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The Netherlands is well known for many things; windmills, canals, tulips and history, rich cultural history. Amsterdam is one of four major cities in The Netherlands. Amsterdam is filled with museums and parks that transport you back to years long past. You will find so much to do and see that planning your trip ahead of time can help you explore more of this beautiful city. Because of all the attractions, I have decided to share my top-rated museums in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam Museum

The Amsterdam museum was established to portray the life of Amsterdam, the history, and also the present, and the possibilities for the future. Here you will find a gallery filled with art pieces from famous artists all through history. Many artists made The Netherlands their home and did their best work in the city of Amsterdam.

The city of Amsterdam is a 1000-year old trading city that has a close relationship with water. The population of The Netherlands had long since decided to take back their land from the sea. This is where the world-renowned windmills come into play. The engineers designed windmills that pull the water out of the water-filled land and by the rotation of the windmills, powered by the wind, the water is pumped upwards to the in-lands. All of this can be viewed in the area called, Amsterdam DNA.

In The Little Orphanage, your kids can experience the life of an orphaned child in the years 1580 – 1960. Most of the parents died of the plague and this house became the home of thousands of children over the years. The museum is located in Kalverstraat and Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal, the street is a north-south street roundabout 750 meters long. When visiting the museum make sure you do not miss the gallery area, with famous art pieces from Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and many more.

Rijks Museum, Amsterdam

Rijks Museum

This is The Netherlands, National Museum, Rijks Museum. Originally situated in The Hague, the Rijks Museum in all its glory ended up in Amsterdam. The building was designed by Pierre Cuypers an architect from The Netherlands, he is also known for multiple restorations of churches and the complete design of the Amsterdam Central Station. Since then the building has gone through numerous restorations over the years and has changed quite a bit. This magnificent architectural design is one piece of exquisite art.

Works from Rembrandt van Rijn, a self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh, Frans Hals, and art pieces that showcase the history of this beautiful country. Every wing of the building tells a story and following the path and connecting the displays, you learn the entire history of The Netherlands and how the love for a country has brought people together. This is the house of the masterpieces created throughout the centuries by nationals and their unique stories.

NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam

NEMO Science Museum

The Netherlands has always been a leading country. They were the first country to legalize, carrier-free sim-cards, prostitution, and same-sex marriage, it is a country that has not lost one beat against the rest of the world.

At the NEMO Science Museum, you can witness one more such creation. This museum brings science and people together. This museum is for all ages, and believe me, you will not hang around being bored. You have exhibits such as Humania, an entire exhibition about humankind, how we got to where we are today. Sensational Science is an exhibit that explains the science behind everyday phenomena. World of Shapes explains mathematics in the world around you. There are so many of these exquisite exhibits, you can see that so much thought and design has gone into each of these displays and learning centers.

You can find activities for all ages and most of the activities are open to all ages. NEMO houses 19 500 artifacts that explain the story behind humankind and energy in its broadest sense. I can promise you that when you walk out of there, you will understand so much more about the reality around our daily lives.

Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam


This museum is housed in one of The Netherlands’ most historic buildings. The showcasing of the museum starts at the front door and moves elegantly through the vast spaces. Frederik van Eeden was commissioned to open up an art gallery that can showcase the Dutch heritage in overseas territories. Since then many changes took place, the museum moved from Haarlem to Amsterdam into a fancy new building, and they showcased all the works they receive throughout The Netherlands from national and international locals. Works of art were also brought in from other countries where The Netherlands citizens were living, especially during wartime.

This museum house exhibits such as Verwacht, an exhibit surrounding the healing power of traditional healing around the world. A permanent exhibition is, Things That Matter, showcasing objects of great personal significance for us today and what these objects mean to us and our social issues. There are tours available, some might say that it is better with a guide, for me, I like to get lost amongst the art and all the various designs in the pieces displayed all along the beautifully designed walls. You won’t know what to look at, the roof, the walls, or the art pieces as they are equally astonishing.

National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The National Maritime Museum

The Port of Rotterdam is known as the biggest port in Europe. Imports and Exports are done not only for the Dutch but also for their laboring countries, Belgium and Germany. This museum is based in Amsterdam the countries capital, the concept behind the design is that water connects the world. Here you will find more than 500-years of maritime history with stimulating and interactive exhibits. This is a family-friendly museum and children are welcome.

Exhibits can be found in every wing of this beautiful historic building. The tale of the Whale showcases the history of the whale from monster to endangered species. The Rising Tide is an exhibit in the north wing that explains the changes that are taking place because of global warming. You can find the East Indiaman Amsterdam still standing on the water. Inside meticulous attention is given to the restoration of this boat. This is a museum full of wonders and each section brings forth a story that has been told all through the ages.

The Netherlands, Flower field

The Netherlands has never shied away from surpassing its competitors. They are ranked one of the best countries to live in. They have taken their land back from the ocean, by creating energy through water, they have buildings older than what I can imagine and their culture has forever evolved into this breathtaking experience. The museums scattered all over the country are unique in their own way. Most are housed in historical buildings with stories dating further back than we might comprehend. Many of these museums have virtual tours available, take a tour and admire the works of artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn and Vincent van Gogh.

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