New Zealand, the Adventure Capital of the World

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New Zealand, the “Adventure Capital of the World” is a great metropolis country where you can visit the famous Ancient Kauri trails, go caving, sky diving, camping, bungee jumping, glacier trekking and much much more. These are some of the most sought-after heart-racing activities that you will find here among some of the most jaw-dropping views here to be found in New Zealand.

With incredible history and a rich influx of Maori culture, New Zealand is a breathtaking country to see and explore with amazing national Parks, Glacier Trekking and many extreme sports to make a right go of it! Adrenaline junkies look no further, if you’re seeking adventure and something to get your adrenaline pumping then New Zealand could not be a better choice to take a voyage on your next trip.

Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

After all New Zealand is the birth place of Bungee Jumping.

Looking from afar, New Zealand could be the one of the world’s most underrated countries to visit when looking at your next holiday destination, however when we take a look closer, New Zealand offers a wide range of things to see, do and explore that not many people could imagine.

From their white snow-capped mountains, to their smoking volcanoes, beautiful lakes, black sandy beaches and great metropolitan cities, New Zealand offers a truly picturesque paradise to its visitors that are lucky to have taken the plunge and been captivated by the beautiful landscapes that await them when they arrive.

Whether you’re someone who is a backpacker or someone who likes to splash the cash then New Zealand also caters to every type of traveler, you won’t be let down.

Whangarei, New Zealand

With pristine land and picturesque mountains, it’s quite easy to see why they filmed Lord of The Rings here, therefore if you are wondering about visiting the “Adventure Capital of the World” read on further as this guide will give you everything you need to know.

Best time to visit New Zealand

Before jumping into all those heart-racing activities that will get your blood pumping, knowing the best time to visit New Zealand might be one of your first questions you find yourself pondering.

Since New Zealand is in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand’s climate is very much distinctively different to what American’s and European’s are used to. While between December-February the winters are very much snowing and utterly harsh in the UK for example, at this time in New Zealand it is the summertime.

White's Beach, New Zealand

Furthermore, Summertime in New Zealand (December-February) is peak season for tourists, this time of year visitors flock in numbers and can get very crowded throughout this season, so If you are someone who is looking to get away and get some winter sun in New Zealand, do expect prices to be higher then other months in the year.

  • Summer – December-February (Peak Season)
  • Autumn – March-May
  • Winter – June-August
  • Spring – September-November

Taranaki, New Zealand

Things to do in New Zealand

Bungee Jumping the Nevis

Queenstown is home to Bungee Jump, and is also home to some of the most popular Bungee Jump operators in Queenstown.

Adrenaline junkies look no further then Nevis Bungee Jump which is located just outside of Queenstown. With a 500ft jump this activity will literally get your blood pumping if you pluck up enough courage to take the jump.

At 134m the Nevis Jump is the third highest jump in the world that lasts for approximately 10 seconds.

If you’re someone that is certainly not me and would love to take the jump then make sure to head to the Nevis bungee jump where you will have the trip of a lifetime.

This activity will set you back approximately NZD 275 ($190).

Go for a sky dive

Another popular activity that attracts many adventurers to New Zealand is sky diving. There is nothing more heart-stopping for an adrenaline junkie than skydiving, New Zealand offers the most impressive place to do that with magnificent backdrops and incredible landscapes that add a different dimension when your 13,000ft in the air.

Lake Taupo has one of world’s largest commercial drop zones which provides spectacular views of acres of forests, Lake Taupo itself and stunning volcanoes.

There are many skydiving locations situated in New Zealand which offer a plethora of jumps. Many of the operators here are extremely experienced and will provide you with plenty of information on what to expect and also to provide you a world class experience.

New Zealand Hiking

Go hiking

New Zealanders are people who love to absorb an overabundance in their remarkable nature. Hiking is seen to be a very popular activity among many New Zealanders who take hiking to another level. With snowcapped mountains, lakes, craters etc. there are plenty of sights and landmarks for you to explore even overnight at one of their famous mountain huts. Fancy a challenge Make sure to check out Key summit or the Tongariro Crossing.

New Zealand Hobbit Movie

Visit the Middle Earth

If you’re a Lord of The Rings or Hobbit fan then Matamata is a must see!

The most recognizable location is Hobbiton — the movie set in Matamata in New Zealand’s Waikato district that was used during filming of both the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movie trilogies.

A visit to the Hobbiton movie set is probably and rightly so New Zealand’s most popular and famous activity to see and do when coming to New Zealand, so do expect a large number of people gathering on guided tours to see the epic views of the Kaimai Ranges.

Wellington New Zealand

Sightsee in the capital Wellington

New Zealand is not just famous for its gorgeous views and stunning landscapes but also for its delicious food.

With fantastic architecture, amazing bars and restaurants and an excellent nightlife scene, staying in the capital for a few days makes your trip to New Zealand even more sublime due to the friendly nature of the Kiwi people and great character and cultural activities Wellington has to offer.

In particular Wellingtons food scene is immense, Cuba Street attracts many foodies each year with its unexpected, unusual but yet ever so fun atmosphere, this place awaits to be discovered by tourists who are curious about its vibrant and colorful reputation.

Maori Bay, New Zealand

Visit a Maori culture show

Truly understanding the life of this beautiful country means learning about how the Maori culture has had a huge influence on New Zealand today.

Maori people discovered and settled in New Zealand over 700 years ago and through the Maori culture show you will gain a unique insight into the life and history or the Maori people and learn about how their culture is surviving in today’s modern times. It is a truly wonderful opportunity to embrace the Maori culture and indulge in their food and history.

Roys Peak, New Zealand

Typical Budget for New Zealand

With New Zealand being a paradise heaven for most travelers, travelling here comes at a cost that might set you back financially, New Zealand is notoriously known to be a country that isn’t quite cheap some might say, and to go even further than that some say it is one of the most expensive places on earth. However, just because New Zealand isn’t as cheap as travelling through South-East Asia with your backpack, it doesn’t mean you cannot experience the trip of a lifetime here in New Zealand also on a backpacker’s budget.

With that in mind there are a number of ways you can save some money for those all-important activities that you will be setting out to do here.

1 – Couchsurfing
Strapped for cash or on a tight budget? Then couch surfing might be a great option, meeting strangers and obtaining some housing and transport during your stay might be ideal for some travelers looking for the cheapest options.

2 – Avoid peak season
Coming to New Zealand during the peak season is simply asking for trouble.
Best way to cut down your costs and maximize your time and budget would be to plan your trip outside this time frame. Also, since peak season is largely expensive and busy you would also have to deal with the large crowds too so if possible, try and avoid peak season at all costs.

3 – Choose tours carefully
With tours being considerably expensive here, any popular tour would understandably blow any travelers budget wide open and send you back home with your tail between your legs wondering how on earth you blew half your budget on one tour. However, by carefully finding the best tour packages with most value and price will ensure you are getting exactly what you want and can enjoy your trip to the fullest without stretching those purse strings.

4 – Use a campervan
Campervans are littered throughout New Zealand due to the huge popularity of what they provide for travelers who love to hike for example, providing transportation and accommodation in one, this option is most ideal for travelers on a budget who want to save a few extra pennies in this fabulous country.

5 – Enjoy the nature
Don’t forget that when you’re here in New Zealand the most attractive and popular things to do and see here is, yes of course the nature.
With the nature here being extremely breathtaking, picturesque and yes FREE, make sure to explore the great walks and trails that New Zealand has to offer and check out plenty of the free outdoor activities that will keep your itinerary growing.

Auckland, New Zealand

To conclude this guide, New Zealand is a complete once in a lifetime experience for any type of traveler, it is also a very safe country to visit particularly female solo travelers and the opportunities for world class experiences are endless.

Consider New Zealand to be your next adventure into the unknown and make your dreams come true with the variety of activities and scenic landmarks unknown to man. New Zealand is truly a tremendous place to visit that lives up to its world-renowned tag so why not come and explore the “Adventure Capital of the World”.

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