3 February 2021 4 min.    HK Sloan

The Healing Waters of the American Southwest

There’s something about the waters of the great and golden American Southwest. It doesn’t hurt that the sunsets are long...

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31 January 2021 6 min.    Marike Bredenhann

Life in Hiroshima

Whenever the name comes up, Hiroshima! The first thing most of us think about is the place where the first...

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29 January 2021 6 min.    Trisha

Experience culture and nature in the Asia’s Latin City – Zamboanga City

Wanting to visit a place that’s not only full of spectacular sights but rich in its culture too? Then Zamboanga...

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27 January 2021 4 min.    Tyson Peveto

Eating Pho in Hanoi, Vietnam

While in Hanoi, or anywhere else in Vietnam, you do not want to miss the best bowl of noodles in...

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25 January 2021 5 min.    Utomobong William

Top 10 Places to visit in Maui

Hawaii is the 50th state in the United States, having 137 islands and this makes it the only island state...

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22 January 2021 6 min.    Catherine Castling

Visit Stralsund, a beautiful part of Germany

The north of Germany is a beautiful part of the country that’s popular with German tourists but not as well-known...

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15 January 2021 5 min.    Marike Bredenhann

Saint Thomas, a US Virgin Island to remember

History of Saint Thomas The Ciboney people settled on this beautiful island around 1500BC. Later on, the Arawaks took over...

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14 January 2021 6 min.    Darby Bonner

Top five places to visit when in Cornwall, United Kingdom

Cornwall located in south-west England is like visiting the Caribbean without getting on a plane. This beautiful Celtic heritage is...

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8 January 2021 5 min.    Lauana Granair De Souza

Liberdade, the Asian neighborhood in Brazil

Brazil is made up of a little bit of everything, a mixture of different cultures. Liberdade, the Asian neighborhood in...

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