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Story by: Abir Ghenaiet     Date: 28 May 2021    Image by: Unsplash | João Francisco

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It’s been 2 years since I spent my stay in New Orleans, but I wanted to write you a summary article of these magnificent 4 days. A brand new destination that is now offered by AIR TRANSAT from Montreal, twice a week. Flights on Sundays and Thursdays for around $ 350-400, depending on the time of year you want to go. A small getaway at an affordable price to discover a dynamic place filled with culture.

French Quarter, New Orleans

Accommodations in New Orleans

I strongly advise you to find a hotel in the “French Quarter“, this will allow you to walk in the small streets and do a good part of your exploration on foot. A neighborhood that is super vibrant both day and night. We were at the WYNDHAM hotel, a fairly standard hotel, but very central!

New Orleans, LA, USA

What to do in New Orleans

What I love most is walking around and exploring, so we hiked a lot! Neighborhoods to visit and activities that I recommend:

  • French Quarter: for its small streets and balconies which are so pretty. You will find the main streets like Canal Street, Bourbon Street, Royal Street, Decatur Street, etc. You will also find a lot of restaurants, little song bars. I loved the Famous Door bar!
  • Garden District: For the houses, it’s so beautiful !!! There is also the Lafayette Cemetery where entry is free.
  • Marigny: For the Frenchmen Street in the evening, much quieter than Bourbon Street and the small musical places and more jazz. I recommend the Negril Cafe.
  • Warehouse District: We find among others the National Museum of the Second World War.
  • Visit a plantation: I think this is one of the must-see places. We visited the one at Oak Alley Plantation. The old trees were breathtaking, the house and the whole story were very interesting.
  • Swamp: We took a tour in an authentic “swap” with the eco-tour Cajun Pride Swap tours, you can combine it all with the Plantation on the same day, it’s done well. In early November, the alligators start their hibernation, so we only get to see little ones. So if you go there during the winter / cold season you might not see any.
  • The SAINTS of New Orleans: If you have the chance to go to an NFL football game at the Mercedez-Benz Superdome, you have to go !!! An experience to live, unfortunately, they were in “bye week” when we visited last November. My boyfriend was very disappointed!
  • Le French Market: Located on N Peters Street, you will find local merchants, spices, lots of little things!
  • If you want to listen to a great show: The Preservation Hall, you have to buy your tickets in advance. No photos allowed inside.

Corner Restaurant Bar in Bourbon Street, New Orleans,

Where to eat

Of course, the fun of traveling is trying more typical dishes of the place. You can find plenty of Creole-inspired restaurants, oyster bars, more spicy dishes, etc. Here are my little recommendations:

  • Central Grocery & Deli: To try the Muffuletta sandwich, cheddar cheese, cold cuts and a salad of marinated olives. This is the place where the famous sandwich was created!
  • Café du monde: The place for doughnuts, super good and it’s even open 24 hours!
  • Longway Tavern: A little hipster restaurant with little things to share.
  • GW Fins: A seafood restaurant, it was delicious, all the same expensive.

Hotel Monteleone at Sunset in New Orleans


Of course, it is very, very hot in the summer, but if you go more in the fall, you’re going to have a great temperature too. At the beginning of November, it started to be chilly, I still needed a little coat, I was cold in the evening with my jeans jacket. So plan!

Walking in New Orleans


Mostly, we traveled on foot. There is the “Upon, Up off bus” which goes around the city and can stop you at some interesting points. Otherwise, you have to take a ride in a “streetcar” which are their charming trams, very inexpensive!

There you go, hoping you’ll take a few of my suggestions for your next trip to New Orleans!

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