Mystical and beautiful Sharm El Sheikh

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Mystical Egypt is undoubtedly one of the most attractive places for adventurous travelers from around the world. If you are interested in amazing landscapes, a lot of fun stuff to do, and interesting guided tours to the oldest treasures in the world — we highly recommend you to visit the astonishing city of Sharm El Sheikh.

There is literally no activity you cannot find in the resorts of Sharm El Sheikh. You will explore delicious food in local restaurants, rest on marvellous sandy beaches, and dive into a magical underwater world of the Red Sea there.

Sharm El Sheikh Beach Sunset

All-inclusive and budget-friendly resorts for families and fun
Being a huge tourist attraction, Sharm El Sheikh is known for its luxury hotels that provide all imaginable services. You can find all-inclusive places with a big variety of in-house restaurants that serve Mediterranian, Europian, Arabic, and Asian food for your choice. Those places usually offer very fun entertainment for children to make your family vacation truly unforgettable. Adults can enjoy the clear sandy seaside and relaxing spa procedures there.

This city is also can be a charming vacation place for newlyweds because of an abundance of budget hotels and resorts. You can find very good places for a reasonable price that serve bed-and-breakfast and offer a lot of fun activities to fill your days. This type of hotels also offer a lot of services but give you a chance to explore local foods on your own.

Under Water World Sharm El Sheikh

Diving and water activities in Sharm El Sheikh

The true gem of Sharm El Sheikh is its diving places. The city is located on the coastal strip of the Red Sea and has a lot of amazing reef dive sites. There you can dive to see beautiful tropical fish, swim among the corals and look at sharks and dolphins.

Every dive place has its own attractions, for example, there are many diving spots in the Ras Mohamed national park — you can experience swimming with sharks, turtles and observe wild colonies of different fish. In The Gardens dive spot, you will find colourful corals and can dive into glassfish caves.

One of the most celebrated dive sites is wondrous Jackson Reef. It is popular for a lot of exotic fish you can find there. In Dunraven and Thistlegorm you can even dive among the sunken ship!

Keep in mind that if you planning to dive in Sharm El Sheikh you will be obligated to take a course in a local school of diving or you should have a special diver certification beforehand.

Sharm al-Maya

An authentic old market Sharm al-Maya

What kind of vacation you can do without souvenirs and local goodies? That is right — a wrong one. Fortunately, Sharm El Sheikh has a highly interesting local market, where you can find all the kinds of memorials you will need — classic Egyptian figurines, aromatic spices, and a plethora of Arabic lamps.

Maybe the best thing you can find in Sharm al-Maya is its cafes and restaurants that serve authentic Arabic and Egyptian food. Plenty of locals eat in those places, so you can experience the everyday life of Egyptians and find some new friends there.

Pyramids Egypt

Guided trips to pyramids and other Egypt sites

Of course, almost every traveller in Egypt dreams about seeing ancient pyramids and the capital of Egypt, the city of Cairo. Usually, you can order a guided tour of those places in your hotel. Wast majority of resorts can offer you different packages, so you can easily find what is suitable for you.

Another interesting tour you can take is a trip to Luxor and The Valley of the Queens. There you can visit various tombs of ancient queens and princesses of Egypt and explore amazing wall paintings of this great civilization.

We also recommend you to visit another stunning evidence of Egyptian architecture genius — Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut. You should order a trip to this landmark because it is truly a place to remember. You will find incredible Egyptian wall art and feel the unspeakable atmosphere of the ancient world there.

February day in Sharm El Sheikh

Trips to Sinai

Religious tourists will enjoy an exclusive trip to Mount Sinai. Christians and Jews will be pleased to explore the place where Moses received 10 Commandments, given him by God. Also, you can visit St. Catherine’s Monastery, one of the most sacred places in Egypt there. Usually, a trip to Sinai begins in the early morning or overnight to reach Mount’s peak at the dawn. But we are sure you can find the best option for you in your resort.

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