Nicaragua: The Hidden Paradise of Fun, Budget Friendly and Uncrowded Tourism

Story by: Cristhiam Lopez     Date: 12 March 2021    Image by: Pexels | Fabian Wiktor

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Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. It is now an outstanding touristic destination for many reasons: lots of fun, adventure, culture, warm people, delicious food, low prices, and uncrowded spots. Who would not feel so honored to find this gem?

You can find activities for families, friends, retirees, backpackers, and even science people who want to come and learn or study about nature. Nicaragua’s geography is exciting. There are approximately 71 natural protected areas such as lakes, volcanos, natural reserves, and more. In this blog, you will find a summary of tourist activities and places you can visit.

Where to go and what to do?

Cerro Negro Volcano


If you are into challenges you should try to do sandboarding on Cerro Negro Volcano. A young active volcano located a few minutes away from León city. It has erupted on different occasions. The last outburst was in 1999. Be ready to grab your board and slide down over black sand. Just be aware that you might end up covered by sweat, dirt, and a couple of bursts.

In Nicaragua, you can find the most fabulous beaches. San Juan del Sur has the best spots for surfing. It has been the host of World Junior and Masters Surf championships a couple of times. People from far away come to enjoy surfing on the defiant blue warm waters.

There are many volcanoes and mountains where you can go hiking and camping particularly in the Northern side of the country. Explore Bosawas Biosphere Reserve which is one of the centerpieces of the ‘Heart of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor’ declared by UNESCO. The area is known for its rich biodiversity and numerous rare or endangered species. Just prepare your knees and lungs to climb this green and cool magical jungle.


All along the Pacific region, you can join a variety of amusements for any tourist. The following spot could be considered the must-visit places of the country.

You can start in Chichigalpa for the Flor de Caña rum tour. It includes six interactive stations where you will learn about the entire production process and history of the world’s most awarded rum. The tour takes about one hour and 30 minutes. It includes the tasting of Rum Centenario 18. This an 18-year-old rum release from the brand. It is a full-bodied, dark amber rum that tastes older than its years.

Leon and Granada are the two colonial cities with stunning historical architecture that were once Spanish settlements. In both, there are cathedrals, museums, old prisons, fortresses, and central parks to visit. The nice thing about the tour is that you can do it all by walking. In Granada, there is the chance to go around by carriage if you want to add more fun.

The floor is lava in Masaya Volcano. You have to go on the night tour so you can admire the hot red shining lava at the bottom of Santiago Crater. It is an active volcano located 20 minutes away from the Capital city. During the day you can trek around to explore the different types of vegetation and the dark caves. In March 2020, there was an incredible performance by Nik Wallenda, an American acrobat, who did a high-wire walk for 30 minutes above Santiago crater without a safety net.

Do not miss visiting the small towns around Masaya where you will appreciate handicrafts made by local artisans. Buy a cute souvenir to have a memory of this colorful place. Some tours include participating in pottery art.

Nature and relaxation

Tropical hot weather might get you sweaty. Consider visiting Apoyo Lagoon in Masaya to take a fresh bath and enjoy a relaxed environment. This lagoon is a crater considered a sleeping volcano where and you can find bubbling hot springs in different areas around.

Do you imagine life on a two-volcano island in the middle of a lake? Visit Ometepe Island in Rivas to feel secluded in a stress-free paradise. Rent a bike to move freely around the island while feeling the breeze coming from Cocibolca Lake. Concepcion is a 1610-meter-high active volcano. Hiking it to the top is for advanced adventurers, but the view is worth it. You must swim the warm waters of the crystal-clear natural oasis called “Ojo de Agua” located in the middle of the island. There are much more activities to do around such as visiting the pre-Columbian museum, Santo Domingo beach, San Ramon Waterfalls, Charco Verde Natural Reserve, and the petroglyphs farms.

You cannot skip flying to the Caribbean side of Nicaragua. Corn Island and Little Corn Island are ideal places for adventurous sports such as diving or sea fishing, but they are also great places to relax, admire the beach and explore the serene environment. Imagine uncrowded turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, green palm trees, amazing reefs, and marine life. Locals have a markedly different lifestyle and culture than people in the Pacific due to their history. This place can make you feel like you are staying in a different country.

Rancho Santana, Nicaragua

These are the most visited places but there are more spots and things to do in Nicaragua. You will not regret meeting helpful locals ready to treat you gently. Transport, accommodation, tours, and food are in majority affordable compared to neighboring countries. Do not hesitate to come and schedule your trip here once the borders are open and safe for traveling again.

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