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Floripa, Brazil

7 October 2020 6 min.    Lauana Granair De Souza

Floripa is The Magic Island that enchants in South America

There is an island in the South of Brazil that is home to fantastic creatures. The city is magical and...

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

5 October 2020 5 min.    Lydia Michael

Ayia Napa – a little haven in Cyprus

When you think of summer in Europe, your mind wanders off to the Mediterranean Sea‘s beautiful crystal-clear waters. The blue...

Guadeloupe, Carribean

1 October 2020 9 min.    Marike Bredenhann

Cruising the Caribbean …

Cruising is the best value for money. If you have ever been on a cruise, you will agree with me....

Lisbon, Portugal

29 September 2020 7 min.    Elina Dyachkova

How to spend a perfect day in Lisbon?

Breakfast in Lisabon Rise and shine! Get ready for a fun day in this gem of a city and assess...

Canada Classic View

21 September 2020 5 min.    Oana

Top 5 reasons to fall in love with Canada

Travel is fun, and you can both relax while emerging into a new culture. Although, traveling is not always possible,...

Clearwater, near Villa Beach, Barbados

16 September 2020 5 min.    Oana

Why people love Barbados?

One of those places you need to visit is a Caribbean island you will grow to love. This fancy island...

Oxford, UK

15 September 2020 6 min.    Septimia Sabadus

Oxford is more than a university city – United Kingdom

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Oxford is the university and all the illustrious writers,...

Crete in Greece

14 September 2020 6 min.    Lydia Michael

Explore Crete, The Island Of Minotaur

Get ready to explore the magnificent island of Crete! Find out what makes it so special and why it has been called the “Island of Minotaurs”!

Johannesburg, South Africa

11 September 2020 8 min.    Marike Bredenhann

Johannesburg, the epicenter of Africa’s economy, locally called Jo’burg/Jozi

Johannesburg, the epicenter of Africa‘s economy, was first discovered in 1884 when Jan Gerrit Bantjes unearthed gold on a farm...

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