Istanbul! The pearl of Turkey

Story by: Demet Ciki     Date: 3 May 2021    Image by: Unsplash | İBRAHİM UZUN

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Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey. But it is undoubtedly the most beautiful city. Istanbul is such a city that empires fought for its sake, opened an era and closed the age.

The city, which has geopolitical and strategic importance at the same time as it connects Asia and Europe, is also a favorite place of tourists. You can find many reasons to visit Istanbul. If you want to make a historical journey, Istanbul is a city above your expectations. The historical peninsula gives you a dizzying journey with its buildings from different times and empires.


 Sultanahmet Mosque


Like every tourist, you will begin to discover İstanbul in its heart. Historical Peninsula is a beginning place for this magnificent city. The Sultanahmet Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque, is a symbol of Istanbul. The interior is decorated with more than 22,000 tiles from Kütahya and Iznik.

Sultan Ahmet Mosque


The Hagia Sophia mosque stands opposite the Blue Mosque in all its glory. Hagia Sophia, the oldest cathedral in the world, is used as a mosque today. It contains many works on Christianity and Islam. Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who conquered Istanbul, speaks of Hagia Sophia as “my dearest”.

Topkapi Palace


Home to many sultans of the Ottoman Empire, Topkapi is a place where you will deeply feel the history. Nature and sea views are unique. It provides to observe the life of the sultans on site.

Bosphorus Bridge


You cannot get enough of history in Istanbul. If you want to visit all of the historical buildings, months are not enough. You can make the fastest and most satisfying trip with a Bosphorus tour. Thus, you will witness the historical texture of Istanbul.

Rumeli fortress


It is the fort built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet to control the Bosphorus. It has a great role in the conquest of Istanbul. Its 3 big towers are still standing. You will feel the atmosphere of those days when you are walking on this fortress.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul


Istanbul’s oldest and largest bazaar, the Grand Bazaar, allows you to find everything you are looking for in Istanbul with more than 4000 shops. Here you can find special handcrafted products, spices, jewelery, woven carpets and many other things.

Taksim, Istanbul


Taksim is the best-known place in Istanbul. It is crowded every hour of the day. You will feel like in a movie with the red nostalgic tram passing through the middle of the road.

Galata Tower


One of the oldest towers in the world, the Galata Tower is famous for its panoramic estuary and Bosphorus view. It is one of the city’s landmarks.

Dolmabahçe Palace


Dolmabahçe is the palace where the late Ottoman sultans and the founder of the republic, Atatürk, lived. It was designed by taking the European architecture as an example.

Maiden's Tower


It was built in 410 B.C. to control the ship in the Bosphorus. It is now used as a restaurant. It is the symbolic structure of Istanbul. If you want to love myths. You will love this place too.


It is one of the most beautiful works of the famous architect Sinan in Istanbul.. There are also the tombs of Suleiman the Magnificent and Hürrem Sultan. It is the most beautiful mosque in Istanbul. It has classical Ottoman architectural features. It is famous for its layout and decorations.

Istanbul skyline from Gülhane Park gardens


Istanbul is also famous for its natural beauties along with its unique structures. You can come across large forests and large parks in unexpected places. Gülhane Park is the perfect location to get away from the crowd of the city and take a walk and breathe.

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