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Diving in a foreign culture might be the bast part of every travel experience. Especially this statement is fair about warm and paradise places like Bali. Yes, you heard us right — you can achieve amazing exotic culture, Instagram-worthy pictures, and delicious food in the heavenly wonderful Bali.

What do you need to know before coming to Bali

All the beauty and amenities of the island can be fully explored in the high season during May and September-October. Indonesia is, of course, a tropical country so keep in mind that you should get all the vaccination shots needed for visiting southern Asia before you got there.

You should remember that every temple has strict rules for visiting. Traditional sash and sarong are required almost everywhere. Indonesians highly value modesty, so make sure that you cover your legs and cleavage before attending sacral places.

Although Bali is extremely popular among the tourists from all around the world, if you are traveling alone or you are a newbie adventurer, we warn about a fairly high level of scams and robbers on Bali. It is important to be very careful with your money and stay away from the bad parts of the island.

Bali rice terraces

Full adventure: special places to visit on an island

  • Denpasar. The main city of Bali represents an interesting mix of provincial and modern styles. There you can find amazing new buildings and ancient temples side by side. It is one of a kind place where you can explore every aspect of Indonesian life within one city.
  • Garuda Wisnu Kencana Park. A spectacular place that has one very unique attraction — the giant statue of Wisnu riding on a bird named Garuda. This ginormous monument is 121 meters tall and was made entirely from brass. The park itself is a huge complex of incredible sightseeings — its amazing squares, amphitheater, and street gallery are breathtaking.
  • Jimbaran beach. If you are fond of seafood and especially fresh fish, Jimbaran will be your favorite place in Bali. Vibrant fishing boats, extremely delicious smells from the local restaurants and astonishing tropical forest can be found there. Enthusiasts of surfing will be pleased with the seaside, which is perfect for this matter.
  • Ubud. Travelers that are in a hunt for Indonesian culture surely should visit a great city of Ubud. This city is an old center of traditional crafts, woodwork, dancing practices, and religious places — yoga and healing centers can be found almost everywhere there. Spectacular rice terraces and well-known Ubud Monkey Forest welcome travelers with unusual for Western person landscaping and adorable fuzzy residents.

Bali Best accommodation

Right accommodation

Hotels on Bali usually offer quite different experiences, depending on what place you chose for living there. People that value luxury vacationing and elite villas should turn their eyes on Seminyak. Plenty of elegant restaurants, luxurious hotels, modern art galleries, and quiet beaches located in Seminyak and its nightlife is remarkable.

A slow atmosphere of the Canggu area attracts a lot of ex-pats and perfect for prolonged living. Budget-friendly villas and houses situated among the rice fields are perfect for calm family vacations.

Mentioned earlier Ubud is a place that is suitable for hungry-for-culture travelers. Ubud can offer a plethora of entertainment that ends by 10.30 PM, so you can explore the city and rest well while being there.

Bali Beach Food

Experience food like local

Local Indonesian food has absorbed almost every aspect of traditional South-Asian cuisine you can imagine. It is fairly interesting to explore those meals, but you should be warned about seasoning — nearly every Asian food is spicier than we used to.

Speaking of spice, Indonesian food is known for amazing chili pepper sauce Sambal Matah. Unique flavors and texture of the sauce making it a perfect friend fo fish, meat, or chicken dishes. You can even eat it with eggs.

Vegetarian salad Urab is not so simple as you think — a delicious mix of steamed vegetables, leaves of cassava, beans, and coconut seasoning creates an uncommon flavor palette that will blow your taste buds.

If you are a meat lover Beef Rendang is the dish that was created for you. Slow-cooked with a bunch of spices and coconut milk, this beef is extremely tender and flavorful. For chicken enthusiasts, we recommend trying some Satay meat sticks. It is a heaven-like deep-fried food with peanut sauce on the top.

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