucket list plans as well. So, without thinking much, start packing your bags for a surreal trip to Seychelles.

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