Mykonos, the prime tourist destinations in Greece

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Mykonos, Greece is one of the prime tourist destinations in Greece that is renowned for attracting a variety of different holidaymakers, from cruise packages, honeymooners, young families and even retirees. This popular LGBT friendly island is a place that is not to be overlooked whatever type of tourist you may be.

Mykonos, the costliest island in the Cyclades some suggest, is a tough destination to resist partly due to its amazing beaches, delicious Greek food, white-washed houses and picturesque villages. If you’re someone who likes to be where all the fun happens then Mykonos offers you an experience that takes you to another level and most importantly an experience that will be unforgettable.

Famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere and chic lifestyle, Mykonos is ultimately a place that provides a rich nightlife for its tourists that essentially has bars and nightclubs playing booming loud music from international DJ’s through to dawn. Some even call it “The Ibiza of Greece”.

Located in the middle of the Cyclades, Mykonos is truly a magnificent destination where there are plenty of amazing things to do and see and experience on your vacation.

This travel guide will provide you with many highlights that will enable you to plan a once in a lifetime trip.

Pretty Mykonos

What to expect in Mykonos?

While Mykonos is famed for its romantic resorts, white sandy beaches and luscious seafood you would be forgiven for thinking that this awesome island caters to solely honeymooners in particular. However, with picturesque landmarks and a crazy beach party scene, Mykonos truly accommodates a wide range of different travelers, welcoming young people, wealthy travelers, celebrities and furthermore even the LGBT community.

With Mykonos being the priciest Greek island in the Cyclades, you can expect to pay a premium possibly for staying at one of their many top luxurious hotels or when eating out at many of their award-winning restaurants in Mykonos.

With Mykonos being pretty expensive compared to the other Greek islands and famous for its high-energy atmosphere with young partygoers the first thing you might be wondering is when is the best time to go?

Ultimately if you plan to travel in the summer then you should expect to meet this beautiful island with huge crowds and sky-high prices for accommodation.

If you are someone who wants to stick to a budget then I would certainly recommend staying during off-peak season to keep costs down and also enjoy your experience whilst skipping the crowds.

Here in Mykonos the off-peak time to travel is between October-April where the winters are mild with some consistent strong winds.

Whereas the peak time falls between May-October when Mykonos provides summers that are extremely hot and dry and the beaches are essentially more enjoyable.


What to do in Mykonos

Explore Mykonos Town (Chora)
Make sure to start your trip in Mykonos Town (also known as Chora) which is built in the heart of Mykonos. Chora offers a unique glimpse of the beautiful traditional white-washed building structures, Cycladic blue houses that are lined among the many small alleys and Greek shops, churches and windmills that Greek architecture typically dominates on this mesmerizing island.

Mykonos Town is simply picturesque, there is a photo opportunity at every corner you turn to make your friends on all your social media accounts envious.
With many things to do and see in Mykonos Town there is no opportunity to miss what this town can offer, from visiting the local cafeteria’s, to shopping in the most popular boutiques, to checking out some of the local bars and taverns. Mykonos Town is pleasing on the eye and a place that you can truly create some long-lasting memories.

Little Venice
If you’re a fan of Venice, Italy, then Little Venice here will whet your appetite for plenty more.

Famed for its celebrated windmills and beautiful sunset, ‘Little Venice’ closely resembles Italy’s “Venice” due to its stunning architecture and extraordinary exquisiteness. Here you can visit one of their famous café’s or bars along with embracing the beautiful shore up close and personal whilst also watching the sunset.

Mykonos Windmills

Visit the windmills
No trip to Mykonos would be complete without visiting the iconic windmills in Mykonos Town (Also referred to as Kato Mili), some of these windmills actually date back to the 16th century.

The Kato Mili windmills are some of the oldest structures in Mykonos which also overlook “Little Venice”. If you’re after the perfect spot to watch the sunset or grab some photo’s then head over to this fabulous landmark.

Mykonos Lighthouse

Visit the Arministis Lighthouse
Be sure to visit this scenic attraction which is located on the northwestern part of Mykonos island.

The Arministis Lighthouse is essentially popular due to its height (19m tall), from this beautiful attraction you can get great views of the Aegean Sea and neighboring island of “Tinos”.

To get the best experience at this wonderful landmark make sure to arrive soon before sunset to enjoy the spectacular views.

Try out some deliciously scrumptious Greek seafood
Here in Mykonos there is an array of Greek flavors to try from, with Mykonos being popular for a lot of Greek and European cuisine you can look forward to their Mediterranean food in particular fresh local seafood, tasty spicy cheeses, spicy meats and Greek lasagna’s. There is a unique feeling about the food here in Mykonos with a heavy emphasis on a selection of small dishes for a more refined dining culture.

Cathedral Mykonos

Paraportiani Church
When visiting any of the Greek Cycladic islands you won’t be surprised to find a enormous amount of white-washed churches and chapels.

Here on Mykonos island you will find roughly 365 churches, (apparently 1 for every day of the year) and the Panagia Paraportiani Church is the most famous one yet.

The Panagia Paraportiani Church is famous for being one of the most attractive churches in the world and actually holds 5 smaller churches inside with 4 churches on the ground floor and the Panagia located on top. This incredible religious monument which is ideally located in the capital also overlooks the Aegean Sea.

Thanks to its unique and stunning architecture this iconic monument is open to tourists and is a place of worship for many locals.

With this beautiful church being one of the most photographed places in the world make sure not miss out on this landmark and get some great pictures too.

Mykonos Beach

Paradise beach
Most holidaymakers come to Mykonos for 2 motives primarily, (Beach life & Night life). A trip to the southern coast on Mykonos island will undeniably kill two birds with one stone.

Frequently flocked with tourists, Paradise Beach has become the home to where there are local bars, restaurants and nightclubs with golden sandy white beaches are that makes this beach one of the most ideal and popular places to soak up the sun and top up your golden tan.

This wonderful beach also has gorgeous turquoise waters that entice all types of travelers from this cosmopolitan island. Next to Paradise beach is also Super Paradise Beach that can be rather pricey for some. Super Paradise Beach rather fascinates many nudists and essentially a large percentage of Mykonos’ LGBT community.

Tropicana Mykonos Nightclub
After lounging at one of Mykonos’ brilliant beaches in the south, you might want to start your evening at the award-winning Tropicana Mykonos club.

Located beside Paradise beach, you will have an experience of a lifetime that attracts young partygoers, world-famous international DJ’s and a few celebrities to name. Tropicana Mykonos Club is ultimately a place not to be missed.

Considering its right next to Paradise beach it is the perfect way to spend a whole day, you could enjoy an ice-cold beverage beside the ocean before getting glammed up and heading over to the Tropicana Club.

They serve amazing cocktails here along with Greek food and other European specialties.

Enjoy the music and dance the night away until the early hours of the morning, this is ultimately what a vacation is all about for many travelers.


Being one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the Cyclades, Mykonos truly offers memorable experiences and non-stop entertainment for everyone who arrives at this fantastic destination.

Mykonos is understandably a place that provides an island that is like no other, from learning about Greek history, to enjoying delicious Greek seafood, to visiting the iconic architectural landmarks scattered around the island and famous beaches and towns, you can not go wrong with a trip to this Cycladic island.

When visiting this paradise island be sure to hold your hat on tight while this beautiful island whisks you through the many wonderful and scenic roads and towns.

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