Pink Beach (Pantai Merah) | What to do & how to get there | Komodo Island

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In sunny Indonesia, there is a fairytale island of Komodo with a Pink Beach Pantai Merah. This place is a textbook case of what a romantic destination should look like, so it is perfect for your Honeymoon or a simple trip with your significant other. This beach has marvelous pink sand, formed by bits of red and pink corals.

How to get Komodo Island

Komodo Island is a part of the Indonesia archipelago, so the best way to get to your final destination, Pantai Beach, is to book a flight to Bali or Denpasar. There are several international airports in these cities. We recommend you book flights beforehand because Indonesia is not a cheap destination to travel to.

From Denpasar and Bali, you can travel to Komodo island by local plane routes or by taking a boat. As a plus, boat trips are your chance to enjoy wonderful views of the Indonesian islands. When you will get to the Komodo island, just ask locals about comfortable and quick ways to get to the Pantai Merah and it is done, you are there!

Pink Beach, Komodo Island

What to do on Pantai Merah | Komodo Islands

You can think that a simple beach (well, yet not so simple) can only offer you boring sunning and making sandcastles with kids. We warn you that on the Pantai Merah you can do anything but become bored.

  • Surfing
    This beach is an excellent place to surf on a beginner or medium level. Sea is usually pretty calm and clear but you should not be worried if you came here surfing. It is not unusual to catch a decent wave and have a great time while surfing here.
  • Snorkeling and diving
    Pantai Merah has a diverse and vibrant underwater world, that is waiting for you to be discovered. Beautiful underwater gardens and a broad variety of marine life can be observed here by snorkelers. Different corals, fish, and sea flora fascinate and make you want to explore more. As for diving, Pink beach is a pretty safe place for beginners of this sport, so you could comfortably dive here alone or with partners.
  • Kayaking
    The water at Pantai Merah is very clear and has a lovely turquoise color. This makes kayaking here an amazing and very relaxing experience. Try to take a kayak trip by yourself and find a way to become one with nature. It is a very refreshing and relaxing experience which is, after all, a reason why we choose beaches and the seaside for vacations.
  • Sun Baths
    Maybe we have been speaking about sunbathing not so seriously as we wished before, but if you using good sunscreen and a hat, sunning can be a good time-spending activity. Please, make sure that your sunscreen is organic and does not cause harm to marine life. We should keep this beautiful island safe for our descendants.
  • Photoshoots
    Well, you will be just crazy, if you do not take at least a couple of hundreds of photos while you visiting this unique place. We assure you β€” pink sand of this beach is one of a kind thing that you can experience only here, so spice up your Instagram account with non-Photoshopped pictures of the true paradise. Believe us, everybody will be just astonished.
  • Watching Komodo Dragons
    This island was named Komodo, not by mistake. Those marvelous giants live here for thousands of years and they are one of the best things you can see in Indonesia. Please be careful and do not try to scare, pet, or even hug this animal. They look pretty peaceful, but they can be dangerous if they feel danger. It is better for you just watch these astonishing creatures from a distance.

People at Pink Beach, Komodo Island

How to explore more

Pantai Merah is a part of Komodo National Park, created to protect the unique nature of the island and its huge citizens β€” Komodo Dragons. They are fascinating and you can watch them while visiting the beach privately or by booking a tour. There is a lot of options you can choose from when we speak about those tours. You can take a boat trip to see every bit of the island and pink beaches: you can order an excursion or find a hopping tour. It is your choice and your experience, but we can assure you β€” visiting Pantai Merah is a trip to remember.

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