Serbia – Hidden Gem of the Balkan

Story by: Karla Males     Date: 11 May 2021    Image by: Pixabay | Stevan Aksentijevic

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If you forgive me for a direct use of such a blunt phrase, I can tell you that Serbia is an undiscovered gem. This Balkan country is a place where the East meets the West, both ideologically and geographically. It blends the best and worst of both into one magnificently abrasive cocktail. Serbia is a country of peace and noise, peace and conflict, and spirit and science.

Here are a few reasons that make it so special!

Belgrade Nightlife

World famous nightlife

Belgrade’s nightlife is nowadays sort of legendary, and people are visiting from all over the world to party on numerous rafts on the Sava river. However, there is much more to Serbian nightlife than Belgrade party boats. The Belgrade craft beer scene is constantly growing, while Novi Sad and Nis are filled with student life and refreshing mix of pubs, bars and clubs.

Belgrade, Serbia


The capital of Serbia is a truly special city. Belgrade is without a doubt a place that offers the most in terms of content and I often secretly catch myself wanting to live in it. Because it is the center of all events in our Balkans and an unavoidable destination wherever you go. There’s wonderful Kalemegdan, Skandarlija, and the road of Knez Mihajlova which you can walk on for hours.

The rhythm and pace of Belgrade will allow you to understand the urban way of life in Serbia. It is divided by the Sava River into old and new parts, and it is worth visiting the place where the Sava River flows into the Danube because it is located in the city center. You can also take a walk through Zemun, a part of Belgrade known for its relaxed atmosphere, greenery, the island on the Danube, the Great War Island, the Gardoš hill, which is worth climbing, and the relaxed atmosphere in cafes by the Danube.

Serbia Nature

Magnificent nature

Serbia is relatively intact in terms of modern tourism. In between the modern Croatian coast, the hipster credit of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the obvious extra points of Greece, many things that Serbia has to offer are largely unnoticed. Obviously, this will not be the case forever and it will be the nature of Serbia that turns most heads when that day comes. The country is full of truly unique points, including the meandering waters of Uvac, the natural rocks of Devil’s Town, the imposing Gates Gate and much more.

 Vojvodina, Serbia

The beauty of Vojvodina

If Belgrade is the heart of Serbia, Vojvodina is probably its soul. Novi Sad is one of the most pleasant European cities in Europe, along with the surrounding cities Subotica, Zrenjanin and Sombor. The proximity of Serbia’s border with Hungary gives Vojvodina a completely different feeling than the rest of the country. The architecture mimics this central atmosphere.

Serbia, Architecture


Belgrade and Novi Sad, although completely different, combine a mix of different influences. Almost nowhere in the world can you see so many different styles, directions in art and trends in architecture as in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Eclecticism in construction is especially emphasized in Belgrade. And the influence of Turkish, German, English, but also traditional architecture. If you go out of Novi Sad a bit and get to know rural places, you will notice colorful villages because Slovak, Hungarian, Czech, Serbian and many other houses differed in color.

Serbia Women

Hospitality and Kindness

Whether you’re talking to a salesman or a casual person on the street – everyone will set aside their few minutes for you. Serbian people will give their best to give you advice and make you feel accepted. It is therefore impossible to feel lonely in Serbia.

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