22 January 2021 6 min.    Catherine Castling

Visit Stralsund, a beautiful part of Germany

The north of Germany is a beautiful part of the country that’s popular with German tourists but not as well-known…

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15 January 2021 5 min.    Marike Bredenhann

Saint Thomas, a US Virgin Island to remember

History of Saint Thomas The Ciboney people settled on this beautiful island around 1500BC. Later on, the Arawaks took over…

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14 January 2021 6 min.    Darby Bonner

Top five places to visit when in Cornwall, United Kingdom

Cornwall located in south-west England is like visiting the Caribbean without getting on a plane. This beautiful Celtic heritage is…

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8 January 2021 5 min.    Lauana Granair De Souza

Liberdade, the Asian neighborhood in Brazil

Brazil is made up of a little bit of everything, a mixture of different cultures. Liberdade, the Asian neighborhood in…

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25 December 2020 5 min.    Septimia Sabadus

Cluj Napoca, the not so hidden hip city of Romania

Cluj Napoca is considered the unofficial capital of Transylvania, a region in Romania better known than the country itself. Small…

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22 December 2020 5 min.    Darby Bonner

Why you should visit East Java

Indonesia has 17,508 islands making it the fourth-biggest population in the world. Java is situated between Sumatra and Bali, home…

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11 December 2020 7 min.    Marike Bredenhann

The Secrets and Mysteries of Cozumel, Mexico

History A small island called Cozumel, can be found in the Caribbean Sea, about 10 miles (16 km) off the…

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20 November 2020 6 min.    Erika Wanjiru

Na Pali Coast, beautiful sea cliffs, streams, and cascading waterfalls

Na Pali coast lies in the north of Kauai Island, It’s a state wilderness. Na Pali Coast is known for…

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15 November 2020 8 min.    Abe Moshi

Which climb is more challenging Mt. Kilimanjaro or Mt. Meru?

ABE’S FIRST MOUNT MERU EXPERIENCE: “Mount Meru – Just do it! It is an experience and if you like trekking,…

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