Seven destinations for an adventure of a life time in Kisumu City

Story by: Samson     Date: 8 June 2020   

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Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya. In Kisumu city, the locals know and exchange usual pleasantries with one another as family members. But the choice of places to visit and activities to engage one’s mind in Kisumu City is only limited by the time on hand.

Kisumu City derives its name from the traditional Luo (the predominant tribe), dialect meaning “lend.” This inland port built on the shore of Lake Victoria, the second largest fresh water Lake after Lake Superior in North America.

You’ve always wanted to go to a place full of surprises for vacation – Kisumu city one such place with distinctly unique different features. Kisumu city offers a wide range of fantastic tourist attraction destinations within the city proximity. If you ready for an adventure of a lifetime away from the hustle and bustle of big city life as Nairobi; Kisumu City is ready for you.

How do you determine the best places with lots of fun filled activities on a visit to Kisumu City? You have access to more than seven tourist attractions within Kisumu city limits. There are plenty of things to do in and around Kisumu City, so let’s get started.

1. Impala Sanctuary
Impala Sanctuary is a stone throw away from Kisumu City Central Business Dis trict. Impala Sanctuary on 38 hectare piece of land is home to a variety of animal species. This sanctuary also hosts lions, leopard, hyenas, and jackals, besides the dominant Impala.

Impala Sanctuary is famed as the animal refugee camp for endangered animals. You love watching birds? Spend time at Impala sanctuary to watch over 100 different bird species in this lakeside city. Have fun discovering the kind of birds resident in Impala Sanctuary.

Kisumu City shares popularity with Nairobi, the capital city as the only two cities in Kenya with a variety of animal and bird species within city proximity.

2. Kisumu Museum
A visit to Kisumu City without stopover at Kisumu Museum is not a visit at all and for a good reason. Kisumu Museum is home to the Luo traditional homestead display. Luo tribe, the predominant local inhabitants living around Lake Victoria are warm and welcoming.

Od Mikayi on Jomo Kenyatta Sports ground is a modern reproduction of the traditional Luo hut preserved in Kisumu Museum.

If you can withstand the sight of spitting cobra, one of the most deadly snakes in Africa, crawling crocodiles with massive jaw lines and watch rare old tortoise species, your visit to Kisumu Museum is worth the time. Enjoy the sight of stuffed and live animals at the museum you missed to see at Impala Sanctuary.

3. Lwang’ni Hotel (Fast Foods)
Food is closely associated with culture. Different communities in Kenya connect to cultural or ethnic backgrounds through food. Popular cuisines define different cultures food consumptions. “Ugali,” and fresh Tilapia fish, is the main delicacy for the local community members around Kisumu City.

Diana, my long time travel companion christened Lwang’ni hotel as “Fast Foods Restaurant.” Diana’s reason for referring to Lwang’ni hotel as “fast foods restaurant, came out of her struggle to keep the flies away from taking a swim on the delicious tilapia stew at this joint.
“You eat fast, and beat the flies to your food,” she remarked. Diana was raised in a land down under, where flies are considered unhygienic.
But, when hunger strikes, as it always does, Lwang’ni hotel in Kisumu City offers arrange of fresh fish meals out of Lake Victoria. Order fresh tilapia fish still kicking for a mouth watering lunch or evening meal. You have a choice to pick on a variety of dishes ranging from roasted, boiled meat, to different traditional vegetables for vegans, matching your taste.

4. Kit Mikayi
“Kit Mikayi,” traditional landmark with cultural attachment is 26 kilometers away from Kisumu City centre. Popular legend of “Kit Mikayi,” revolves around the romantic love story of an old man. This man spent most of his quality time at “Kit Mikayi.
The old man’s other wives explained his absence from home by referring to the three big rocks on top of one 70-80 feet stone as “Mikayi,” Luo word for first wife. Kit Mikayi is fifteen minute drive from CBD.

5. Dunga Hills Camp
In the evening as darkness steals its way as a thief in the night, you can watch the spectacular sunset on Lake Victoria from the top of Dunga Hills.
Dunga Hills Camp Site also provides the best camping ground in Kisumu City. Hippo point and Kiboko bay are the other two attraction sites to watch hippos grace in the vicinity as you eat the evening meal against serene background of Lake Victoria.

Looking for a decent place to stay in Kisumu City? You are spoilt for choice. Choose from over 140 hotels. Get the best deals in travel, food, accommodation, and site entrance charges.

6. Kibuye Open Air Mall
You have been to Mega City in Kisumu with a chain of malls, window shopped along Jomo Kenyatta and Oginga Odinga streets. You could use a breath of fresh air on a visit to Kibuye open air mall on Sunday.

In Kibuye Open Air Mall, all the food and wares for sale are spread on the ground attracting over 100,000 clients and customers from the three East African Countries.

7. Kisumu City Nightlife
Kisumu City comes alive around entertainment joints every evening peaking on Friday member’s day. Corona virus might have slowed the rate of nightlife activities, but the hot spots in Kisumu City have not lost their night life sting.

There are many 24 hour clubs if you are itching to dance the night away in Kisumu. These clubs treat revelers to live band performance, with popular Benga music leading, disco music hosted by DJ’s with international music appeal or both music varieties in attendance.

Club Signature, Barcadia Lounge, Club Samba, Latitude Lounge and Buddy’s Bar & Grill are some of the hotspots in Kisumu City. Kisumu City has lots of fantastic places to visit with plenty of activities all year round. Come see for yourself.

Kisumu City is a day trip from Nairobi, 350 kms, whether you fly, use public transport vehicle, or rent a car.
Temperature in Kisumu is mostly warm due to its proximity to the equator. Pack light clothes, a jacket, sweater to wade off the evening chill at the lakeside. Smartphone is handy for fast communication, taking pictures and recording video clips to share with peeps on the go through WhatsApp.

Kisumu City Transport System
Tuk, Tuk and motor bicycles are the main modes of transportation around the city. You have the opportunity to hire chauffer or self-driven rental vehicles for individual or group transportation to move from one location to the next fast, and the prices are pocket friendly.

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