Rome, one of the peaceful cities in the world

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Rome is a capital city and a special commune in Italy. It is one of the peaceful cities in the world. The city has one large archaeological dig and many other things. Preserving its past continues to be one of their greatest tradition. They are many reasons why you should visit Rome during your next vacation. Let’s go through some of the things you will see when you visit Rome.

Colosseum, Italy

Majestic Colosseum

When in Rome visit the majestic Colosseum. It was the largest building during the Roman Empire. It is also considered one of the roman greatest architectural and engineering artifacts. It is one of the sweetest places. It has some of the beautiful Jewish artifacts and some of the empty ruins.

St. Peter's Basilica, Rome, Italy

St. Peter Basilica

Great influence on the catholic doctrine is the St. Peter Basilica. It is one of the largest churches in Rome. Many priests and catholic fathers visit this place due to their religious beliefs. The building is built in a place where Peter was crucified and buried thus creating a great impact in the Christian doctrine. The outside of the place has a lot of beautiful architecture which attracts many visitors. Another religious place in Rome is Santa Maria in Trastevere. It is one of the oldest churches. The church has attractive mosaics from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. San Giovanni in Laterano is also another basilica in Rome. The place is so beautiful on the inside. It’s decorated with wall ornaments, columns, mosaics, and paintings. It is also believed to be the first Catholic Church built in Rome. It is the home cathedral for both the archbishops in Rome and the pope. The place is related to blessings and good things by Christians due to its religious background. For visitors who are so routed to religion, this is the place you shouldn’t miss to visit in your tour in Rome.

Vatican Museums, Rome, Italy

Vatican museums

Vatican museums are a collection of many sculptures. The city of Vatican contains some of the best museums which contain some of the world’s best tools. Some of the things to go and see in the museums include the spiral stairs, the Raphael Rooms and the Sistine chapel which is highly decorated. The museums are visited by many people thus it has four itineraries that range from one and a half hours to more than five hours. They all end in the Sistine chapel.

Villa Farnesina

Visitors who want a peek at how the wealthy lived during the renaissance may want to visit Villa Farnesina. The place is known for its psyches and the myths of cupid. One of the largest baths in Rome is the baths of Caracalla. It was built by an emperor for his political gain. He wanted people to like him thus he built the place to attract more people to himself. The baths were later destroyed but the ruins are still visited by historians for historical purposes.

National Roman Museum

If you want to know about Roman history you should visit the National Roman Museum. It is a home of all the roman heritage and culture. The place houses several destinations that are grouped according to the artifacts kept in it. One of the places is Palazzo which houses the breathtaking marbles and the awesome sculptures. There are also the Capitoline museums that have artifacts that date back to four hundred years ago. It contains collections like the medieval and renaissance art, old roman statues and jewels.

Victor Emmanuel

Victor Emmanuel

One of the favorite monuments to visit in Rome is the Victor Emmanuel. The place was built in honor of the first king of unified Italy. It appears as one great building but it has several rooms inside. There are two permanent museums, one on Italian reunification and one on the emigration from Italy as well as other spaces that hosts rotating exhibitions. The place has the greatest view from the top.

Piazza del Popolo, Italy

Piazza del Popolo

Among the oldest places in Rome is the Piazza del Popolo. It is a huge oval square in northern Rome that has been there for ages. One of the most important north roads starts from there. The most attractive structures in this place the obelisk from ancient Egypt. They’re also three churches on its border. Those churches enhance the atmosphere at night especially when the tower is illuminated.

Palatine Hill

To any visitor who loves nature and its beauty, you should visit the palatine hill. It is one of the Seven Hills of Rome that has one of the most told Roman myths. It is about a wolf that found twins and cared for them until they were rescued by a shepherd. It also had the largest palaces in the imperial era. The palatine hill is also where Rome was found. Nowadays the only things left in this place are the ruins.

Ostia Antica, Italy

Ostia Antica

One of the important archaeological sites to visit in Rome is the Ostia Antica. It is located at the entrance of mount Tiber. The place has ancient buildings which are well preserved and some date back to the fourth century. The place is visited and highly valued for its outstanding frescoes and mosaics in its old buildings. They’re also ancient toilets that turned the bathroom into social settings.

Galleria Borghese

Let’s have a look at the Galleria Borghese. The place is a beautiful art gallery. It was built as a party house in the seventeenth century. The place recently houses many paintings, sculptures, and many other collections. The musical instruments in the national museums are also found in this place.

Roman Street Arts

Roman Street Arts

The roman street arts are also in Rome you will be amazed by the graffiti in this place. If you love lifestyles I am sure you might want to visit the Spanish stairs. Young girls’ model here and some couples also. On your tour in Rome also make sure you don’t miss a visit to Castel Sant’Angelo. It is the tallest building in Rome. It served as a prison and a castle.

From everything we have learned about Rome we can conclude that Rome is a place well endorsed for historians. Any person who loves history and its beauty Rome should be your next destination. It is also a place for those who love Christianity and catholic doctrine to be precise.

Rome should be your next vacation.

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