Motorcycle Road Trip Destinations in the Canadian Rockies

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Being a Canadian and a motorcycle owner if you want to travel and enjoy, you are left with very few choices. This is not mainly because of the destination options because there is no doubt that Canada is a beautiful place. However, Canadian weather can test your patience and it is not for the faint-hearted. Starting from the extreme winters, you will struggle with everything.

If you look at the way extreme winters impact your body and your vehicle most people will tell you not to travel. Even if you end up traveling, the weather everywhere is so extreme that you will be traveling from one destination filled and covered with a white thick snow blanket to another leaving you no room to enjoy anything. This means that if you want to travel and enjoy it, you have to wait for the summers to come.

Canadian Rockies, Canada

With the arrival of summer, most people get to not only take out their motorcycle but they look for customization that can offer them a better travel experience. Since Canada is so beautiful you will get to experience the best of everything. Although most people coming from other countries think only about Niagara Falls, in real life, if you go to Canada, you will have some of the most scenic views. Canada offers something for everyone and the paved roads make the process of traveling easier, enjoyable, and safe as well. The best thing that excites most motorcyclists is that there is very little danger in Canada considering the weather and safety considerations that are enforced by the authorities. So, you will have a good way to enjoy all the best destinations without thinking about the safety and security-related issues.

With the help of this article, we will list down some of the most breathtaking places that every motorcyclist must visit during his Canadian trip. Within this list, our main focus will be on the Canadian Rockies so you can have a complete out-roading experience as well.

Moraine Lake, Canada

Moraine Lake

If you tell someone about your road trip in the Canadian Rockies the first name that pops up is Moraine Lake. For someone with a passion for photography, this place has everything to offer. So if you are traveling to the Canadian Rockies, you have to stop at Moraine Lake. You will see crystal blue glacier water that will lead you back to the snow-capped mountains with some of the most breathtaking lush green trees. Overall it is a forest vibe with a waterfall. This place is just 8 miles away from Lake Louise. If you are into hiking, you can take your time and hike the surrounding area of the mountain lake and snap pictures.

Kootenay Lake, Canada

Kootenay Lake

Straight out of a movie screen, this is the most breathtaking scenic view that you will ever come across. From a little afar, you will see lush green mountains surrounding Kootenay Lake, which is just crystal blue water. As a motorcycle enthusiast, the path leading to Kootenay Lake will bring up your heartbeat and give you an instant pleasure rush that you will only get from adventure rides. The best route that most people explore is the white-knuckle road. This road surrounds the lake from the eastern shoreline all the way. The road towards Kootenay Lake is mixed with different twists and turns so make sure you are good enough to drive. Beginners who want to go there for a solo trip must practice before leaving.

Jasper National Parks, Canada

Banff and Jasper National Parks

Visiting a national park in Canada with a family can turn into a weekend highlight. However, on a two-wheeler, you might not want to consider this a good option. However, Banff and Jasper National Parks are nearby. They are a very good option if you want to enjoy some leisure time with yourself. If you just want to enjoy a motorcycle trip, you can ride your motorcycle for the whole day here. Before you get confused about these parks, you need to know that these parks are different and they are just adjacent to each other. Both parks are located on the eastern side of the Canadian Rockies. The best thing that will lure you towards these parks is the overall scenery and the wilderness. From a motorcyclist’s point of view, you always look for a secure place that offers you a good riding experience so this is an excellent option for you as well. The route toward the park will also lead you to other roads so you will get to enjoy a good view of glaciers, lakes, and other peaks, especially Mt. Edith Cavell.

Icefields Parkway, Canada

Icefields Parkway

If you are traveling in the Canadian Rockies, there is no way you can miss this parkway. Just at the heart of the Canadian Rockies, you will get to cross Icefields Parkway. This is a very dramatic mountain roadway that spreads across almost 181 miles and curves around the Jasper and Banff National Parks. This is not the only place that will lure you in fact, you will get to enjoy some of the best and most interesting scenic views along with snow tops. Visually this is a treat for the sore eyes and if you have a passion for capturing moments, you need to bring your camera along.

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